Kai: Woohoo Chapter 3

Mike: Good for you?

Kai: Of course it is

Mike: Of course what is?

Kai: God damn it, pay attention!

Farfarello: (blinks) God? Where? I must kill him!

Nagi: (looks up from typing) I think I saw him slink around the corner.

Farfarello: (pets Nagi on the head) I knew there was a reason I kept you around, Dark Child

Nagi: (cringes) I need to go disinfect my head now.

Roz: (huggles Nagi) Kai-chan doesn't own Weiss Kreuz! Please read and review!

Nagi: God help me

Farfarello: (smacks Nagi) what's wrong with you? God is the devil

Crawford: That's an oxymoron you retard.


"They fucking burnt down our house, Brad!" Schuldig whined as they walked through the darkened streets of Tokyo. "I'm going to kill those Rosenkreuz bastards!"

Crawford rolled his eyes as the sobbing black haired girl hung on him. "We have bigger problems, we let them escape with Nagi," he snapped, trying to comfort the crying Soji. "Will someone take her? I can't even hear myself think."

Farfarello let out a growl as he was handed Soji. "They will die, they help God," he muttered, running his fingers through Soji's hair in an effort to quiet her.

"You do that, Farfie," Schuldig bitched, glaring at the Irishmen, "In the meantime, where the fuck are we going to stay now?"

"Could you stop bitching for two seconds so I can try and figure out our next move.

"I want to see Nagi," Soji sobbed, while Farfarello pulled a cloth out of his vest pocket using it to wipe the child's bloody nose. "Farfarello, we have to go find him."

"We will find him, little Soji," Farfarello stated, eyeing Schuldig and Crawford before forcing Soji to lie her head on his shoulder. "Go to sleep."

"Farfie, you're making the blood run down my throat," Soji whined as the disorganized group stopped at a familiar shop.


"What part of covert operation DON'T you understand?" Edward snapped, while Jaz started the engine of his precious black Probe.

"You SAID I could have fun, Ed," Jaz growled, while Roz situated herself in the backseat with Nagi propped up against her. "Hey, watch the upholstery, if that kid gets blood on my car I'm going to kill him."

"You can't kill my Nagikins, Jaz," Roz growled, trailing her finger along the young assassin's face, the boy whimpered and turned his head away from Roz.

"Clean him up," Edward instructed, tossing a first aid kit from the glove box back towards Roz, "Maybe Jaz'll stop bitching then."

Jaz growled, glaring at the two. "Yah, you guys are real funny," he muttered, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Poor Nagi," Roz cooed, petting the said assassin on his head, before beginning to examine his wound. The glass had cut deep in his right foot and looked as though it might need stitches. The purple-haired girl smirked as she yanked the glass out of Nagi's foot, making him scream in his drug induced sleep.

"What the fuck did I tell you about getting blood in my car?" Jaz whined, Roz rolled her eyes at him as she tossed the empty roll of bandages at his head.

"You can deal with a little blood, Jazkins," Roz retorted, wrapping the already blood soaked bandages around Nagi's foot. "Tell Ezra to pay for your car cleaning."

Jaz growled as he turned down an unmarked tunnel. "Easy for you to say," he muttered.


Aya yawned as he was awaken by banging on the door downstairs. "What in the hell?" he mumbled, flipping on the light by his bed and slipping on his fuzzy bunny slippers. "Yah, yah I'm coming." Aya walked downstairs and wondered towards the door and opening it only to find the three Schwarz members carrying the youngest member of Schatten who was currently sleeping.

"Don't ask questions Abyssinian, just let us in," Schuldig growled storming past the leader of Weiß into the flower shop, "and if you wake the kid, I'm gonna beat your ass."

Aya blinked as Crawford and Farfarello pushed past him as well. "What do you want Schwarz?" he inquired, failing to mask his anger. "Get out."

"Come on now, Aya-kun, don't be like that," the telepath replied, plopping himself in an armchair, "by the way, nice bunny slippers." Aya glared at him as he resisted the urge to cut him in two.

"What's going on?" Omi questioned, walking downstairs to find Schuldig sitting in one of the chairs, Crawford standing in the corner with his eyes closed and Farfarello holding onto the sleeping Soji. "Hello, Schwarz."

"That's exactly what I was wondering," Aya growled, placing his katana at Crawford's throat. The clairvoyant slowly opened his eyes to stare at the leader of Weiß as he patently waited for him to remove the weapon.

"Rosenkreuz attacked us," Crawford finally began explaining, "They took Prodigy and burnt our apartment." he paused, allowing Aya and Omi to take in the information he was giving them.

"So can we crash here?" Schuldig piped in, "Cause I really don't feel like calling Clarence, she's already going to kill me enough for her sister not being in school…"

"And almost getting her killed tonight," Farfarello interrupted, as Soji stirred slightly in his arms.

"Shut up, Farfie."

Aya sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Whatever, you can stay," he muttered, too tired to really argue the situation. He let out a growl of disapproval as he walked back upstairs leaving Omi to get the rest of Schwarz settled. "But you keep your pet locked up."

