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Chapter 17

The pain was indescribable, I had been shot with over fifty different weapons, cut by several dozen blades. Yet that bolt of energy that struck my chest not only knocked all the air out of me. I felt my organs literally for seconds stop working. I only saw light, heard sounds that I could make out. My mind was in relapse, I could only replay what I saw, that man draw electricity into his hands and struck me.

Was that cold fusion? I had heard rumors of such things and even heard people talk about it. Maybe it wasn't that hell I could hardly breath, let alone think properly. It could have been magic, the shinobi's in that village I was in, it wasn't normal not like what I was taught. Things were different, being around Ayane I learned a lot of things were not as I was taught during my training and while I grew up.

I wasn't truly conscious yet I could feel things, my fingers had been sliding along the ground and I actually seemed to have found something. My eyes would not adjust to the world around me, yet my fingers would rub up and down the steel searching for an answer. Only to realize it was a piece of metal, it had a point, I felt the edge cut into my thumb, why couldn't I open my eyes and recognize what was going on? I was now hearing less ringing and more coherent words.

Damnit, why couldn't I get my bearings yet, nothing could have hit me this hard could it? Just as my mind was racing for answers my eyes had begun to adjust. I saw an outline, of Ayane. Her hands doing something similar to what Raidou had done. Could she do the same attack? I asked myself that question, only to witness her use the attack to stop both that white haired woman and Brazilian. The force was strong, it could be put to good use couldn't it?

My fingers clutched the steel, finally able to make out that it was in fact a piece of sheared metal. "Don't take your eyes off your real opponent. First rule in the Mugen Tenshin style of martial arts. Here I come Raidou!" Wait that wasn't a wise move, even I knew directly attacking this monster was a bad thing. Yet Ayane would do it without thinking, it was true in desperate moments humans would do the most crazed things, I was no exceptions, I would have rushed him again and again, till he crushed my bones to dust.

My body shook in sheer fear when I heard Ayane's scream, I knew Raidou had broken her ankle or worse. I had to stop him, my hand reacting faster than my mind. The steel shard of metal would strike a mark, it pierced through the odd synthetic flesh forcing Raidou to back up. It also wounded him enough that I didn't hear his laughter, his over confidence wasn't there anymore. Fighting both me and Ayane he finally understood there is no such thing as absolute power, just human resolve to always keep fighting until you cannot fight anymore.

I did have an idea, and seeing as Ayane would be lucky to stand let alone move it would be up to this. I moved up to Ayane's side watching as Raidou would howl in rage, it seemed he was less human than I first expected. Which would be a good thing, means he wouldn't react as sharply as before. "Can you do another one of those attacks, but stronger?" I asked the question wondering if Ayane had the strength to do it? "I can try, what are you going to do Bayman?!" That was all the answer I needed to move forward.

"Sayonara Ayane." I had heard the concern in her voice, and I also knew the dire straits we stood in. It felt funny to save a life, felt even more odd to lay my own down for the other. It wasn't such a bad feeling, it was a good one. Maybe mother and father shared this moment. When both ran together to avoid the attack helicopter even thought they were gunned down. They were happy to be with one another in the last moments of their life? So was Raidou my attack helicopter? It wouldn't matter I refused to let him take my life without going to hell with me.

I stared at the monster of a man only running forward no regret now, it was all or nothing. His right leg would shoot forward aiming to kick me. However I would roll under it and come up behind him. This time I locked my arms under his like I had before. But I applied pressure with my foot to his knee. I felt him fight, he was so godly strong, I swore he would break my full nelson hold. Feeling my arms even begin to tire, if not for that shoulder wound he would have broke it. His massive body finally kneeling down would give the opening I wanted.

"Do it Ayane!" I screamed my words watching the energy form in her hands, my eyes looking down to Raidou who would growl and fight. He knew his life was over and it only brought a wicked smile upon my lips. "Lets go to hell ichov!" The scream in return brought satisfaction to my heart, but without warning the attack struck it was both bright and powerful. I held the demon of a man and the force would send my body flying backwards, and the attack actually cut through my side as well.

She really didn't hold anything back did she? I was losing my consciousness once more, but I did hear more explosions as I fell back into something, then the explosive concussion of something would toss my body in the air, before I finally succumbed to it. I figured it didn't hurt so bad to die. My eyes would open, I had no idea if it had been hours or mere minutes? I woke up to random iv's and a white hospital gown, which I escaped shortly and found myself home once more.

The damage done was fixable and I supposed spending sometime fixing it. I had found out I was out of it for two weeks. I had to say I was appreciative of the patch work, saved me the time to doing it myself. However if I had stayed longer they would have been caught by Interpol and that was the last thing I wanted to have happen. I felt sore still, I could remember hold Raidou and the explosions but that was it. I wondered if Ayane made it out of there alive? I had deep down hoped for it, she was worth risking my life for.

I winced a bit feeling my chest hurt, damn bullet wound was getting the better of me. Well I had all the time in the world to heal and avoid the work. The money I put back would be enough to fix my home. I would step back to the side of the balcony and look up, the damage from Ayane and I's fight was still there. Leaning against a tree my arms dropped by my side, it seemed just like moments ago. I never thought I would feel nostalgia like this about a fight?

I felt someone grasp my hand, my muscles instinctively reacted. I was getting ready to turn my wrist and use my training to dispatch them. Yet this touch was different, my back still against the tree I froze, I didn't know what to say. I felt my hand be opened and then the clank of metal and I instantly recognized them. They were my dog tags, "Keep them Ayane." I turned my hand so they would spill back into the hand which was behind me. "You knew it was me the entire time didn't you Bayman sama?"

"How is you..." I was stopped I felt my head turned a bit, feeling lips touch my own. My hand gently brushed down Ayane's cheek and be it just then I felt content. My lips would leave hers when she stepped back, she would remove the headband she wore and set it in my other hand. I could see she was the same as that day we fought, in the purple kimono and odd obo style wrap. "What is this for?" I asked the question curious as to what she meant by this gesture. I saw her smile at me, it had to been the first time I ever saw it.

"Sayonara Bayman sama." I blinked as she would disappear from view, my hand lunging out to stop her. Yet got nothing but air, I turned sharply looking around. "Ayane?!" I called her name but I knew she was gone, it brought a light chuckle to my lips, taking the headband I tied it to my bicep and looked back toward the house. I couldn't help but think on what has happened between us. The death of Raidou or at least I hoped. This would add new problems to the tournament wouldn't it? Looking up at the sky I would tilt my head slowly, "Two untouchable souls it seems. Sayonara for now Ayane."

To Be Continued

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