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Flashback-'Lets eat, I'm hungry' Lily said standing up.

Once they got there Meghan walked over to the Hufflepuff table and gave Adam a hug.

The next day was the day of the ball. The school was crazy, and Rose was very hyper and couldn't stop talking.

"Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what Michael is going to wear. He's so hot! QUIJ! Is that a pimple on my face! Never mind, false alarm."

Rose went on and on for about half the morning.

"SHUT UP!" Julie said. "Sorry but you have to shut up!"

"Sorry, but aren't you excited too!"

"Yeah but I'll contain that for the sake of everyone else!" They all laughed. When it was about time for the dance, the girls were in their dorms getting ready. The guys were down stairs waiting. Ten minutes later the girls were ready and walked down the stairs to the guys. Rose was wearing a spaghetti strapped navy blue dress that had crisscross ties in the back. Her hair was scrunched up in a bun. Nicki was wearing a pink dress that had one sleeve and had her hair down and straight. Julie was wearing a Black dress that had a V-neck and sparkles on it. Lily was wearing a purple dress that had a big rose in the middle of her chest. Meghan was wearing a maroon dress that had no sleeves. Nicki, Julie, and Lily hooked arms with Sirius, James, and Remus and walked out the door. Meghan and Rose followed, and met up with their dates a few moments later. When they all entered the Great Hall they found it was decorated beautifully with a big shiny ball in the far side of the room. They all guessed that it would drop at 12:00 for the New Year.

"Wanna dance Michael?" Rose asked him


Later everyone was dancing and having a good time.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom." Adam said to Meghan. "I'll be right back."

As he left, Rose came up to Meghan.

"Hey can you help us find a private room?"

"Who is us, you and Michael?"

"No me and Kevin I broke up with Michael, cuz I never really liked him and I love Kevin. Plus he kept eyeing this girl, and Kevin was dateless." Rose smiled. Meghan laughed.

"Okay. Come on." They went outside the Great Hall. Kevin and Rose were holding hands. They passed a few doors, and stopped at an empty storage room.

"Is this okay?" Meghan asked

"Perfect." Rose said and thanked her. Meghan opened the door to find Adam making out with Emma. He looked up.

"Meghan…it's not what you think."

"HOW COULD YOU?" Meghan screamed and ran away. As she did she could hear Rose swearing at him. But that did not comfort her. She started crying and kept running. Meghan passed the doors leading into the great hall and ran out side. Sirius saw her.

"Meghan?" he started to run after her. Meghan was out side and still crying. It was cold but she didn't care. She tripped and fell near a tree she stayed down but propped herself up and leaned against the bark. Sirius came up to her.

"Meghan? What happened?" he asked her he sounded concerned.

'I'm so stupid!" she said still crying. Sirius took off his jacket and wrapped it around her.

"No you're not. Why are you saying this? What happened?" She flung her arms around Sirius and he hugged her back.

"He's been cheating on me." She cried into his shirt. He said nothing, just kept hugging her. "I knew he couldn't like me why was I so stupid?"

"Come on it's cold let's go inside." Sirius said.

"No. I don't want to be with anyone else." Meghan cried. She leaned up and kissed him. Startled, Sirius made sure nobody else was out there and kissed her back.

"I-I'm sorry," Meghan said, pulling away. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"No! No it's ok! Trust me, it's ok!"


"Oh yeah!" Meghan smiled up at him and grabbed his hand.

"Woa, Adam was cheating on you?" Lily said from behind a fountain. She and James emerged holding hands.
"Yeah. With that Slytherin named Emma." Meghan said wiping her tears
"Ewwwwwww she's so ugly!" Lily said.
"Lily!" James
"Sorry James, and I am sorry Meghan," Lily said.
"Come on, let's go somewhere else," Sirius smirked and they walked off toward the castle. Lily and James headed towards the forbidden forest.
"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HER? YOU UNGRATEFUL, PUSHY, BRAGGING, IDIOT! YOU'RE HORRIBLE! HOW COULD ANYBODY WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU IF YOU'RE GOING TO TREAT THEM LIKE QUIJ?" Rose screamed as Kevin was trying hard not to laugh. Rose walked up to Adam and smacked him across the face, then kneed him in the balls. "You're horrible. I spit on you." And she walked off, Kevin following her.
James grabbed Lily and was about to kiss her

