Yes, it's over! I'm so sad! I like the way this turned out though. It's rather short, but oh, well.

Gone. Everyone gone.

The stone floors echoed as I crossed them one last time. The walls seemed to whisper reproach at me for my treachery, my abandonment.

But we couldn't stay here, it was too dangerous. The people would do just as well without a leader, after a time. Peoples always seem to. And they were no worse off than the rest of Oz, with the Wizard gone and Glinda stepping into shoes I knew she could fill, and fill wonderfully.

One day, maybe, she would find the note, written so tersely and signed so obliquely only she would understand it.

But she would rule, and she would bring peace and the goodness she was so accomplished at. And perhaps, she would find true love, since she had discovered what true friendship was.

And Addie would go where she had wanted to all these years, back to the City. She would set up her own doctor's practice, sexist critics be damned. I was immeasurably proud of her.

And I? Fiyero and I would travel to that meadow hidden in the depths of Gillikin's forest, beside the lake and waterfall that marked the second time we had kissed. I would magick us a house, and there Cassie would grow up, amid sun and flowers and fields. And there I would tell Fiyero what I had just myself discovered: Cassie would have a sister. I knew the unborn baby was a girl. Don't ask me how, I just did. A girl with raven hair and bright blue eyes. We would call her Grania.

And there, with only people I loved and who loved me, I would find true happiness, for the first time and forever.

And that is what we did. Of course, Elphaba being Elphaba, she couldn't stay completely isolated. She arranged a sort of magical healing place for those Animals who had lost their speech and reasoning, sending them back into Oz whole and healthy after she had finished, and she was ready to hide and protect any that humans took angry, pointless action against. She wrote her story, our story, and she hid it in the house. She insisted that there would come a day when she would have the chance to give it to Glinda, directly or not. And, because she's Elphaba, I believe she will. She saved my life once and then changed me back into a man, and I've seen all the other things she can do. I believe that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Cassandra and Grania are brilliant girls, as keen as their mother, and one day, they will go to Shiz under assumed names.

I thought of what this would mean the other day, and I looked at Elphaba, and looked at the cranny where she had hidden the dozens of pages covered in her elegant cursive, and looked back from her to it again, and she turned and saw and laughed.

"Yes, Yero," she said. "That's how. They will go to see her. And Glinda will know them. How could she not?"

How could she not, indeed. It is true that Elphaba's best friend will recognize our girls the moment she sees them, and she will know the truth. And maybe, maybe, one day, we won't have to hide here anymore.

Not that I mind having Elphaba all to myself.