Kai: (Smirks) Well, it would appear the gerbil is turning the wheel.

Nagi: (glares) Good, because I want to kill it.

Schuldig: (pats Nagi on the head) Now Nagikins, play nice.

Nagi: (floats himself a glass of water) Screw that, I'd rather go play with Farfarello.

Kai: (huggles Nagi) Too bad Prodigy, you're stuck with me.

Nagi: (floats up to the ceiling) I'd like to see you try to get me now, brat!

Kai: (pouts) It isn't fair.

Schuldig: (smirks) She has a point, kiddo.


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"Come out, come out where ever you are, sweet Prodigy," a sing-song voice called out while Nagi ran through the darkened hallways of the pit of hell known as Rosenkreuz. "We will find you, and when we do, we will bring you back and claim your powers for Rosenkreuz!"

Nagi let out a scream, sending a burst of telekinetic energy through the Schwarz apartment, causing it to shake violently. "What the hell?" Schuldig questioned, rousing himself out of his warm bed; annoyed with the fact that he'd been woken up. "That little brat better have a good reason for this." walking down the hall towards the resident telekinetic's room he noticed Crawford had also been awaken from his slumber. "Kid wake you up too?"

Crawford nodded rubbing his eyes before placing the ever present glasses on his face. "What's going on?" he inquired, the annoyance very apparent in his voice.

"Guess we're about to find out," Schuldig answered, opening the door to find Nagi laying on his bed, tangled in the sheets, sobbing out something the telepath couldn't quite make out.

Crawford frowned as he and the telepath got closer to the restless boy. "Wake him up, Schuldig," he commanded, "or he'll destroy this whole place!"

Schuldig gulped before nodding, Nagi could be dangerous when he was like this. "Why me, Crawfish?" he whined, eyeing the screaming boy before he was almost knocked over by another blast of the kid's power.


"Alright, I'm on it," Schuldig muttered, before he pulled the boy into a sitting position, shaking him lightly. "Come on kiddo, time to wake up."

Nagi whimpered as he held on to Schuldig like a life line. "No, please don't make me go back there!" he screamed, before his eyes burst open and sent another wave of power. "I don't wanna go back!"

After Schuldig had recovered from the last blast he looked at Nagi with sympathetic eyes. "You don't want to go where, Nagi?" he asked, as the child sobbed on his shoulder. Nagi tried to explain to him, but it only came out as more sobbing gibberish.

"He doesn't want to go back to Rosenkreuz," a new voice stated from out in the hallway, the two other Schwarz members turned their heads to see Farfarello regarding them with curious eyes. "Bad dreams again my Little Lamb?" he walked in and sat on the bed next to Nagi who was curled up in Schuldig's lap.

"No one is going to send you back there, Nagi," Schuldig stated, brushing his fingers through the telekinetic's matted bangs getting them out of his face. "What would make you think something like that?"

Nagi took a deep breath in order to calm himself, remnants of the dream came flooding back to him. "There was a voice that said they would come find me and take me back to Rosenkreuz," he replied, fresh tears began to fall once more. "They want my power, but I won't let them. I'll die before I go back there!"

Schuldig shook his head. "Ssh, no one's going to take you anywhere," he assured, pulling Nagi closer to himself. "Not without getting through me first, and you know what a bitch I can be." He smirked, drawing a small smile out of the boy. Suddenly Schuldig's eyes darted towards the window. "We have guests, I can feel it, Crawford."

"Farfarello, watch Nagi," Crawford commanded. "Schuldig and I have some unwelcome guests to kill."

"Ooh, this should be fun," Schuldig remarked, pulling his gun from the pocket of his green jacket that had been laying on the couch.

Farfarello nodded as he picked up the boy and brought him out into the living room, sitting in Crawford's favorite chair, which happen to rock and recline. "Go back to sleep, Dark Child," he remarked, while Nagi curled up in his lap using his shoulder as a pillow. The Irish madman smiled at the boy while covering him in a blanket. "God will not hurt you this night."

