It's Happening Again

A/N: This was something totally random I thought of one day. Disclamer: Danny and C.J. aren't mine. Niether is the waitress or anything else.

Danny Concannon sat alone, his thoughts and emotion in turmoil. Relief that ha hadn't had to face C.J.'s reaction, disappointment that he hadn't been able to. Anger and frustration that career concerns had once again gotten in the way. He even felt some of her earlier fear and anticipation return. Now he would have to go through all this again.

Sometimes he wonders if even C.J. is worth it. But, he always comes to the same conclusion. She was definitely worth it.

Danny smiled and flexed his hand, the hand that C.J. had been holding until her pager had gone off.

A voice came from right behind him; "She made it through dinner before walking out this time. I'm shocked." He looked up to see the waitress standing there.

"The Chief of Staff is very busy," Danny replies, wishing he could convince him self of that excuse.