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Previously - "Why are we fighting Luke, why am I making this harder than it has to be? This isn't working, this relationship. You wanted t postpone the wedding. You wanted this"

"To postpone it, not cancel it!"

It was going to be the best day of my life
Lorelai thought, it was all planned, it was perfect, we were perfect.

"Go to your family Luke, just go" she said struggling to get the ring off her finger where it had become so content.

"You're my family" he tried

"No, no I'm not" she leaned up and gave him one last kiss on the mouth and forcing the ring into his hand, she turned and with one last look she left.

He stood there not going after her.

She got into her car, really believing it was over. She just drove. She did not even think about where she was going until she realized she had pulled up outside a bar in Hartford.

Huh, couldn't hurt she thought going inside.

Ok so drinking isn't going to solve my problems, that's just not me. But a few drinks couldn't hurt, right?

About three hours later, she sat at the bar some perverted guy was chatting her up as she blabbed out her life story. She was too drunk to even think straight, she hadn't really drank straight vodka since she was about sixteen.

Damn, I really forgot how strong it was. And now damn, whoops, slipped there, hehe, wow, man, I'm drunk, wait who's that? I know that person. Somewhere..hmm, like the song …over the rainbow tops. Oh am I singing that out loud?

"Hi, do I know you from somewhere?"

"Lor – are you drunk?"

Lor, why is he calling me Lor, Luke never calls me Lor, Luke, aw Luke.

She shot down another shot of Vodka.

Mmm, no more thinking about Luke and his family, stupid Luke arghh.

"Lor, are you listing to a word I'm saying?"

"What, Oh yea, yea I am"

Lorelai felt nothing but the throbbing of her head.

Damn, why, so bright. Arghh, hung-over. Need food. Must, m, coffee.

These were Lorelai's thoughts as she woke up the following morning.

She stumbled out of bed and made her way out of her bedroom. She could see the previous night's attire on the ground. Jeeze, what did I do last night, she thought, as she noticed a rip along her top.

She could smell breakfast downstairs.

What the? Luke is here. She thought, thrilled for a few seconds. She rushed downstairs to find coffee made.

"Luke, Luke?"

She ran into the kitchen to find none other than Christopher frying breakfast.

"Hey, handover food" he said grinning and gesturing to pancakes on the pan.

No no, I didn't, I didn't. I wouldn't have, No way. I would not have slept with him. No No way would I have. She thought fully confident that she wouldn't have.

"Chris, we didn't eh?..."

Christopher looked very confused; his expression was almost unreadable, but confused.

"You don't remember?"

"No" said Lorelai hating the vulnerability she was feeling.

"We did" he said grinning.

"You don't remember anything?"

She just shook her head, paling. Now it was definitely over with her and Luke, no way would he choose her over Anna now.

"I found you drunk at a bar, and I took you home, and things just sort of got out of control"

"You drove me home drunk?" questioned Lorelai, snapping out of her semi daze.

"I wasn't drunk" Chris defended.

"Wait, I was completely drunk and you took me home and slept with me, I don't even remember Christopher!" she yelled.

Christopher had on that unreadable expression again. Damn

"You wanted it Lorelai, you wanted it" he said firmly.

"Just get out, get out of my house right now!"

"Lor" he said gently stepping up to her. "You broke up with Luke, came to me, and we slept together, I thought, I think this could maybe be a fresh start for us?"

"I did not come to you" she said firmly. "I ran into you, and made a mistake".

A mistake I should never have made, god dam it, how could I have done this. I never I I , Lorelai thought.

"Out, now, don't call me" Lorelai said

He left silently.

He didn't take no so easily last night, Lorelai thought. Shit, wait, what?

She started to remember parts of the night before. She remembered saying no. She began sobbing into her hands as she remembered the events of the night before.

Meanwhile at the diner.

Luke sat in the almost empty diner; it was just six am on the dot so the diner hadn't really filled up yet, besides Kirk. He sat thinking about Lorelai. How she broke up with her, how he went over the night before to find an empty house. He would go over today and fix things. He was nowhere near in love with Anna. He had been shutting Lorelai out sure. But it had nothing to do with Anna. He'd just been spending so much time thinking about the situation.

What kind of Man am I, that someone wouldn't even tell me I had a daughter?

What kind of father would I be to Lorelai and my kids?

Sure with Rory and April things were going well, but I didn't know either of them before they were twelve!

I have to talk to Lorelai, as soon as breakfast is over, I'll go and fix this. He assured himself.

He looked up.

Christopher strolled up to the counter to an angry looking Luke.

"What are you doing here?" he growled.

"Eh, I'll have a large coffee to go please"

"What do you want?"

"A large coffee to"

Luke interrupted him, "why you are in stars hollow Christopher"

Christopher grinned, "You want the truth?" he paused, Luke nodded.

"I spent the night here"

Luke wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that. He poured the coffee, took for it, and as Christopher was leaving he gathered the courage to ask.

"Where'd you spend the night?"

Christopher looked around, "At Lorelai's" he said as he headed out the door.

Luke's face fell and his body went numb.

"Kirk, how'd you like to do me a favor?"

He pulled up outside Lorelai's and as he went in he found the door unlocked. He went in; Lorelai was sitting at the table obviously hung-over.

She had spent the last half hour remembering every painful detail from the night before.

"Did you have sex with Christopher?" he was clear blunt and to the point.

Lorelai looked up at Luke, relieved to see his face.

Safe, she thought.

She stood up.

Luke repeated his question more firmly.

Lorelai just said "Luke, I , I. Yes I did but"

"No buts Lorelai, no buts."

"Luke please I"

"Nothing you can say can fix this" Luke said quickly

"Let me try, just listen, I didn't mean to"

Luke cut her off, "well you did".

He went to leave but was blocked by Christopher who had just entered the room. Luke looked like he wanted to punch him, but quickly changed his mind.

Lorelai paled and she sat down and shut up.

"You broke up Luke, what you are doing here, she's with me now. We slept together you know?"

As much as Luke wanted to just leave, he couldn't. "She was drunk" he tried to defend.

Christopher grinned; "A drunk mans words, are a sober mans thoughts" he quoted.

Luke could not really argue with this, if she wanted to sleep with him, drunk or not, she still did. He looked like he was going to leave when Christopher interrupted.

"She wanted it, she wanted it" he insisted firmly.

Lorelai who had remained quiet throughout the ordeal finally spoke up.

"No I didn't" she said speaking to Christopher.

"I said no, I said no" she said, as tears streamed down her face.

Luke looked livid. Christopher looked shocked; he thought she couldn't remember anything.

"You bastard" Luke said as he rushed toward Lorelai to console her.

Christopher went to leave, looking ashamed of himself.

But before he knew it Luke's arms were on his back and he was being shoved outside.

"You bastard" He turned Christopher to face him.

"I'm sorry" he choked out his face pale. He hadn't meant to take advantage, he kept telling himself, that she wanted it.

He felt Luke's fist connect with his jaw. He fell to the ground right off the porch.

Luke leaned down to Christopher. "I'll deal with you later; right now I'm going to help Lorelai. But believe me; you are going to pay for this." He grabbed the weaker man by the throat and leaned even closer.

"You matter where you go, or what you do, I will find you, so don't even try to run from me"

Like had never been angrier in his entire life. He let go of Christopher's neck and he crumbed to the ground.

Luke quickly upped the steps and hurried in to console the shattered woman he'd just again broken.

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