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Summary: These are Will's thoughts after 'Boardroom and a Parked Place'. Basically a filler chapter, between the timeline of last chapter, and 'The Honeymoon's Over'; which will be the focus of the next chapter…



And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.

I don't know why I'm so surprised that she didn't come to me when she found herself homeless. I suppose I just assumed we were closer now. I guess in some ways we are. I don't think she's ever broken down to anyone else before, or since actually. Grace says differently, she always finds an opportunity to tell what happened when Stan was in the hospital, even though I'm certain she was sworn to secrecy. Never been good at keeping secrets; Grace. Something she and Jack have in common now that I think about it.

Although, neither of them told me until it was all over. I'm not sure why, maybe they didn't think I would care, or that I would just mock Karen. Before I probably would have; something about 'how the mighty had fallen'. No, I don't blame them for not telling me, they don't know that my feelings for her have changed. Not greatly, just that now I find I put her up there with Grace and Jack, I like to think she's not just their friend anymore, but mine too. It only took five years and some massive changes for that to happen.

I think that maybe she feels the same way, but then she didn't come to me for help, so I guess I don't know for sure. The again, Gracie did say she didn't actually come to them until they'd beaten her down. And before, when I did know for sure she didn't like me she did come to me for help. When she was considering divorcing Stan, the first time, she didn't tell anyone else but me. And then when Rosario was in danger of being deported, she didn't go to her 'Poodle' until after speaking to me. How lucky was I that we weren't friends then, it could have been me that married her maid!

There was of course the first time she thought Stan was cheating. She and Jack followed him around New York for hours, didn't they? Before Rosario finally told them the truth. I know that if she just asked in the first place, it would have saved a whole wasted day, but then neither Jack nor Karen have ever been one to let common sense dictate their actions.

She would have come to me eventually, I'm sure of it now. When living in her Limo finally got too much for her. I know she would have come to me…hopefully.

Maybe I should go over to her new place, see if she's alright; ask if she needs to talk. No, wait, what am I doing? She's not some guy I'm dating, she's Karen, I can't get that heavy on her. No, I went to her last time, now it's her turn to come to me. She knows where I am at least. And she doesn't know for sure that Grace told me where she's staying now. For all she knows, I might not know so then I wouldn't be able to go see her. But what if she does know Grace told me, what if she's in her room right now waiting for me?

Urg, my thoughts are circling and crossing, I'm not even making sense anymore! How come Karen has the ability to do this to me? She's not even here and she's confusing me. If she would just come to me, ask me for comfort, help, at the very least tell me she doesn't need me. At least then I'd know, I'd know what to do, and I could move on and actually begin thinking again.

I can't believe I've let her get to me like this. A month ago, Hell, a week ago, I wouldn't even have cared, I definitely would not be this mixed up over something so small as Karen Walker not coming to me, Will Truman, for help. Not that I want to go back to how we were, if we're actually, even any different, it could all be in my head, this change between us.

She's definitely not coming to me tonight, well this morning now. Whatever is or isn't between us, I've got to find out before I drive myself crazy. I really don't want to end up as neurotic as Grace, especially over Karen. My therapist will have a field day with this, I'll need a whole month's worth of sessions for this.

One things for sure, no matter what Karen does or does not feel, the next time she needs help, I'm going to be there for her, I'm going to offer anything I can, and I'm going to make sure she knows that she's my friend now. If there's one thing I still know, it's that I'll do anything for a friend. Because that works out so well with Jack and Grace! Well, at least with Karen it's unlikely to involve a gym membership and me as a personal dresser.

End of part two

Hope you liked! Sorry it's a bit short, but there wasn't going to be any Will/Karen interaction and it really is more of a filler chapter anyway! Let me know what you think! Oh, and if Will seems a bit OoC, blame it on the madness that has taken over him in the form of one Miss Karen Walker…based on how I've analysed him on the show, his mind isn't any clearer than I've written it.