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Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. This is the last poem I'm writing under this fic, as you know Deep Inside My Soul is the sequal to My dear First Love and I'm made a decision. I'm ending this part with the same poem I start the second chap when Sirius come back into life, sorta.

It will be the end and the beginning of a fase. I will continue to write poems in Deep Inside My Soul as it will be important in the fic. I won't reveal anything more. Thanks everyone and to my regular and non-regular reviewers for their support.

Deep Inside My Soul

Deep inside my soul

lives a secret

that holds my heart.

Deep inside my soul

it grows

and one day it'll run,

run away and get free.

Then, no one will

leave me alone,

my masquerade will be ruined.

Shall I never see

the day my secret

gets away!

I can bear not

the shame...

as my secret is all

I have

keeping my heart

away from the dark

inside my soul.

Deep inside my soul

lives a secret

that no one can hear

that no one can know.

'Sirius, oh my...' Hermione sobbed hugging him tight 'It worked, it worked!'

'Yep doll, the king is back and is better than before' he smiled at the girls and suddenly grab them and spined them around 'I'm back, thanks to this two wonderful girls!' he smirk still hugging the girls. Ginny stopped hugging him and left him and Hermione.


But she was happy though, he was there, he was there...

Suddenly a smile appeared in her face, a true smile like those she used to have before the war.

If you wanna see the full version of the italics go to Deep Inside My Soul, chapt 2.

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