Omi smiled as he led Crawford, Farfarello and Schuldig upstairs. "You guys can stay in the guest room," he said pointing to the room down the hall. "There are blankets in the hallway closet."

"Thank you, Bombay," Crawford stated, digging in the closet.

Omi nodded before headed down the hallway to his own room. "Not a problem, good night," he replied.


Nagi groaned as slowly began to come back to the realm of consciousness. Where am I? he wondered to himself, attempting to sit up only to find his hands bound behind his back. Nagi frowned as he tested the strength of whatever was holding him, wincing as he felt it dig into his skin as blood ran down his wrists, staining the sheets. Sighing, Nagi resigned himself to slumping back against the pillow, waiting for the drug induced fog to clear from his head.

"Straight flush!" Jaz yelled, laying his cards down on the table that the three Rosenkreuz members were seated around as their private jet took them to Germany. "Eat that bitch!"

Edward rolled his eyes as he set his two of a kind in front of him. "Thank god it isn't strip poker," he stated, "I think you cheat."

"No, SHE cheats!" Jaz snapped, shaking a finger at Roz, "fucking Telepaths."

"I do not cheat, I just play to my advantage," Roz corrected, before a sadistic smile spread across her face, "Sleeping Prodigy awakens." she got up from the table, grabbing a bottle of water off the table in the process.

"Just be sure not to scare him," Edward remarked, eyeing his all to eager girlfriend.

Roz waved her hand as she opened the door to the sleeping quarters where they were holding Nagi. "I'll play nice, I promise," she answered, smiling as she disappeared into the room. She walked over to the bed side and took note of the sad disarray the child was in. The green blanket had been kicked off probably in his struggle to free himself, the sheets were a bloody mess because of the gash in Nagi's foot and the rag in his mouth was also dyed a shade of red from the blood dripping from his nose. "You know, you're going to end up hurting yourself if keep straining like that," she remarked, trying to keep her voice conversational. Nagi whimpered as she pulled off the gag and used it to wipe the blood off his nose. Roz simply shook her head at the boy as she sat him up against the wall. "See, I mean you no harm, Nagi," she ran her hand through Nagi's brown locks in an attempt to prove herself.

Nagi glanced upward at Roz as he fought with himself whether or not to respond to his captor. "W-what are you going t-to do to m-me?" he asked still quite disoriented, trying to make his fear unknown while his voice betrayed him and the question came out in a garbled mess.

"What I'm going to do, Little Prodigy?" Roz replied, a sadistic smirk forming on her face. "I'm the least of your worries right now," she kissed the boy on the forehead, enjoying the fact that Nagi tried to squirm away from her.

"Get away from me!" Nagi yelled before spiting in Roz's face, "I want to go home!"

Roz growled as she fought the urge to backhand the child. "Now, now, that wasn't very nice, Prodigy," she snapped, wiping off her face. She could feel the boy try desperately to reach for his gift and she let out a laugh because she knew something that he didn't. "You're not going to be able to hurt me, not with your powers blocked."

Nagi let out a small gasp, staring at his captor. Roz smiled as she fed off the fear radiating off of him in sheets. "How, there's no way you could…" he was abruptly cut off.

"It's a little trick that Schu should really invest in," Roz explained, sitting down on the bed and offering the bottle of water to Nagi. "Are you thirsty Nagi? I bet that gag made your throat offly dry." Nagi looked at the bottle longingly. On the one hand his throat hurt almost as bad as his foot, but on the other he didn't trust the girl as far as he could throw her and if he still had his powers that would be pretty far.

Roz tipped the bottle back as she took a few swigs. "So you want to throw me now?" Roz asked, leaning forward bring the bottle's rim to his lips using her other hand to tip his head back so that he could drink. "See, isn't that better, Nagi?"

"Why are you being nice to me?"

Roz smirked, continuing weaving her web around the boy's mind. "You're no good to us dead, now are you Prodigy?" she told him, while pushing him back against the pillow and covering him up. Nagi let out a whimper and began to fight against her again. "Ssh, no harm will come to you as long as you be a good boy, Nagi, now go to sleep." Roz ran her fingers through Nagi's hair and hummed a lullaby as she mentally coaxed the child into darkness.

"What part of no Nagi fan clubs don't you get?" a voice inquired as a figure stood in the doorway. "Or did you miss that memo, Roz?"

The girl turned to glare at the figure. "Lady Ezra wants power," she stated, glancing at the sleeping boy. "I'm the key to get it."

"Aren't we a little full of ourselves?" Jaz growled, "What do you plan on doing, playing nice with little Nagi?"

"Exactly," Roz remarked, polishing off the last of her bottle of water.


Kai: Well, that's all for now

Nagi: I hate you

Roz: (huggles Nagi) Poor little Nagikins.

Nagi: (Glares) Don't make me kill you.

Kai: (smacks Nagi) You can't kill her yet, I still need her!

Nagi: (Sweat drops) Who did I piss off to deserve this?

Schuldig: (hiding in the background) Heheheh….