Dance, Dance

Chapter 1 Surprises Happen Only Once

She says she's no good with words but I'm worse. Barely stuttered out "A joke of a romantic" or stuck to my tongue. Weighed down with words too over-dramatic. Tonight it's "it can't get much worse" Vs. "No one should ever feel like..." Haruno Sakura laid gently on her bed listening to music. What she thought about she knew was never going to happen. It was all a dream that could never be fulfilled. The simple question as of how the world turns. Is it because a guy falls for a girl she falls for him they getting married and make mad passionate love on the beach? No. Things like that don't happen. Not to Sakura anyway. The Annual Ninja Dance was coming up and she knew as well as the sky is blue that she could never ever go with Uchiha Sasuke. The dreamy emo that every teenage girl in Kohona village fell for. His eyes so cold that it froze his heart. Never would you see him at a dance. Never. That wasn't going to happen. It never would. He was too cool to go to something like that and to actually enjoy it. This kind of things happened in most of the girls from Kohona dreams. Sasuke dressed, as no one would expect. Black tux with hair slicked back with gel. Yeah like that was going to happen and the most ironic thing, about their dreams were that they, the girl with him was there self. Most would daydream of the moment when Sasuke would ask them to one of the lame dances. Other guys that were almost as good looking would never get a chance to go with any girl who had their eye on Sasuke. Maybe one of two of them and that was it. To think that those girls actually thought that Sasuke would ever go to something so lame. As Sakura laid there taking in these new thoughts, the phone rang disturbing the thoughts.

"Hello?" Her soft voice answered as she twisted her pink hair around her finger.

A small voice replied. Not much. Just a little hello.

"Naruto?" Sakura's voice raising in the tension. "Is this you Naruto?"

"Yes." The voice replied. "Do you have a date for the dance?" Naruto asked so quietly that Sakura nearly had to as him to repeat the question.

"No. I'm not going to the dance. Why you couldn't get a date? Figures." Sakura hung up the phone. The only guy she would ever go to a dance with was Sasuke, but she knew that was only a dream. Daydreaming about his cold dark eyes would help her pass the time as others enjoyed themselves at the dance she thought. The phone rang again breaking these thoughts. "Hello?" She replied again. Sure enough it was Naruto. Asking her to go to the dance with him. "No Naruto. I'm not going to the dance. Don't call again." Sakura hung up the phone again knowing that Naruto would phone again. 5 minutes passed so quickly that she barely got the chance to daydream about Sasuke' s dark cold eyes. His perfect shape, and just as she was about to picture him asking her to the dance the phone rings. "OH MY GOSH!" She picked up the phone and started yelling. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT NARUTO!"

"Um...sorry to disappoint you Sakura but I'm not Naruto." Those words as cold as their owners.

Sakura's heart skipped a beat. "Sasuke? I'm so sorry. It's just..." Sakura rambled on.

"Um...I was just wondering about something. Would you go to the dance with me, that is if you don't have a date?" Sasuke asked so silently that Sakura could barely hear him.

Sakura couldn't believe the words that she had just heard. No. No this couldn't be Sasuke. It had to be Naruto playing a mean trick on her. "Naruto I don't know what kind of mean trick you're trying to play on me but it's not going to work." Sakura was just about to hang up the phone when she heard a sudden yell on the other line.

"Sakura. This isn't a trick. Be ready by 7 and you'll see." Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke...Why?" Sakura asked in awe.

"I'll tell you everything when I get there." Sasuke said.

"Okay. Well I got to go. Bye." Sakura hung up her phone for the third time that night. She danced so gracefully around her room. She danced as if there was no tomorrow. She stopped mid dance stood to think. "OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?" She yelled. She ran to her closet. She threw half the things in there on the floor for the 'NEVER EVER INFRONT OF SASUKE' pile and then the one on her bed as the 'LOOK HOW HOT I AM SASUKE' pile. Sakura finally decided on an cute pink mini skirt and a white spaghetti strap tank top with a light pink zip up sweater, white ankle socks and white and pick sneakers. Sakura looked in the mirror and she started to panic again. "WHAT ABOUT THE MAKE-UP!" She quickly walked to the little make-up table and put on some black eye liner and pink eye shadow. The she put black mascara on. As soon as she grabbed her purse with emergency things in it the doorbell rang. She ran down the stairs so fast that she nearly tripped over her own two feet. She reached the doorknob. She opened the door as her heart pounded deep in her chest. When the door was completely open Sakura's eyes were wide with what she saw. Sasuke standing there, in a black tux with his dark hair slicked back with gel. Sakura's jaw dropped. Just like her dreams he was standing there dressed nicely. Sakura couldn't believe her eyes. She was speechless. "I don't know what to say. I'm really bad with words."

"You can't be that bad. I mean I'm speechless. You look so pretty tonight." Sasuke's eyes wandered up and down her. He put his hand towards her. He smiled gently.

Sakura didn't say anything. Could this be the Sasuke I know, the cold-hearted boy that once ignored me? I don't know but I like him. Sakura didn't know. Sakura toke his hand as they walked out to his car. She got in his car. The whole ride there Sasuke tried to make conversation with Sakura but only managed to spit out a joke about a romantic. The ride was long but they finally arrive. Sasuke got out of the care and walked to the other side of the car and opened the door for Sakura. Sakura stepped out of the car and Sasuke put his arm around her waist. They walked up the stairs into the room.