"James, what was that?" Lily asked.
"What was what?"
"That noise! Like someone whispering or cackling."
"Cackling?" They got up off the ground and James accioed his invisibility cloak to investigate. Creeping toward the noise, they saw a tall blonde man that looked like Lucius Malfoy, a greasy haired, hook nosed man that looked like Severus Snape, and another tall black haired man that looked immensely like Sirius, but much older and less hot.
"We have to act soon, Malfoy. The dark lord is getting anxious," said the Sirius replica.
"We're working on it, Black. It's not our fault that that fool Dumbledore is headmaster," Said Malfoy.
"Besides, Desdemono and I are trying our hardest to have our sons help," Said the Snape replica.
"It doesn't matter if your sons help or not, Nyoka. I'm doing just fine without my son's help seeing as he is a filthy blood traitor. We need to bring down Dumbledore so the dark lord can attack Hogwarts and recruit followers without that miserable oaf there to get in his way!" Lily turned her head and looked at James, she saw an expression she had never seen on James before. He looked worried, concerned and frightened all at the same time. He looked back at her then continued to listen in on the death eaters' conversation.

"But how are we going to do that, his powers far exceed anyone's except the dark lord, though he does struggle to keep up with Dumbledore." Nyoka said.

"DO NOT QUESTION THE DARK LORD'S POWERS!" Daray shouted at Nyoka pulling out his wand and pointing directly at him.

"Keep your voice down Daray! We wouldn't want to be heard." At this the tall blonde man looked around and peered into the forest surrounding him.

"Sorry Desdemono some people don't show their allegiance to the Dark Lord." As he said this he whipped his wand away from Nyoka's throat and put it away.

"We'd better go." James whispered to Lily very silently so she could barely hear him. She nodded her head.

"What was that?" Nyoka said in a harsh voice. "Intruders" he said this in a voice that James or Lily couldn't understand.

"Parsletongue." Lily said very quietly to herself.

"Lumos." Nyoka said and turned around, shining the light from his wand all around the forest. He began walking towards them still shinning the light all around. Lily and James held their breath.

"Come on Nyoka no one is out here." Daray said to Nyoka. Nyoka turned around and walked away from the spot Lily and James were standing, covered in the cloak. He began heading towards the other two men.

"Still, We will continue this conversation elsewhere." Desdemono said looking around as well then began speaking in Parsletongue, and walked deeper into the forest, Daray followed. Nyoka remained looking around until one of the other death eaters called out his name. Nyoka took one more look and said KNOX and ran off following the other men. There was a moment's pause between Lily and James and the darkened Forest. Then James broke it.

"Let's go tell the headmaster." He whispered this then threw the invisibility cloak off them, grabbed Lily's hand and began to run towards the castle. They ran past the tree where Sirius got off of Meghan and said;

"James, Lily? What's going on?"

"No time to talk now, come on!" James yelled stopping for a moment to let Meghan and Sirius get off the ground and follow them. They all ran into the great hall and did not see Dumbledore anywhere, so they ran to Professor McGonagall, who was chatting with Professor Sprout.

"Professor, There's something important we must tell Professor Dumbledore." James said this, out of breathe but clear to McGonagall who looked slightly puzzled. "Where is he?"

"Sorry children he was called elsewhere but a few hours ago, though if it's so important tell me and I'll send a message to him." McGonagall said.

"GONE!" Lily said "But it's very important, It's a matter of life and death." McGonagall looked at her sternly

"Life and Death?" Meghan said

"Dumbeldore's life!" James finished.

"Come to my office." McGonagall said a bit frightened. "There are too many other students around." They all followed her in a quick manner. When they got there she whipped up a few more seats and they all sat down and began telling her what had just happened.

"There were three men there. One was named Nyoka, Desdemono, and…Daray." James said.

"What were they doing in the woods?" Sirius said, his voice was filled with anger.

