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Chapter 1

I faintly recalled what I had been doing prior to today, it was supposed to be my vacation. Even I deserved one from time to time. Especially after that damn tournament, my body still has aches from it. I can remember that damn fax coming through, the sound of that machine awoke me from my nap on the couch. I found myself staggering around nearly knocking over my half empty glass of Vodka. I did eventually get off the couch going to that damnable machine. Ripping the paper with my left hand, I glanced down my vision still a little blurry from sleep.


It's time for you to go back to work, you did good at that tournament. However you know downtime is few and far between. Your new job is a hit on a woman, not just any woman. It's a woman that was at the tournament you were recently at. Her name is Ayane, from what we know she is a female kunnoichi styled in some sort of Mugen Tenshin style martial arts. We are sure that you can easily handle this, we will be including the map to the village in Japan. This is pending your usual one week preperation. We have sent you a package containing what little footage of this girls fighting style. We will also include some thermal images of what the layout of this village includes. We expect perfection and execution Bayman. Failure will not be allowed, as for your payment the account will be forwarded the usual 1,000,000 British Pounds to your Swiss account


The message was clear as day, just the sign that my vacation was over. Who was this Ayane girl, I never faced her in the tournament. Apparently she was lucky, or maybe I was. The thought did occur if she was still alive she must have done well in the tournament. Hell I couldn't say anything I lost in the fifth round to Leon, that damn desert rat. Heh, I will make sure he pays for that embarassment. That will have to wait though, Jovovich had work for me. Shouldn't have been a suprise my KGB friend always likes to keep me busy.

I could blame that on my early childhood, war took my family. Then again regret is for the weak, my thoughts not even gathering when the knock came. Going to the door I found the package, nothing but simple butchers paper wrapped in a square. I retrieved the package inside was a few simple pictures it looked like it was snowing. Random heated images must have been guards on the outskirts, from what I can tell children were there as well.

This job was going to prove interesting, it wasn't the high profile I usually wanted. Nothing like killing Fame Douglas. However it did have just enough flare to capture my interest. Placing the small disk into my computer the screen showed a fight between the target and some guy with a green mohawk? Wait that was that idiot what was his name. He was a Muay Thai kickboxer. A damn good fighter just a moron otherwise.

I can still remember spending hours watching this woman's moves. Over and over they replayed she had a powerful spinning kick. It was fast, damn fast, it seemed she relied on it often. If we are to grapple my sambu style may not be fast enough to stop that move. She also likes to use her finger tips, striking the neck area continuously. She fights so similiar to that british assasin, what the hell was her name, it doesn't matter anymore.

The time for thinking is over, back to the present. I am tired of waiting, I have been in this snow bank for seven hours now. My insulated blanket quit working long ago. I can barely feel my fingers anymore. The damn guard change is to slow. It wouldn't matter, I hadn't once see that purple haired girl. It wasn't worth risking it and going in only to not kill her. I was better than that, far better than that. Wait that has to be her, my eyes focusing on something slipping into the shadows of the large paper house in the back.

Maybe it was the cold killing my concentration, so many moved in this village like shadows. Maybe it wasn't her, then again it was possible. Each second mattered I could lose my chance, deciding I emerged from the snow. My tactical gear placed in strategic places. I had a simple Austrian Glock and my commando knife I got while serving in the Soviet Union Army. That was all I needed, I didn't care much for the gun. Though I am not a fool and that thing has saved my life on several occasions.

My combat boots crushed the snow quickly while I moved forward. The guard had turned his back, it seemed he had a simple sword in his hand. Such stupidity not even on real guard, did he think only wolves prowled the forest? The man could only turn, it was far to late now. My arms wrapped about his neck and head. I gave a simple jerk, I felt his skull and neck seperate. It was a sickening snap, feeling the man's body begin to twitch and spasm. It was dieing it took mere seconds, even if the man was dieing a very slow death.

I didn't bother to wait, another guard was coming, the body left to fall into the white snow. My breathing increased two folds. Smokey breaths quickly following I almost began to pant, my heart racing a hundred kilometers and hour. This was what I lived for, it was the only thing that kept me alive. This guard approaching was a woman, she had a short red kimono her hair was up in a ponytail. She held a Ninja-to in hand, it wouldn't save her.

The woman did react, her lips parting to possibly sound an alarm. It was a shame but those thin lips would never utter the sound. My right open palm enclosed her lips, with my speed I slammed her into the wooden beam of a home. I didn't stop there, my knee coming up and crashing into her stomach. I felt her lips utter what must have been spit and air. Neither escaping my firm grip against those lips, she had fainted on the contact.

That was far from enough though, lifting her form with relative ease I tossed her into the snow patch beside me. Lifting my combat boot I drove it into her neck shattering the the spinal column. At least she got the luxory of avoiding the pain as her bodied died. The house was now within ten meters, using a tank roll I ended up against a barrell a man passing by. There was just enough gap in the paper door, thats all I needed.

