"I'm hungry." Roger whined. He was laying on the couch with his guitar in his hand, while Mark sat in the chair fiddling with his camera.

"Then get something to eat."

Roger got up off the couch and went into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and cupboards. "We don't have shit." he complained

"We have to have something, Rog. Look harder."

"Want me to tell you exactly what we have Mark?" Roger opened the fridge, "Relish, can of cherries, half a can of beer, chocolate syrup, and four cans of whipped cream." He walked over to the cupboard. "An empty box of cereal, and a half eaten jar of peanut butter."

"Ok we don't have shit." Mark said as he got up and walked into the kitchen. He walked up behind Roger and put his arms around his waist. "I have an idea." He whispered into his boyfriends ear. Mark opened up the fridge and took out the whip cream, cherries, and chocolate. "You in the mood for some fun?" Mark took one of the cans of whipped cream and sprayed it in Rogers face.

"Fuck you Cohen." Roger laughed as Mark began to lick the white sugar off of the musicians face. Roger pulled away. "Its on" he said grabbing a can of the cream and spraying Mark back.

Mark grabbed the chocolate sauce and pointed it at Roger. "Don't mess with me Davis."

"Wait, lemme take off my shirt and pants I like this one and we probably can't afford to clean it." Roger pulled off his shirt revealing his muscular chest. Mark did the same though his chest was not quite as nice as his boyfriends. "Ok now its on."

Roger grabbed Mark and pushed him down onto the cold tile. Mark had forgotten how strong Roger was. The song writer grabbed the can of whipped cream and wrote his name on Marks chest. He then bent down and began to lick it off of him. Mark groaned and grabbed the bottle of chocolate sauce. Roger was distracted by the whip cream so he had released his grip on Mark.

The filmmaker took this chance to roll over on top of Roger. He slid down Roger and made a trail of chocolate starting as his neck and going all the way down to the edge of his boxers. He went back up and kissed Roger on the lips, then proceeded to lick off the entire trail of chocolate while Roger moaned with passion. Roger slid out from under Mark and grabbed the can of cherries. Roger grabbed the whipped cream and put dots of it all over Mark placing cherries on each one. He went all over his body licking off the cream and cherries.

Three hours later the loft was a mess, there were cherry stems and whipped cream and chocolate all over. The two men sat in a heap in the middle of the room panting and covered in sugar.

Roger shook the can of cream and tried to spray some in his mouth. "Its empty" He said throwing it aside.

"They all are Rog." Mark said as he began to kiss him.

"I'm all sticky babe lets go shower off." Roger stood up pulling Mark with him.

"We need to run out of food more often." Mark said staring at Rogers ass as he followed him in to the bathroom.