"Well what we heard was that they were planning an attack on the castle to…" Just then Lily stopped midway in her sentence, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." McGonagall said. Dumbledore walked in and smiled.

"Professor Sprout said I was needed." Calmly he whipped up a chair and sat down next to McGonagall.

"Yes Albus, these students claim that there were three men in the forest who planned to attack the castle. Then you walked in and we have yet to her more." McGonagall said to Dumbledore then she turned back to Lily.

"Yes…well…they said that you were to be killed so that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and the death eaters could attack the castle and recruit followers." Lily said this and there was an awkward silence until McGonagall spoke.

"Impossible, how would death eaters get onto Hogwarts grounds?" She sounded very worried, and looked at Dumbledore.

"Sirius and I saw a light coming from the forest, we thought it was just Lily and James." Meghan added to the conversation.

"Well thank you for telling us this." Dumbledore said, calmly but not regular. "We shall have the castle locked up and place extra security breaching on the castle for a few days then see what happens." As he finished, he stood up and said, "Goodnight." And left.

"Well, you'd all better go to bed it's nearly midnight." She opened the door and they all exited her office. With out saying a word they walked to the Gryffindor common room and sat down by the fire. Meghan got everyone a hot chocolate and sat down next to Sirius. When everyone was finished Lily and James headed up to bed. Sirius and Meghan remained downstairs.

"Sirius, What's wrong? You've been acting strange since the talk with Dumbledore and McGonagall, but didn't you hear him, extra security, no one will be able to break in." Meghan said as she leaned up and kissed him.

"It won't keep them out I know it." Sirius said, angry and sad at the same time.

"You don't know that for sure, if I know Dumbledore he will do anything for the students." Meghan said.

"You don't understand, nothing will stop them, they'll get in."

"How do you know this?" Meghan said

"Daray, he's my father." Sirius said angrily and stood up. Meghan remained on the couch, speechless.


"Sirius" Meghan said a few moments later finally deciding to speak. "I…I didn't know."


"Sirius I…don't know how you are feeling, but I can help." Meghan got up and sat again next to him.

"No, you can't. I don't want him to hurt you to." He said and kissed her.


"5…4…3…2…1… Happy New year!" everyone in the great hall shouted as the giant sphere in the room began to drop. Rose kissed Kevin then said.

"Let's go back upstairs I'm tired." Kevin walked her to back to the Gryffindor common room kissed her goodbye and walked back to his house. Rose walked in to see Meghan and Sirius kissing.

"I knew it!" they pulled apart and stared at Rose. "I knew you guys were made for each other." Meghan and Sirius got off the ground and stood up. Just then Lupin and Nicki walked in and Julie followed.

"Awww Meghan and Sirius sitting in a tree M-A-K-I-N-G-O-U-T!" Julie said and they all laughed.

"Sorry for ditching you Julie." Sirius said, clearly in a better mood.

"It's okay Taye Diggs is an amazing kisser and I think I managed." Julie laughed.

"Isn't he?" Rose said.

"Listen, there's something important we have to tell you." Meghan said and she began telling all of them the story glancing at Sirius every few moments to see if he was okay.

"Oh my gosh! Where are Lily and James Right now?" Nicki asked.

"Up in their dorms." Sirius said. A few moments later they all decided to go to bed. They began to walk up the stairs when Sirius pulled Meghan back down and said.

"Could you not tell anyone about my dad? Only you and James know, other than me."

"Of Course." She gave Sirius a kiss and headed upstairs to her dorm.

The next day the eight of them went downstairs for breakfast. When they got there they found it crowded with people.

"Oh yeah I forgot the Christmas holiday is over." Said James with a yawn "Sorry going to bed that late and waking up this early…"

"James, You woke up at ten. So you had nine hours of sleep, that's plenty." Lily said.

"It's not for me." Meghan said

"Thank you Meghan!" James said giving Meghan a hug. Sirius and Lily gave him a glare. "Now I can't hug anyone anymore just because they're going out with my best friend? God this day sucks!"

