What would happen…

…If Faramir was send instead of Boromir? If Faramir was the one arriving at Imladris? If it was Faramir that was part of the nine?

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Prologue: The younger of the two

Denethor, son of Ecthelion, the lord and Steward of Minas Tirith and Gondor, sat upon his stone chair. His brown were knitted together in a frown as he looked at his two sons, Boromir the older and Faramir the younger one.

"Father," Boromir was speaking, his manners quick as always but courteous nevertheless "we have to go to Imladris for only there can be the riddle that has been send to us be solved if not understood. Have you not told us Imladris was the dwelling place of Elrond the half-elf mighty in wisdom and counsels? Let me seek this place and find the answer needed to help Gondor survive!"

Faramir stepped forward; his voice was calm yet steady and strong "Father, I ask you to give me leave to go to Imladris. None shall have to come with me, for I know that no men can be spared in these dark days."

Denethor looked upon his younger son, eyes cold and his face revealing nothing "No captain either, Faramir, and it is I who decide if men can be spared or not. Yet you ask to seek this task on your own and I grant it to you. Remember though that the roads aren't sure or save for Orcs have begun to spread. Take care to not let yourself be injured, my son."

Boromir, who had wanted to say something at the last words of his brother had been silenced by a hand of his father, he now spoke with kindness and worry "Nay, brother. You shall not go. I am the oldest it is upon me and my responsibility to do that task. If you cannot be persuaded against going then at least let me follow you. I couldn't bear the thoughts of having left you go without any defenses."

Faramir smiled at his older brother but his choice was made and unmovable. "Boromir you cannot leave. The men need you here. Our people need a strong captain. Gondor needs you. Also I had the dream more often than you; it is forever fixed in my memory. Do remember that I have been with the Rangers; I know how to travel alone and how to survive in the wildness. Please respect my wish, let me go and alone."

Boromir gazed at his brother his face worried but he finally smiled and pulled his brother in an embrace. The two walked away to prepare Faramir's voyage. Behind them the voice of Denethor echoed to them: "A chance to prove your valor, my son."

Outside the halls of their father, Boromir and Faramir looked at the great white city that spread at their feet. After taking a deep breath Faramir turned away and started walking to his chamber. His brother walked behind him in silence.

Only when they had reached the door did Boromir look at him into the face: "When do you plan on leaving?" After a thought Faramir answered: "Tomorrow at dawn. I do not wish all to see me leave, it would lower their moral."

"Faramir! The men love you as much as they love me. Do not throw your life away for a mere cause! Please promise me to take care and that you will return." With a sigh Faramir turned around and entered his chamber.

"Faramir, answer me!" Boromir called following him inside.

His brother didn't respond so he walked in front of him "Please my brother, please promise me. You know I care."

"Yes Boromir I know. I promise that I shall do anything to return." Faramir finally said and the brothers embraced once more. Together they traced the quickest and safest path for Faramir to take.

The sun had just begun to rise above the mountains and the sky was slowly turning from pale blue to a light blue, as a horse's hooves echoed on the paving stone of Minas Tirith. Faramir led his horse down the street his eyes looking strait ahead.

His brother was walking next to him. When they arrived at the doors of the White City, both halted and Boromir laid a hand on the arm of Faramir "Are you sure that you don't want any one to depart with you?" he asked and Faramir smiled.

"Brother it is time for me to go my way, my decision is made. Don't worry and keep Gondor safe!" With that he swung himself on his horse in flowing movement revealing his riders skills.

"Remember your promise, little brother and come back soon." Boromir stepped away as the horse jumped forward under the impulse his rider gave him. With an energy coming from being able to run freely, the horse brought his rider soon out of view and Boromir turned around, back into the city.

Faramir controlled his horse and riding on top of a hill brought it to a stop. Minas Tirith was shining in the waking sunrays, a white light even against the mountains behind it. He looked for long time at it, remembering every detail he could see. He knew that later, this image would give him strength and push him in the moments he was about to give up. For what motivates a man more then the thoughts of his home? After a few minutes he sprung his horse around and rode on, not looking back. The path was hardly visible in the grass but he knew the way, it would be later were danger of loosing himself would appear, when he would be outside Gondor.

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