A black abyss of loneliness

A sequel to Orders - Dean at sixteen

It is not necessary that you have read Orders to follow this story but it may enhance the story if you have.

Dedicated to Zachlo, the awesome ones

Chapter One

Dean shoveled one more load of dirt before he winced, dropped the shovel and grabbed his left shoulder.

"Dean, you alright?" Sam asked his voice filled with concern.

"Yeah, just a sharp pain. It'll go away. Don't worry about it Sammy."

"Here, let me dig for awhile. You better rest."

Dean reluctantly handed the shovel to Sammy and climbed out of the grave. A sly smile crossed his face as he turned away from his brother. He felt only a slight twinge of guilt, after all his younger brother would need four more years of grave digging before he would catch up to him.

His shoulder didn't actually hurt; in fact, it was feeling pretty good, completely healed, but no need burdening his brother with that small detail. He was just making Sammy feel good by letting him help out his big bro.

He grabbed the salt and lighter fluid and laid them out by the grave. If Sam ever got down the six feet they would be ready to finish this job. He hoped it wouldn't take too long, as he stretched out on the grass for a nap.

"Boys, you know you have school tomorrow. How much longer you gonna be?" Dad yelled from the church doorway.

"We're workin' on it. Six feet don't come easy." Dean yelled back. And then to his brother he inquired:

"Sammy, is that the fastest you can dig? We're gonna be here all night at this rate."

"Well, Dean, if you hadn't wimped out on me, I wouldn't have to do all the digging."

"That hurts kiddo. Where's the sympathy?"

Pastor Jim handed John Winchester a cup of coffee, with a touch of whiskey to ward off the night air.

"You've done a good job raising your boys, John. They couldn't be better prepared for this fight."

"Have I prepared them or have I put them in harm's way?"

"I think destiny put them in harm's way. You're giving them the skills to survive."

"I don't know. I pray I've done right by them."

"Well John, no better place for you to pray. Will I ever see you at Sunday service?"

"I wouldn't hold my breath. Mary was the churchgoer, I only tagged along. Whatever faith I had in God died with Mary."

"God hasn't forsaken you John. He's with you in this fight."

"Jim, I admire your faith, but you should know by now that I'm one of the lost. I only believe in what I can see."

Meanwhile, Sammy was finally making progress.

"Dean, I hit the coffin."

"Well, about time. Clear off the dirt and bust open the lid."

Sam tried to break through the coffin lid but it was too solid.

"It's not breaking."

Dean rose and looked into the grave.

"Great!" Dean scoffed with a look of exasperation on his face. "Modern day coffins: new and improved. Designed to keep all the elements out: waterproof, insect proof, ghost hunter proof!"

He reached into his bag of weapons, produced a shot gun and loaded some 00 buckshot. He told Sammy to get out of the grave and when he was clear he fired into the coffin.

"That ought to do it." He flashed a cocky, crooked grin at his brother.

That did it alright. The coffin lid disintegrated and revealed the corpse. He started to shake the salt onto the body as he heard Sammy cry out.

"Dean, uh, I think we woke someone up."

The angry ghost was fast approaching Sam with intent to do bodily harm. Sammy was hurled onto the ground and started choking as the ghost tried to stop the ghost hunters.

Dean threw the rest of the salt into the grave and quickly sprayed the lighter fluid; he ignited the fluid with a match and watched the ghost on top of Sammy disappear into thin air.

"Sammy, you OK?"

"I think so. That was close."

"Yeah, lesson number one Sammy. Even ghosts don't wanna die."

Dean reached out his hand and helped his brother to his feet. He appeared nonchalant but deep down it scared him to see Sam in any danger. They gathered up their supplies, picked up their duffle bag and headed back to their dad and Pastor Jim.

"Everything go OK? I heard the shotgun." Dad inquired as they approached.

"No problem Dad." Dean answered.

"The ghost is gone Pastor Jim. He won't be bothering your parishioners any more." Sam added.

"Yeah, another fine job by your local ghostbustin' Winchester brothers!" Dean joked.