This was written by my best friend Meghan and me. Its about the marauders, Lily and her best friends from their 6th to out of Hogwarts. Peter doesnt exist, so its what could of happened. We hope you like it!

Lily Evans was muggle born and didn't know what to say when she first got her letter to Hogwarts school of which craft and wizardry.

Dear Ms. Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts…

She was clueless where to go to get all of the stuff that was on the list but then she had met a curious character named Rubeus Hagrid. He had taken her to Diagon Alley and helped her buy her wand and cauldron and the other stuff. He had taken her to Kings cross-Station and to platform nine and three quarters.

When she had stepped on to the train she looked in all the compartments mainly all of them were full. Then she saw one with only 2 girls, her age, sitting down talking. One had blonde, curly hair and was about 5'4; Lily later found out that her name was Rose. The other (Meghan) had straight dark brown hair and was around 5'3. Both were pretty and looked nice. So she stepped in. They became best friends from that moment on.

Our story starts when the three girls were in their sixth year and it was almost Christmas break. By then the three friends, met up with the marauders and became a tight group. The Marauders and the 3 girls (who had nick-named themselves the Corsairs,) had become best friends.

-------------------Present time-------------------

It was Christmas morning and the Corsairs were still asleep. The marauders, however, were wide-awake, downstairs, and struggling to not open their presents, while waiting for the girls to wake up.

"Aw come on, can't we just open one? It's not like they'll notice. Please?" Sirius asked.

"No! I do want to, but you know one of them is bound to notice, girls are like that, they notice everything." James said.

"Plus, they should be awake any minute now." Remus said.

"No way! Remember last Christmas? They slept, like, the entire day! And they would have slept longer if we hadn't accidentally woken them up by dropping one of the presents at 1:00!" Sirius explained.

"All right, don't have a cow. Maybe we should wake them up." Remus said.

"Well it couldn't hurt." James said

"Yeah it could! You know how they are when they wake up. Just thinking about it freaks me out!" Sirius said.

"Still I really want to open presents so I'm doing it." Remus said and began walking upstairs. James and Sirius looked at each other and decided to follow him. When they crept into the dorm, they tiptoed in quietly and each leaned over a girls' bed. Remus quietly pulled down Rose's covers, but it wasn't her it was just a bunch of pillows. The other boys did the same, but came to the same conclusion. All of the beds were stuffed.

"Where are they?" Remus asked he turned around and looked at James. Suddenly they heard a noise downstairs. They decided to see what it was so the went downstairs. When they got there they saw the Corsairs sitting down on the couch drinking co-co.

"Thanks for joining us." Meghan said.

"What! How'd…you get down here?" James looked at them in a very confused way.

Rose held up James's invisibility cloak. "Yeah, this maybe had something to do with it." They all laughed at James's face. He stood there and looked at them with a wide-open mouth. Rose tossed the cloak to Meghan

"Hey give that back!" James said running at Meghan. Meghan tossed it over his head to Lily. He turned and ran at Lily. She tripped on the rug and fell; James fell on top of her. He grabbed the cloak and stood up quickly, and then helped Lily get up.

"Thanks for my cloak Lily."

"Okay instead of what ever you two were doing…" at this Lily and James opened their mouths to speak, but Sirius kept talking. "… Lets open presents."

" I agree with Sirius!" Meghan said.

Each of the friends got each other something. Rose got a gift certificate for her favorite store, Hollister, from James; Sirius gave her a CD of her favorite singer, Carrie Underwood. From Meghan she got a humongous poster of her favorite actor Antonio Banderas. Lily gave her a painting of her, Meghan and herself. Remus gave her a shirt that said I 3 Remus. Lily got the trilogy of Lord of the Rings from Remus, a skirt from Rose, anew sketchbook from Meghan,amugglelaptop from James (who was completelyobsessed with them and wanted an excuse to play with one as his parents wouldnt let him have one) andtheZorromovies from Sirius. Sirius got half of Zonkos fromJames andRemus, apainting of the Marauders in their animagus form from Lily, apair of boxerswith little snitches on them from Rose (she was just like that) and avanity set fromMeghan as an inside joke. Remus got Schindler'sList from Rose (both the movie and book)The Wee Free Men and A Hatful ofSky from Meghan, a painting of him, James, Sirius, Lily, Rose and Meghan from Lily,a potion book from Jamesand a set of movable crayons from Sirius as the last ones had woarn out when they made the maraudersmap. James got the other half of Zonkos from everyone else except for Lily, who gave him a painting of the lake andhim in his animagus form. Everyone chipped in and got Meghan a karaoke machine which they played with for a long time when they were done opening presents. Everyone laughed when James sang my humps and Sirius 'danced'. They had such a great time. Then the six of them decided to go eat some breakfast. When they got downstairs into the great hall they found it was decorated like Christmas, there was a great big tree in the corner where professor Flitwick was levitating ornaments to the very top. Snow was falling from the ceiling and then disappearing before it could touch the students' heads. Professor Sprout was wearing a Santa Claus hat and was talking cheerfully to Professor McGonagall. When most all of the students settled down and started eating, Professeur Dumbledore got up and started to make an announcement.

"Happy Christmas everyone!" he began cheerfully, "As you might have heard we are having a New Years Eve Ball on the 31st," as he said this many students began to mutter to their neighbors, "Mr. Filch would like me to remind you that any Christmas presents bought from Zonkos, or is just plainly a gag gift, will be confiscated immediately after the use, although if you have it but do not use it, he cannot take it."

"Aw man!" Sirius, and James said after hearing the last comment.

"Further more I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas." As he finished a few people applauded but the rest continued their conversations.

"Oh yes," Dumbledore got up again to finish, "For the Ball we will have ten of the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons coming and they will be staying with us for the rest of the year, please make them feel comfortable and right at home. Now I am finished." He said cheerfully and sat back down. Sirius whistled loudly.

"I love Beauxbatons!" he said.

"Hey Lily," James said "wanna go to the ball with me?"

"Yeah okay." Lily said

"You guys wanna stay together this time?" Rose said, taking a bite out of her bagel. "I mean what's your record, 3 months?"

"3 and a half thank you very much, and we have our ways of doing things, just as you have yours!" James said. Lily just shrugged and laughed.

"Geez don't wet yourself James, it was just a question." Meghan laughed. When they were all done they went outside and had a snowball fight. After that they went back inside and had some hot chocolate and Meghan went off towho knows where, and so did Rose. (A/N: Not together, this isnt a slash fic)While they were drinking and laughing an owl flew up and landed on the windowsill.

"I'll get it." Lily said as she got up and opened the window. She took the letter that was attached to its leg, gave it a Knut, and it flew off.

"Sirius it's for you. I think it's from your mother." Lily said handing him the letter, and sitting back down next to James.

"Oh boy, what'd she do for me this year?" Sirius said sarcastically as he opened the note. He read it out loud. "Beletrix sent me a nice gift, why can't you be more like her instead of hanging out with the mud-blood girls? You're a sham to the Black name." When Sirius finished, he laughed

"I love my mother!" he joked as he threw the letter into the fire.

well there's chapter 1! we'll have more up in just a few days, I guarantee it. And pleasee review, I promise it will get more exciting!