Nagi sighed, snuggling closer to the warmth the other provided. "Good night, Farfarello," he mumbled, before dozing off again.

Schuldig let out a string of curse words in Germen as the two reentered the apartment. "Damn you Brad, you let them get away!" he complained, while the said American glared at him.

"Oh? So it's now my fault that YOU can't aim worth shit?" Crawford inquired.

Farfarello growled making the two bickering Schwarz members turn their attention to him. "If you wake Nagi, I swear to whatever Gods you prey to that I'll gut you," he snapped.

Schuldig raised an eyebrow at the sight before him; Farfarello sitting in Brad's chair with Nagi curled up in his lap, snoring softly. Very uncharacteristic of the two indeed. "Relax Farfie, we won't wake the precious Prodigy." he mocked, grinning. "Will we Braddy?"

"Say that again, and I will shoot you, Schuldig."

The red haired telepath shrugged as he walked towards his room again. "Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm going back to bed," he remarked going into his room, "I need my beauty sleep."

"More like his ugly sleep," Farfarello muttered, while Nagi grabbed a fist full of his shirt in his sleep.

"I heard that!"

Crawford rolled his eyes before yawning. "Do you want me to bring him back to his room?" he questioned, taking off his glasses.

"I'll stay up to watch him," Farfarello replied, watching the boy sleep. "Go to sleep."

"Well, good night then," Crawford said, nodding his thanks before returning to his own room.


Schuldig let out a big yawn, one hand rustling through the tangled red tresses on his head. "It's too early to get up," he moaned, walking out into their kitchen area to find Crawford sitting at the bar, enjoying his morning cup of coffee while Farfarello still occupied the chair in the living room with Nagi sound asleep on his lap. "Mornin."

Crawford looked up from his morning newspaper just in time to see Schuldig snatch his cup of coffee right out from under his nose. "Good morning to you too, dumbass," he growled, making a grab for his morning cup of life.

"Bet you didn't see that one coming, oh great one!" Schuldig announced, grinning.

"Shut up, you're going to wake up Nagi," Farfarello growled, opening up his golden eye to stare at arguing Schwarz members.

Schuldig shrugged, taking a sip of Crawford's cup of coffee. "Might as well, Farf, Nags has school today," he remarked, bending down letting some of his hair fall into the sleeping boy's face. "Hey Prodigy, time to get up," Nagi stirred slightly, wrinkling up his nose as Schuldig's hair tickled his face. The telepath chuckled slightly while trying for a more direct approach of annoying the hell of the telekinetic until he awoke. "Nagikins, are you going to wake up or do I have to spray you with cold water?" Seeing that he got no response from the child, Schuldig snatched him from the Irishmen's grasp and brought him into the bathroom. Setting him the tub, he turned on the cold water full blast and doused the sleeping Nagi with cold water.

"What the hell, you bastard!" Nagi screamed, immediately jumping up from the bathtub and pouncing on the telepath knocking him to the ground. "What did I do to deserve that?"

"Hey, show some gratitude here, Prodigy," Schuldig stated, ruffling the boy's hair before pushing him off his body, "I saved you from being late."

Nagi glared at Schuldig as he pushed him out of the bathroom so that he could take a nice, warm shower. "Yeah right, thanks you jerk," he remarked, sarcastically.

Schuldig simply shrugged as the door was slammed in is face. "You're welcome!" he yelled, walking into the living room again. "Well, Prodigy's awake, but don't piss him off, he's a bit cranky."

"You're soaking wet," Crawford remarked, not looking up from the paper.

"Like I said, he's cranky," Schuldig answered, taking the last swig out of his mug, "and I for one don't want him destroying the whole city block."


Nagi sighed letting the warm water flow over his body, it was much nicer compared to the freezing water Schuldig had used to wake him up. You can't hide from us, precious, you will be ours soon enough. The words from his dream echoed in Nagi's mind as he sank down into the tub and clutched his head. "I'll never go back to Rosenkreuz," he mumbled to himself, turning off the water and preceding to dry himself off and get ready for school. About ten minutes later Nagi was out of the bathroom in his school uniform and searching for his lost backpack. "Crawford-san, have you seen my backpack?"

