Title: Second Chance

Summary: It's rare to get a second chance, and even rarer for people to realize that's what it is.

Disclaimer: I don't own POTO, if I did, trust me, things would have been rather different.

Author's Notes: There aren't enough Erik/Raoul stories, so I borrowed the ol' amnesia ploy and gave it to this wonderful, complex pairing, here's hoping they can make something out of it.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. Well actually it had gone off with a hitch, that was the point of a matrimony ceremony, but it definitely had been performed without the sudden appearance of a scarred madman trying to kidnap the bride which made it a success in Raoul's mind. The reception was equally marvelous, maybe more so once that the pressure was off and the Vicomte could actually take his hand off his sword and his eyes off the shadows of the room. There was cake and dancing and his childhood sweetheart swirling in his arms like they were nothing more than innocent playmates again. But then it was time for the honeymoon to start and the happy couple's race to the carriage amidst a flurry of rice. Raoul smiled as he gave Christine his hand to help her into the carriage.

"After you, Mademoiselle de Chagny," he whispered to her as she slipped into the carriage. She was a vision in her wedding gown and she smiled back sweetly at him, love shining in her eyes. This, Raoul though as he waved to the smiling relatives from the window of the carriage, is the happiest moment in my life. A breathtaking wedding with Christine becoming more beautiful with every step she took closer to the alter where he waited, the reception magnificent surrounded by friends and loved ones wishing them well, and finally sitting beside her as they rode, fittingly enough, into a beautiful sunset. As lovely a vision as that was, it did nothing to help the carriage driver's sight. Five minutes later the carriage overturned going over a small bridge that was being repaired. The carriage toppled to the right, and Christine managed a short scream before one of the workman's tools crashed through the glass and into her skull.

When Raoul woke up he was lying on something soft and warm. He opened his eyes groggily expecting to see the familiar surroundings of his room, instead he saw the blood covered torso of the woman he was sprawled atop. He yanked himself up and the world immediately spun. He groaned and tried to focus on not throwing up on the gravely injured young woman.

"Mademoiselle?" he asked when the black spots disappeared from his vision. He shook her gently. "Mademoiselle, are you alright?" He heard the sounds of shouts from outside the carriage and leveled himself up as best he could in order to push out the door of the carriage not half submerged in water.

The workers on the bridge had heard the commotion and had raced over in time to see a young man struggling to pull himself out of the carriage while trying to blink the blood out of his eyes. He swayed gently for a moment as he raised a hand to his forehead, before pulling it away in shock to stare at the warm liquid smeared across his palm. Two of the men immediately ran up to him to pull him out.

"Wait just one moment Monsieur, we shall get you someplace that can mend that." One of the men murmured as he surveyed the damage. The boy seemed to rally at that.

"Wait, there's a woman in there, in a worse condition than myself," he said. "She looks like she has a head wound in dire need of dressing.

"Does anyone know who she is?"

Author's Note: I'd like to thank my Beta, Alchemy Hael. She has an awesome fic out, go read it. Oh, and thank you for reading this far. Good night and good luck.