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Summary: He was expecting to see Sadie on the boardwalk. They were supposed to meet bright and early to watch the sunrise. He never expected to se her, the last person he really wanted to see. He may love her, but he knew he was better off with out her. She only drowned him in the water. He sighed. Why is she haunting him?

Chapter 1: Unexpected Guest

Ryan knew it was cheesy, but he could sleep better knowing he had something to wake up to. He couldn't be happier knowing that something was Sadie. Everything seemed to fall into place when he stared at her big brown eyes. He felt like he had finally found his other half.

Ryan threw on a white beater and a pair of jeans as he climbed out of bed. He planned to have a breakfast picnic waiting for her when she arrived. He grabbed a few bagels, orange juice and a blanket. He couldn't remember the last time he was this excited for a date. Oh yeah, when he first had a date with Sadie.

Ryan walked up the boardwalk looking for the perfect spot. He saw the perfect bench at the end. He stopped dead when he saw a familiar situation. She was barely breathing and unconscious. Why is she here haunting him? He looked at Marissa. He didn't know what to do.

Ring. Ring.

"Hey Sadie," Ryan said flirtatiously as he answered the phone.

"Hey Ryan," She sounded disappointed. "I'd love to come meet you but it turns out there is a problem back home. My mom got in a car accident and well…"

Ryan felt his heart ache as he could hear the pain in her voice. He didn't need her to finish the sentence to understand what was going on. He just wanted to be sure he would see Sadie again. He didn't know if he loved her, but he had these strong indescribable feelings towards her. She couldn't leave him.

"I'll be back in a week or two. I promise we can do this then. I was really looking forward to it to. Me, you, the beach… It would have been perfect." Sadie's voice trailed off as she apologized and hung up.

Ryan set his stuff down and sighed. Why did she have to be here? Why did she always have to be here? He looked at her. The only woman he had ever loved. It's funny. It was how their relationship began, her passed out from too much drinking.

He looked at his cell phone and pondered what to do. He should help her. He shouldn't let her take him down again. He wouldn't go back there again. He hated her, he loved her. He wish Sadie invited him…. He should just back to Oregon for support and surprise her. He was so lost. He didn't know what to do.

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