The leader of Schwarz took his attention off the paper just long enough to point down the hall to Nagi's room. Sighing the young assassin found himself in his room searching for the lost item, which was a surprisingly easy find considering he left it next to his bed. In his scurry not to be late, Nagi almost forgot his lunch only to be reminded by Schuldig.

"Hey Kiddo, you forgetting something?" Schuldig questioned, using the most annoying voice he could muster. "Like your lunch?" the red head held the bag just out of Nagi's reach.

"Schuldig, unless you don't want me to throw you on the couch, I highly suggest you give me my lunch," Nagi growled, using his powers to lift the telepath a few inches off the ground for emphasis. "My lunch, now, I'm late."

"Oh your no fun," Schuldig said, pouting as he reluctantly gave the child his lunch, "Hope you like it, I made it myself."

Nagi made a face as he set Schuldig back on the safety of the carpet. "Don't gross me out this early in the morning," he teased, before racing out the door.


Nagi yawned as he walked through the crowded hallways of his school, silently wishing he had not been kept up last night by his nightmares. "Finally, lunch time," he muttered to himself, while opening his locker and grabbing out the bag lunch that Schuldig made for him. Slamming the door shut, Nagi proceeded to head to his favorite place to eat, the roof of the school. Sitting down by the fence, Nagi opened up the bag to find a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, some chocolate covered Pocky, Chips and a can of pop. "Not half bad for Schuldig packing my lunch."

"Prodigy?" a voice questioned, walking towards the young assassin. Nagi looked up to see a figure with sandy blonde hair peering at him with curiosity.


"Squared!" a second figure giggled, as a girl with long raven hair and two different colored eyes floated upside down in front of the telekinetic. "Hiyas, Nagikins!"

Nagi rolled his eyes, pulling the girl down from the air to sit beside him. "What are you thinking, Soji?" he scolded, while taking a bite of his food. "You can't go around using your telekinesis here," Soji began to pout so Nagi offered up his box of Pocky to cheer her up.

"Thank you, Nagi," Soji exclaimed happily, while she began munching on the Pocky sticks.

"Don't mention it," Nagi muttered as Omi sat down beside the two, "there goes my desert." the brown haired boy yawned again and took a swig of his soda.

"What's wrong with you?" Omi asked suddenly, staring at the other assassin. "You seem really out of it."

Nagi shook his head, finishing the last of his lunch. "It's nothing to concern yourself with, Omi," he answered, making the paper bag float in his hand. "just some old nightmares resurfacing."

"About what?" Soji asked, while Nagi put his head in his hands.

"There was a place that taught me how to use my powers," Nagi murmured, casting his eyes downward, "it was called Rosenkreuz, the place still gives me nightmares."

"That bad?" Omi questioned, placing a reassuring hand on the younger assassin's back. Nagi simply shrugged it off, standing up and tossing his garbage in the trash can.

The group was just about to depart to the crowded hallways when Nagi clutched his head suddenly, his world beginning to spin. "Nagi?"

The boy dropped to his keens, the pain overwhelming him. "Make it stop!" he yelled, while Soji and Omi ran to his aid. "I won't go back, you can't make me!"

"So this where you're hiding, Prodigy" a voice echoed in the back of Nagi's head. "I'm glad to have found you so easily again."

"No, get out of my head!" Nagi screamed, making Soji cover her ears.

Meanwhile on the safety of the roof three figures stood watching the boy wither in pain. "Poor, sweet, Prodigy," a girl cooed, continued to dig into the young assassins mind. "Ooh, and he's powerful to."

"You're twisted, Roz," a second figure remarked, this one wore a black backwards hat and long blonde hair.

"Oh, come on now Edward, I was only having a little fun with my new toy," she stated, smiling sadistically. She leaned forward, pulling the blonde boy into a kiss tangling her mess of necklaces with his single cross. There was a coughing noise behind them, conveniently interrupting the hot and heaviness.

