Dream of you

I dream of you last night

the fourth time this week.

Why do you haunt my soul?

Why do I think of you,

when you don't do so?
You were the only king

of my heart, my dear heart!

I tell each day I have forgot you

but my dear heart tell me not.

Please, go away!

Can't you see what you're doing to me?

Can't you see I'm dying

Can't you see!

I want to move on,

No more hurt, no more distrations

No more...

I'm not the same you once met,

I'm not lonely anymore,

I'm not a naive girl,

I have my life back, then

why do you still haunt my soul,

my thoughts, my body...?

I said once goodbye,

want to say it again, but

the butterflies in my belly don't.

Why do you have this affect on me!

Go away, I'm not the same,

I want to get over and love again.

I have much to fight for,

many goshts in my mind

don't need another one!

Leave, oh, please leave!

I can't love you, you don't!

Go...oh...please go.


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