One day, a sweet little Shoyru called CutiePieneoneo123 (Cutie)was walking in Neopia Central. She had cute little eyes and a cute little horn and cute little wings and cute little everything! The only thing that was not cute about her was the big fat zit on her forehead. So, she always wore a big straw hat, even on the hottest summers. Today was one of those days. She was sweating and the sweat was running down her face and getting into her eyes, causing them to fill with painfultears, but didn't dare to remove the hat, otherwise everyone would laugh at her.

"Hello!" said one of her friends, a Faerie Kougra called Sweetytailsuperneo (Sweety). She ran over and pointed at her hat. "Why are you wearing that dumb hat?" And she extended a blue-white paw and yanked it off! Instantly, everyone who was walking in NC saw Cutie's zit. They all pointed at her and started to laugh and laugh, owners and pets alike. Even her own owner was laughing! She fumed, and a vein started pulsing beneath the zit.

I will get revenge! And I shall leave my master! And before everyone's eyes, tears pouring down her cheeks, she took to the air, and threw down all the things that her master had brought for her. "TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT ALL BACK, YOU TERRIBLE WOMAN! HOW CANYOU LAUGH AT ME? I AM YOUR PET WHOM YOU ADOPTED AND NAMED! I DEFY YOU!" The people screamed and ran as her projectiles of fury rained down on them and injured many. And then, Cutie disappeared into the sky. For along time, no one saw her after that. But she was not gone. Not at all.

Cutie flew long and hard, and soon met an Eryie who had become a half-Darigan, half-Golden monster in a lab ray accident. He too had been taunted and teased. Together, they flew around Neopia, recruiting those who were outcasts and rejected:

A yellow Buzz with four eyes.

A Faerie Uni who always wore a mask, for her face was eaten away by horrible acids.

A Desert Pteri with blood-red eyes that could confuse, or even kill, a person.

All of them, together, beneath a full moon, swore an oath.

"I shall take the drawings of those beautiful pets, and make them ugly. I shall destroy the producers of the Beauty Contest. I shall make other pets as I am, and they shall tastemy pain. I shall show no mercy. I shall feel no love, except for the memebrs of my clan. I shall make Neopia sorry for all they have done to me!"

Under the great moon, these fivebecame a band. The Band of the Outcasts. And each one took on a new name, shunning the old name their masters had given.

Cutie became Maju, for Majesty plus Shoyru. For she would be the leader of the band, though not an official one. They would all be equal in truth, but she would be the master planner.

The Darigan-Golden Eyrie, once Slepneir, a magnificent eight-legged steed of the gods, became Kelpie, a vicious, deviouswater spirit. For he would deceive and use his tricky ways to capture the beautiful ones.

The Buzz, once Angelic, became Demonic, for he would fight the most of all.

The Uni, once Angelinaballerina (Angelina) became Anilegna, the backwards of her old name. For she would be the one to turn around the views of Neopians with her schemes.

The Pteri, once Horus, falcon god of Egypt, became Set, god of evil, and Horus' lifelong enemy. For now he would oppress all who fought on the side of good.

And they wrote the oath on parchment, and signed it in blood.

-Maju the Queen, Kelpie the Deceiver, Demonic the Fighter, Anilegna the Twisted, Set the Oppressor

This signature bound them; they would never seperate. For ever and ever, they would be together.

"Ruler Maju, we shall act tonight. The faster we act, the better." These words were from Demonic, who blinked his top eyes, then his bottom ones. He looked vicious-and he was.

"Indeed we shall! My fighter, you are wise. And I already have an idea on who shall be our first victim. Come close, and I shall tell you. Dmonic, Kelpie, I shall need you. Anilegna, Set, you stand by the side. It does not matter, does it? If you wish to fight, I shall allow you to."

"No, my queen, I shall follow your orders," said Anilegna respectfully.

"Yes, for our time will come," agreed Set, and he bowed.

The Kacheek was a happy one. She had only recently been painted Faerie. Now she could fly! She flapped her wings, and took to the air, squealing with delight and turning soumersaults.

"Enjoying yourself?" The voice was dark and cold.

"Oh, yes I-who are you?" she cried. For above her floated a monsterity. Half of his face, as well as one wing, his tail tuft, his ruff, and one leg gleamed a beautiful gold; but the rest of him was a dark purple and evil. He was a half-Darigan! She realized that, and dove downwards. Landing, she used her Burrow ability and disappeared below ground. But too late! He had used a powerful Fireball right into her burrow, which engulfed her in an instant. She screamed as her delicate wings were burned to practically nothing, and she felt as if her very skin was being eaten away.

"NO! MY SISTER!" A small greenJubjub ran in front, and a bubble appeared, deflecting the Spark that came next. The Eyrie laughed when he saw this. "That's all you have? How weak. Demonic, it is your turn." A Boil attack that seemed tocome outinstantly vaporized the shield. The four-eyed Buzz that had launched the Boil snickered cruelly at the helpless pair.

"Let the queen deal the final blow,"growled the Buzz.The Eyrie nodded, and the two parted, allowing a blue Shoyru with what looked like a black,pulsatinggem in her forehead to pass between them and face the two pets. She raised a forepaw, and the two siblings felt health draining from them. Just before they passed out, they managed to comprehend that it was a highly advanced version ofthe Darknessability Drain Life. And then, all was black as the last drops of health left their bodies. And somehow they knew that they would not awaken again, not as in other matches...

"No! My dear littlebabies! Who did this?" They heard the cries of the brown-haired owner, who bent over the limp, lifeless forms of her pets and wept. They smirked, hidden in the shadows. The Rebellion had just begun. Soon, they would rule Neopia, and all would tremble at their names. They turned, and swept away into the night.

"It went well, Anilegna and Set. But that does not mean we do not need you. No, not at all. Next time, you two shall go with me."

"Who shall be our victim?" snarled Set. His eyes flared with expectationat the thought.

"Yes, who?" Anilegna pawed the ground in expectation. She no longer wore the mask, just as Maju no longer wore the hat. They were no longer ashamed to hide their true selves.

"Our owners, of course! They drove us to live in the streets! They shall not be forgiven! They shall perish next!"

Her team roared their approval, and there was a stamping of hooves and paws, as well as a fluttering of wings. They all agreed with Maju, their queen.

"Cutie...where are you? I was wrong! Please come back!" The teenage girl called softly as she carried the lamp. "I made your favorite dish!"

And then, her lamp went out. And two blood-red eyes started from behind, waiting for her to turn her head.

Yay, cliffie! I think you can guess who that is, but will she die? Or will she pull through somehow? -dramatic music- Also, please note that this story sort of wrote itself. It was meant to be a funny oneshot about some pic stealers, but I guess not. Also, I didn't plan to kill the Kacheek and Jubjub, that just sort of popped into my mind.