"We're suppose to kidnap the boy," the new figure remarked, his hands held a tiny flame. "Not start a fan club for him."

"We will Jaz," Edward replied, playing with Roz's' purple braids, "in due time, the young one of Schwarz will be ours."


Omi walked forward, Nagi's let arm slung over his neck while Soji held onto his right. The boy hung lifeless in between them as they trudged towards the apartment the Schwarz members called home. "Is Nagi-kun going to be okay, Omi-kun?" she asked, glancing at unconscious assassin.

"I'm sure he'll be just fine, Soji," Omi replied, trying to mask the worry in his voice. "Crawford and Schuldig-san will help him."

"I hope so," Soji murmured.

"So sad," a females voice mocked, as a hand ran through the brown locks of Nagi's hair, "you're such a powerful little boy, yet you have no idea how to reach it."

Nagi squirmed in the girls grasp. "Please stay away!" he shouted, sending out a blast of his power.

The girl smiled. "I can teach you, let me take you back to Rosenkreuz," she said, trying to reason with the boy.

Nagi shook his head, backing away from the unfamiliar person. "I'll kill myself before I go back there!" he yelled, before the world seemed to dissolve around him.


Schuldig grinned as sang along to a German song while cooking his lunch of fried fish and rice. Crawford peered over his newspaper to see what smelled like it was burning. "Schuldig, would you turn down that stuff you call music?" he questioned, taking a rather large sip of his afternoon cup of coffee. "And by the way, I think your lunch is ready."

Schuldig grinned while he ignored Brad, knowing that he was pissing him off felt so good at the moment that he didn't bother to notice that the food he was cooking was quickly turning into burnt offerings. "What was that, Braddy?" he asked, letting the headphones slide down around his neck. "I couldn't hear you?"

"Call me crazy, but when you cook I don't think you're suppose to set off the smoke alarm," Farfarello noted, as he sat by the window cleaning one of his knives.

Schuldig turned to insult the Irish mad man when he too smelled the smoke. "Scheiße, mein nahrungsmittelbrennen!" he cursed in German, taking the food off the stove and placing it on a plate. "Anyone up for some burnt offerings?"

Farfarello simply shook his head and went back to what he was doing. "Not a chance Schuldig, your cooking sucks," Crawford remarked, and then went back to ignoring him.

Schuldig pouted as he sat at the bar. "Nagi doesn't think it's that bad," he remarked to no one unparticular before the door burst open and in strode Omi and Soji carrying a half-conscious Nagi. "Was die Hölle?" noticing the two were giving him odd looks he corrected himself in English.

Soji frowned as she allowed Crawford to help Omi get Nagi onto the couch before walking over to the telepath. "I think Nagi's broken," she explained, her voice holding a childish tone, Schuldig knew from experience with the girl that she only reverted to her childish behavior when something upset her greatly. "He won't have to go to the bad place, will he?"

Schuldig looked at her; a confused expression on his face, allowing the black haired girl to lead him into the living room where Nagi was laid on the couch with Brad holding a cool rag on his forehead. "What bad place, Soji?" he inquired, before it clicked in his brain that Nagi must have been telling them about his nightmares. "You mean Rosenkreuz?"

Soji nodded. "That's the bad place, Nagi said so," she replied, holding on to the telepath's sleeve. "Is Nagi-kun broken?"

Brad shook his head as he motioned for everyone to take a few steps back because Nagi was stirring and the clairvoyant wasn't quiet sure what he was capable of at the moment. "He isn't broken, he just needs some time to rest," he explained, looking over at Omi. "What exactly happen, Weiß?"

The Weiß assassin took a few deep breathes before answering. "We were eating lunch on the roof and Nagi-kun looked a little pale," he explained, "I asked him what was wrong, but he just brushed it off and said everything was fine and as we went to leave for class he passed out."