The man now out of sight, I moved forward hand touching the edge of the wooden deck. Pushing off my hand I used a second tank roll, the snow being knocked off my boots as I entered the paper house. Sitting in a crouched position, I waited for a few seconds, I had to know if anyone heard me, my surroundings were different here. The candles gave off shadows, this home would easily show my presence to others behind these walls. I couldn't let myself be spotted.

Four minutes passed no one had come to the entrace I had entered from, nor did I hear any sounds. Was this the lord of the villages home perhaps? Maybe that was why no one entered it? Standing up I began my entrance. Silent footsteps took me into this nest of assasins, where could that woman be? The first door I came to, I used my left hand to slide the paper door back. The faintest of sounds came from my leather gloves when my hand tightened. Inside of the room was a simple cloth bed, and what must have been sake on a table.

That was a dead end, continuing I heard sounds, that damn japanese language coming through the thin walls. I barely understood any of it. I spoke English, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. That did me little good, only understanding Gomen, someone was sorry? Whatever for it didn't matter. Both voices were male, she wasn't there. Damn this house was becoming a maze, full of turns and empty rooms. I was growing impatient I had to find this girl soon.

I had reached a spot that opened at the end of this hallway, the walls here seemed to be solid stone. Random wall scrolls with odd kanji lettering? I was almost curious to see what it meant. Maybe when I finished this mission I could take the time to look it up. My eyes would peer around the corner of the entrance. The sounds of water running, was this the bath house? My answer came as I rested on one knee. Using my right hand to look around the corner.

It was the girl, she was standing nude in the center of this apparent hot spring. I found myself for a moment bewieldered. Watching the water run down the back of her neck caressing every curve of her body even down to the soft part in her ass. I would make sure to treasure this kill, I would make it a beautiful scene fit for a Russian ballett. What no, someone comes!

It was to late, I stood only to feel the blinding pain of steel hit my arm. It knocked me forward causing me to knock out the simple wooden panel in front of me. I nearly fell into the hotspring, "Tch." My teeth clinched with air being sucked through my lips. I had caught a vision of some man in a white outfit, I suppose it was a ninja? He had snuck up on me, he was good damn good. I didn't notice him till it was almost to late. I must be slipping no one was that good, yet there stood a man with a sword on his back.

It was now to late I heard a sudden gasp, it was the girl it was to late to kill her. I needed to get out of here. Being captured was far worse than failing this mission. Arms coming up to protect my face, I crashed through the nearest paper wall. Nearly tripping over what must have been a water pot. It caught my hip, I was sent sprawling forward into the snow. The steel star now shoved further into my shoulder. "Grrr." It hurt beyond all reason, my luck it was poisoned. I heard rumors about these ninja's using such tactics.

My warm blood spilled out like a small fountain in the center of a village. My good arm lifting me from the snow, I refused to give up here. I had failed but I would have my revenge. Only once earlier had I failed, I nearly lost my life to that sand rat. For that I owe him more, I came out of hiding to attack that man in the tournament before the last. I didn't win yet again, it didn't matter I will kill Leon. My quick flashback had to end more of those ninjas were arriving.

I drew my gun without a second thought firing one shot into the man who stood in my path. Not even stopping my running pace. The bullett going through the man's forehead. The simple hollowpoint caused his brain to explode out of the back. Large skull fragments would fly everywhere the blood splashing onto me like rice confetti at a wedding. The scent of blood and gun powder was welcomed it beat the scents of lilac I had picked up in the bath house.

Several more loud whisp were heard, I felt sudden jarring pain lining my back. More of those damn steel stars, each one of them bit like a doberman, slowing my pace just a little. I saw in the corner of my eye another white flash. It was that fool again, rolling forward using my tank roll I barely avoided the swipe of his sword. The only luck I recieved was the feeling of two of those stars torn from my flesh. The sickening rip of my flesh I would always remember.

I turned to look at the man, his light brown eyes would stare me down. Did he think I would let him kill me, I drew my gun taking aim. My ears catching a voice, it was quick it must have been a name. Hayate-sama! I had squeezed the trigger. Only for the backfire to come from my slide action Glock. It left a small first degree burn, I would be forced to remember it. Dropping my handgun I witnessed the purple haired warrior. Wrapped in some type of purple kimono. A large orange and multi colored sash around her waiste it formed a pretty bow.

So this girl saved her apparent masters life did she? It didn't matter, the cliff was right over there. Without a second glance I would dive off the cliff. My arms outstretched I could see the ice cold water of the pacific below me. Tucking my arms out I cut into the water like a dolphin. I knew I didn't have long, maybe three minutes at most. I would freeze to death in this negative fifty or so water. Swimming toward my orange life boat. It was only set off by the faint yellow blinking light.

I reached it in a short time, pulling myself on board, my hands were shaking. It took all I had to grasp the controls the motor cutting on with the simple push button. My eyes looking up at the cliff witnessing the two onlookers one clad in white the other in purple. I would have to accept I failed this mission, Jovovich wouldn't be happy, then again that bastard would have to get over it now wouldn't he? I found myself unable to do anything but give a simple salute with my left hand.

It was all I would do, turning away from the cliff leaving my back to those Mugen Ninjas. Next time, there was always a next time. I was Bayman the best assasin in the world I couldn't be beaten by simple shadows.