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31. The truth about life

A few months later Jack finally proposed, with a blue feather and a beautiful engagement ring. He had filled the entire inn with candles (a bit of a fire hazard) and had gone down on one knee. Karen had felt her heart skip, like you should really feel when someone proposes; and then Jack said the words.


"Yes Jack?"

"Will you..." He took a deep breath. "Feed the chickens tomorrow?"

"WHAT!" Karen shouted, ready to slap him into the next century.

"Fine I'm joking! Will you marry me, and be with me till the day I die... again." Jack asked with a playful grin, but his eyes were filled with sincerity, dancing in the candlelight.

"I dunno... I mean you kinda ruined the mood with the whole feeding the chickens thing." She said with mock uncertainty.

"Yeah, but you're gonna say yes."

"What makes you so sure?" She challenged, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Because you're an angel, who could never do that to me." He said hopefully.

"Hmmm... that still doesn't seem like a good enough reason."

"Because you said yes to Rick." He joked and her eyes widened with both embarrassment and anger.

"Fine, I'll marry you." She said with a smile. He grinned and stood up to twirl her around.

"Yay! I'm the happiest man alive!" He shouted loudly. "Except maybe Santa Clause." He said as an afterthought.

"Hmm, that is hard to beat." She smiled, planting a big kiss on his lips. He smiled as he returned the kiss.

A month later they were at the chapel, ready to become Mr. and Mrs. Hunter. Karen stood in a new, beautiful white wedding dress outside the church waiting eagerly to enter. It was spring again, another spring wedding, but this time it seemed appropriate. Jack was like the spring time flowers, he had been reborn again to her. The pink blossom floated across the wind and brushed past her face, her golden hair flying up to meet the tiny petals. She sucked in the delicious, crisp air and then strode into the church.

Carter stood in front of the alter, grinning broadly and Jack stood in front, his grin even wider. Karen bit her lip and walked slowly towards him, her hair shimmering like a goddess'.

"Morning honey, you're a little late." Jack told her, tapping his foot as she approached.

"Maybe you're a little early."

"No, you're late."

"I wanted to be fashionably late." She said softly.

"Speaking of fashion, we have a special guest, says he knows you." Jack said with a secretive smile. She surveyed the guests, following his gaze and spotted Matty amongst them. She gasped, her eyes filling with tears. She was about to run over to greet him but Carter cleared his throat.

"Let's begin the ceremony."

After the long ceremony they had the after party, where Karen ran into Matty's arms.

"Should I worry?" Jack asked Matty, not looking even remotely worried.

"No." Karen informed him with a smile. "But maybe I should."

"Nah, I have a partner back in the states. I would have brought him, but he was busy." Matty said sweetly.

"Awww, my little Matty's growing up!" Karen crooned, hugging him tightly. "Thank you, this day is perfect now you're here."

"I'm glad to see you found happiness, and I have to tell you I approve of your miracle man. He told me the story."

"Yeah, it's some tale." She said with a wink. Matty chuckled and kissed her on the top of her head. Then Ann and Popuri ran over to her, encasing her in a hug.

"Now we're all married!" Popuri exclaimed happily. Ann and Cliff had eloped a little while before and now Ann was pregnant.

"I guess we've all grown up." Matty pointed out and they all grinned. They had all finally found perfect contentment. Karen knew Matty would have to leave again that day, but just to see him and know he was happy was enough. Jack's parents walked over to greet them and tell them both how beautiful they looked, although Jack protested he was handsome, not beautiful.

"So you two will soon become the proud owners of our estate in America, are you going to live there?" Mrs. Hunter asked curiously.

"No, we decided we're gonna stay here, with the rest of our family." Jack said, looking at the guests.

"And may you find much happiness." Mr. Hunter said.

"You know what. I think we already have." She replied with a smile.

A week or so later Karen was standing outside the church once again, this time to visit a grave. She stood in front of the grave and placed a moondrop flower onto the dry earth.

"Hey you. I came to say hi, because I know I haven't in a while. I wanted to tell you, I'm happy now. You always told me, happiness is a precious thing, well I found it and you were right. I think I found it, I found my happy ending." She told her grandmother's grave. Eve Bordeaux had been a wise, beautiful woman and her death had come as a shock to everyone. She had been so healthy, so vibrant. She had always seemed like the happiest woman alive, but Karen knew that wasn't true, her grandmother had always told her that happiness was rarely, if ever, found.

"You once told me, the only truth in life... the only truth was that you died. Well I'm not even sure if that's a truth anymore, it sure was for you. But you know what a think the truth about life is... because I'm sure there must be a single truth, if not many. Life's a winding path and I've had a few bumps along the way, but I think now I know. The truth is life's a gift that never, ever should be wasted. And I think... I think you knew that, but you wanted me to work it out for myself."

Karen smiled, feeling her eyes fill slightly with tears. She turned to leave the grave and then stopped suddenly, turning around to face the grey slab again.

"Thanks." She whispered and headed off down the straight path home, where she had finally found happiness. But how long could that happiness last...?


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