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Nemesis: Ch. 21


He clutched at his head angrily, falling to his side. This brought a new pain, a new memory. No, no, n-not again. Make it stop,...make it stop! He growled a bit trying to fight it, fight it all away, but it was no use. He curled in on himself, crying out as he did. He now allowed the tears to fall freely as he cried with heavy emotion on the floor. He didn't attempt to wipe the tears away. He just let them stain his face as a reminder of past failures...

Slade had been patiently waiting on the bed for Robin to come out. Being as close as possible to the boy without actually being in the same room with him. Slade realized that he needed Robin as well. Almost just as badly. He sighed, putting his masked face in his hands. What was wrong with him? It started off as a simple rivalry between the two, and now, this? What had gotten into him? Into them both? He didn't ever think it would happen. ...They were slowly, but surely,...falling for each other...

Slade's head snapped up the minute he heard an unusual sound coming from the bathroom, where his precious bird was. He heard a thud. Slade stood up and listened some more. And few seconds later, another one. He started walking towards the bathroom, mildly worried. Then, what Slade dreaded most, he heard the boy's sobs. He was crying. It took a few seconds to correctly register in Slade's head. And when it did, his mind screamed at him.

H-he's crying...he's crying! Something's wrong, get in there, he needs you!

As soon as he comprehended the thought, the thought of Robin needing him was overwhelming.

Slade immediately rushed into the bathroom, almost knocking down the door in the process. He looked down only to see the sight of the fallen Boy Wonder before him. The poor boy was curled up on the floor in his own towel, sobbing to his heart's content, naked and soaking wet. His eyes shut tightly, tears streaming thickly down his face, also apparently mumbling something to himself as he cried.

It took a lot of Slade's strength to keep his heart from melting right then and there.

Though this was not the first time he had seen Robin cry, it certainly held the most emotion. He quickly kneeled down and hovered over the boy for a second. Then aware that he was not quite sure what to do. He carefully used his hand to lift Robin's face gently. Then his other to pull Robin's body towards him. At first, Robin seemed afraid of the contact, pushing away and crying some more. Saying things that made Slade upset.

"...G-get off!...Don't-Don't t-touch me!" The boy writhed and battled against Slade's touch, now putting up a struggle. Robin was in another state of mind at the moment, another world in his head. Slade figured this out immediately, and he also knew who Robin thought he was...

Slade held him still, against Robin's wishes, pulling him closer to himself. Robin whined in terror in response. Slade then brushed his wet hair from his eyes softly, now finding the words to speak.

"...Robin..." He said sadly, almost in a whisper. Slade caressed the boy's face in his hand and Robin suddenly stopped struggling. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking. He uttered a word.

"...S-Slade...?" Robin said raspily. He immediately recognized the two-toned mask before him.

"Yes, it's me..." Slade answered softly. And once Robin realized who it was, more tears swelled in his beautiful, blue eyes as he now clutched onto Slade tightly. Starting to cry all over again. Slade decided to take him out of the bathroom because the tile floor was getting a bit uncomfortable for them both. He took Robin in his arms and placed him gently on the bed, towel and all.

Robin did not let go of Slade even as he was sat on the bed. He held onto the man for dear life as he tried to fight his tears that would not stop flowing. Robin ended up in Slade's lap, still clinging onto him. Slade began to pet his hair, whispering words comfort into the boy's ear. He noticed that Robin was shaking quite violently. He wrapped the towel more firmly around the boy's naked body, stroking his back soothingly. The crying never ceased. The boy sniffed and attempted to speak. Still crying and sobbing.

"...T-they hurt me..." Robin cried into Slade's shoulder, still shaking. Slade looked down at Robin's beat up body. Pale and damp as he clung to him. Patches of blue and purple ruined his beautiful, paled skin. The kid was traumatized...

He would kill them.

Plain and simple. He. Would. Kill. Them.

He had definitely wanted to since he saw Robin in the alley. And the thought never left his mind since. He just hadn't had the time, taking care of Robin and all.

...But when this whole ordeal was over with, he would kill the gang responsible for this. For doing this to his bird. No one hurts his bird. He would find them. Track them down and kill them all. Bastards.