"At least there's no classes until tomorrow." Rose said "Otherwise I'd have to start thinking about Professor Binns and how he's gonna be up my…" Suddenly Professor Binns glided up behind them and gave a little cough. "Oh hi professor." Rose said and smiled. He glided past them. They all laughed.

"UUUUGGGG! I'm sooo tired!" Meghan said as she plopped her head down on the table. Rose looked at Sirius.

"This is a bad thing." She said quietly to him.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked shoving a pancake into his mouth and swallowing.

"Well Meghan has a pattern and it goes 'round and 'round, it goes sleeping, extra tired, tired, hyper, really hyper, EXTREMELY hyper, tired, sleeping. I've known her a long time so I know this stuff." She finished.

"Oh." Sirius said looking at Meghan who was sitting up now eating.

"Oh and I forgot, except for sleeping, during all the stages, she eats…and eats…and eats."

"You're one to talk you pig." Meghan said to Rose.

"I don't deny it."

"Well you will deny it if you shove your face so much that when you're making out with Kevin, you barf…ALL over him and in his mouth!" Meghan laughed.

"Oh I know it's disgusting!" James said everyone looked at him "Okay it's happened to me, sue me. That's why I don't date people who eat a lot."

"Well then me and you, or you and Rose can never happen. And you are dating someone who will occasionally stuff her face but occasionally is the key word." Meghan said to James. Remus was having a deep conversation with Nicki then said.

"Hey everyone…look at the teachers, they look very concerned about something. Do you think it's what happened last night?"

"Probably, but no doubt that Dumbeldore's gonna have this placed locked up tight so no worries." Lily said

"You're right. About something I know more about…Nicki, don't look now but that guy over there is starring at you." Rose said

"Is he hot?" Nicki asked. Meghan turned around and looked over to the Ravenclaw table.

"AWWW! Sean Lions has a crush on Nicki!" She said once she turned back around.

"Eh, not bad. I might have to ask him out." She said.

"Might have to?" Julie said at once. "You might have to say yes cuz he's commin' over right now!" Julie said and indeed Sean was.

A few hours later the eleven friends went outside and went skating on the lake. Sirius was so horrible he had to summon his broom and glide over the ice while sitting on it, eventually Meghan helped him. Lily and James were okay. Rose and Kevin gave up and just sat on the snow bank making out. Nicki and Sean were very good but it ended up that they had bewitched their skates to skate perfectly (Sirius later did the same.) Julie and Taye gave up as well and they too made out on the snow bank. Remus joined Meghan in helping Sirius skate. (Before they gave up and let Sirius bewitch his skates. While Sirius was showing off, Remus skated next to Meghan.

"Hey Meghan," he said quietly so no one else could hear. " Did Sirius tell you that I like Rose?"

"Well no, but, you just did, and I knew. I know these things." Meghan said as Sirius did a back flip on the ice along with Sean and Nicki.

"Oh yeah. Well I don't any more."

"OH! Spill, who do you like now?"

"Promise not to tell?"

"Yeah now hurry up and tell me."

"Okay well I like Julie."

"I KNEW IT! Oh sorry, I knew it! Good then, you should ask her out!"

"If you haven't noticed she's locking lips with Taye."

"Really? Look again." Julie was sitting by herself on the snow bank. "Go get her tiger!"

"He could've gone to the bathroom or something. You know that right?" Lupin told Meghan.

"Nah, Julie told me that they were heading down hill and that she was gonna break up with him soon, like I said I know these things!" Meghan said. "Now go get her before someone else does." Meghan watched as Remus went over to Julie. He was talking to her then she nodded. Meghan smiled then Sirius came up behind her and gave her a big hug.

"Are you meddling again?" he asked looking at Julie and Remus holding hands.

"Me, meddle? Of course not." She joked.

Over the next few days the group of friends forgot about the incident in the forest. Between classes, Homework, Quiddich and everything else they were too busy.

"I'm bored." Rose said for the fifth time while she, Lily, Remus, Julie and Nicki were sitting in the common room.

"Why don't you do your homework?" Nicki said as she scribbled something down on her homework.

"Nah, I work better when I procrastinate."

"No wonder you're about to get put in remedial History of Magic." Julie said. "You don't work."