Schuldig frowned as he took in all the information the Weiß kitten was saying. "I don't like it, Crawford, not one bit," he growled, while Soji twirled a lock of his hair. "I know your nervous, but you wanna refrain from pullin out my hair, Soji, I'm gonna go bald"

"I could float upside-down if you prefer, Schu-san?" Soji remarked smiling, as she grabbed a hold of the telepath's shades and put them on her face. "How do I look?"

Schuldig rolled his eyes, pulling out his cell phone. "What you're going to do is call your sister and tell her where you are so she doesn't kill me for you not being in school," he stated, handing the girl the phone.

Soji stuck out her tongue as she dialed her sister's cell phone. "Hey big sister!" she greeted, after she heard Clarence answer the phone. "I'm at Nagi-kun's and Schu-sama's house."

There was a silence on the other line before the screaming set in. "YOU'RE WHAT, SOJI YUKI?" Clarence yelled into the phone. "Why aren't you in school?"

Soji grinned as she looked up at Schuldig. "Clare says she wants to talk to you," she replied, hoping off Schuldig's lap to sit next to Nagi.

Schu cringed as he picked up the phone. "Hey, Clare, how's it going?" he asked, keeping his tone civil before trying to change the subject. "Is Mika around?"

"Don't you try to sweet talk me, Mastermind," Clare growled, "You wanna tell me what Soji is doing out of school?"

"Well, the squirt and little Bombay dragged an unconscious Nagi back to our apartment," Schuldig explained, cringing as another string of shouts began again, "but hey I got to go, I think Nagikins is waking up, bye," and with that he quickly hung up and pocketed his phone.

"I trust that went well?" Crawford inquired.

Schuldig glared at the American. "Why don't you bite me, Brad," he replied, glancing at Soji. "Is your sister always that bitchy or is it just that time of the month?"

"I'm going to guess the latter of the two, Schuldig," a scratchy voice remarked, as the brown haired assassin attempted to sit up on the couch. "what's going on?"

Soji smiled happily as she pounced on Nagi. "Nagi-kun, you're fixed!" she cried, hugging on to the boy for dear life.

Schuldig chuckled at the sight of the Prodigy being glomped. "How you feeling, kiddo?" he asked, attempting to pry Soji off the weakened boy.

"I feel tired," he answered, allowing Soji to rest her head on his shoulder. "There are so many voices calling out to me, I don't understand it, Schuldig."

Schuldig growled at the information Nagi was giving him. "Voices, Nagi?" he asked. "You better start explaining"

Nagi put his head in his hands. "I don't know how," he replied, looking up at the telepath with tired eyes, "there's a girl who talks, she somehow gets into my head, I don't know how she does it."

Schuldig sighed, picking Nagi off the couch. "Don't worry your pretty little head, we'll take care of it," he remarked, walking down the hall into the younger assassin's room. Schuldig deposited the boy on the bed and covered him, "sweet dreams, Nagikins."

Roz smiled, watching the red head tuck the younger assassin under his covers. "Sleep well, precious Prodigy," she remarked, as the three sat perched in the Oak tree outside Nagi's window.

"Obsessive, compulsive much, Roz? Jaz inquired, playing with his throwing picks out of boredom, "So are we going to take this kid, or what?"

Edward rolled his eyes, Jaz was always annoying when he was itchy like this. "We will, I just don't want have to deal with the German, the American and their pet psycho," he explained, smacking the pyrokinetic in the head. "Now cool it, Jaz!"

"You think this is really gonna go off without a hitch, don'cha?" Jaz muttered, throwing a small fire ball Edward's way. "You're useless anyways, all you are is a crappy object reader, man did you get the short end of the stick."

Edward glared at Jaz. "A Psychometric that can take that ice pick and shove it so far up your ass.." he was abruptly cut of by Roz sticking her tongue down his throat.

/I can't have you waking my Nagikins, now can I/ Roz questioned, her voice echoing inside of Edward's mind.

Edward responded by running his fingers through her hair. /I guess I can't complain/ he replied, while in the background the two heard gagging noises coming from the third member in their party.


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