Another look at Robin was all it took to reinforce his plans. He felt so bad for the poor youth curled in his arms, reduced to nothing more than a heap of sorrow...

Damn bastards...

"...It's alright, Robin, I'm here. They won't ever hurt you again. No one will ever hurt you again." Slade said sternly to the trembling boy. Robin looked up at him shakily, and within Slade's eye, was a promise. Robin whimpered softly. His sobs soon died down as he regained control over his body and forced himself to stop crying.

Slade then took off his mask, letting it fall on the bed. He then hugged Robin, pulling him close to him. He leaned down and kissed Robin lightly on the head. A very emotional, and unexpected gesture. More than Robin expected from Slade. He held Robin to himself and leaned his head on Robin's. Robin snuggled into Slade, wiping the tears off his face with the backs of his hands. He sniffed again, his head lying on Slade's chest. Slightly dampening the material of the man's suit from his wet hair, but Slade couldn't care less.

Robin felt really good curled up in Slade's lap, his counterpart was still stroking and massaging his back. And it felt wonderful. He was not going to dare pull away ever again. He knew that he wanted this touch from Slade. He admitted it to himself, and no longer denied it. So he stayed there. And Slade knew he was liking this too. He wouldn't stop unless Robin told him too. And he didn't, so Slade knew he had permission.

He looked down at his bird, he was still trembling lightly. Robin was just closing his eyes, trying to contemplate things in his head. Slade could tell that wasn't working. He looked confused, but to Slade's happiness, his touches were helping. Slade was once again glad he was able to comfort Robin. Robin in his arms, it just felt so right. That was where he belonged. Slade needed Robin. ...He loved his little bird.

Slade, still maskless, then leaned down and kissed Robin's neck softly. The boy tensed out of surprise, and the sudden warmth of the touch. He quickly looked up at Slade with wide masked eyes. Slade just smirked down at him. Robin let out a small smile of his own before quickly turning his gaze downward, blushing. Slade smiled to himself. He had indeed made Robin feel better. With that in mind, the villain put his chin on Robin's shoulder, just to be closer to him. He felt Robin's gaze on him once more, before the boy, in turn, leaned his head against Slade's bashfully.

After kissing Robin's jaw, he noticed that the boy was steadily falling asleep. This night had been way too much on him. After the 'relapse' in the bathroom, Slade wasn't expecting him to fully recover too quickly. After another glance down at his small bird, he knew he was fast asleep. Leaning soundly on Slade's chest, breathing deeply. The older male briefly smiled down at him before gently laying him on the bed. Knowing the kid needed a good night's sleep. But he would surely have to sleep in something more than a damp towel.

After laying Robin's head on a pillow, Slade rose to gather something warmer to put on the naked boy in his bed. God, the image of Robin like that...in his bed, was simply breathtaking. Slade shuddered and regained control of himself. He then slipped a pair of pajama pants onto the sleeping kid. If he attempted a shirt, he would surely wake him. So he just made sure he had enough warmth from the blankets. Tucking Robin into bed, and watching him sleep seemingly peacefully for quite some time.

Slade climbed into the bed and curled up next to Robin to maybe take a nap with him.

Robin woke up about 20 minutes later, eyelids fluttering, taking in his surroundings wearily. He looked up to find Slade smiling down at him, surprisingly still maskless. His strong arms were still protctively wrapped around him. And suddenly, he felt safer than ever, especially after before. As he looked at Slade he began to think,...he owed everything to this man. If it wasn't for him, Robin would most likely be dead...

He shuddered to think of what would've happened if Slade hadn't rescued him...

For all of the things Slade has done for him these last two days, Robin was sure that there was really no way to repay him. Not to mention his growing feelings for the vigilante. He still wasn't too sure what to make out of all of it. It was all still confusing. ...But he thought he could deal with confusing.

...And the kiss Slade just gave him as he woke up didn't really help the confusion either. Planting his lips gently on Robin's, almost as if kissing all of his thoughts and worries away. Robin just blushed, letting Slade take the lead nervously.

...He wondered...did Slade love him?

He wanted to give everything and more to the man before him. He wanted to show him his appreciation and...need for him. He did not exist fully without Slade. He couldn't. Slade was the essence of his survival. He was only half without Slade. ...He just might love him...

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