"Yeah I do! For your information, I finished the first page of that essay we had to write in that class."

"How many pages left?" Lily asked her with out looking up from her work.

"Um, seven, but still one page is better than none." She took out a quill and paper and began to write. "See look at me I'm working on my second page!"

"Good job, want a cookie?" Julie said as she was trying to concentrate on turning a cup of water into a cup of soda without saying the spell out loud. "God, what will not speaking the spell help me with?"

"Well actually if you were to be battling with someone, the person doesn't know what your going to cast so it is more likely that they wont be able to block it." Rose said, "I totally just read that out of a book." She said as they all stared at her. She lifted up the book and showed them.

"How long does Quiddich try outs take? Meghan will help me with my bored problem." Rose said laying her head back.

'I thought you were doing your History of Magic homework." Lupin asked.

"Please I'm already bored out of my mind. I don't need History on top of it." Just then Sirius, James and Meghan walked in the common room.

"You are looking at the new Chaser on the Gryffindor Quiddich team." Meghan said proudly. Sirius and James nodded behind her.

"Oh my god that's great!" everyone said at once.

"I know right? But right now I'm going to go change and we can go grab a bite to eat for dinner."

"Good I'm starving!" Rose said. They all went downstairs to eat and when they got there the great hall was decorated with hearts all over the place. Professor Slughorn approached them as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Well hello, hello, listen with all the hustle and bustle of Valentines day tomorrow I was wondering if you" (he talked to Nicki, Meghan, Lily and Remus) "wanted to come to my party I'm having at eight tomorrow. Feel free to bring dates; after all it is Valentines Day. What say you to that?" he chuckled. Meghan looked at Sirius he kept eating.

"Sorry Professor, you know I would love to come, but Sirius and I are going to…um…do something else at that exact time." She smiled. "What a pity."

"Well I know how much you enjoy my parties so it must be important, Mr. Black what are you and Ms. Gillen actually doing?" Slughorn asked as his eyes turned away from Meghan towards Sirius.

"What? Um…well…" Sirius mumbled thinking of what to say.

"It's a surprise he doesn't want her to know yet." Julie said saving Sirius.

"Right, I see how it is, surprising your woman in hope that you will get a kiss, but you Mr. Black probably want a little more, eh." He winked at Sirius. Rose choked on her soup and Meghan tried very hard not to laugh.

"WHAT?" Sirius said

"Oh I am just kidding I know you are a responsible young man who would not think of doing such things quite yet." Nicki and Rose laughed. "Now where was I, oh yes, so what do you say to my invites?"

"We all can't" Remus said, "You know It's Valentines Day and well…we've got other plans."

"Shame, shame, ah well see you in Potions after the weekend." He walked away and they all laughed.

"Sirius oh my! How could you even think about going farther then first base? What would your mother say?" James laughed at Sirius.

"Actually, she probably wouldn't even care if I got someone pregnant, as long as they're pureblood." He looked at Meghan, "Not that I would of course." He added quickly.

"I know, you're a responsible young man." Meghan said laughing.

"Haahhhahhaha, Sirius responsible! That's a new one!" Lily laughed

"Oh and Sirius, I'm soo excited to hear your plans with Meghan for tomorrow." Julie laughed.

"Thanks for saving my ass, His parties are boring." Meghan said.

"Yeah I know." Remus agreed

Later that night; Nicki, Julie, James, Sirius and Lupin went to bed and Meghan, Rose, and Lily were up trying to finish their homework, when there was a crash out side the common room. The three girls sat up, and went to the door to see what was going on. They opened the door a crack to find four men lurking around the corridors. Lily quickly closed the door.

"One of the men was the one from the forest." She whispered. "What should we do?" Rose looked around and spotted James's cloak she threw it over them.

"We have to find Dumbledore." They crept outside and headed off to Dumbledore's office. They ran around the corner and bumped into Nyoka, Daray and two others, the cloak flew off of them. One of the men took out his wand and pointed it at Lily. Nyoka made him lower it.

"Grab them." He whispered then he pointed his wand at Rose Lily and Meghan

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