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Lily and Jimmy

"Lily! Hey, Lily! I wanted to give you your going away present!" A small raven haired boy called as he ran down the street clutching his over-sized glasses to his face. It was about four o'clock in the morning and only one family was up.

In front of a large white house where two trucks being loaded to capacity by men dressed in grey overalls. On the side of the truck you could read Mit's Movin' Service. But neither the boy nor the girl cared so neither shall we. Inside the house the movers came and went taking boxes full of knick knacks and books, clocks and movies. The furniture had all been moved out the other day, and the house seemed quite sad without it all. In the kitchen, along with the only two chairs left in the entire house, sat Lily's parents. One weeping because she was leaving the only house she had even known and the other because he could not help it. In the living room, obvious to what was happening just down the hall, sat a petite fire-haired girl drawing circles on a large piece of paper. Suddenly she heard him call and ran under a pair of movers carrying her mother's best china and out the door.

"Jimmy! I thought we might hafta leave without getting to say goodbye! I'm so happy you came!" An eight year old Lily replied. "You got me a present? Where is it?" she asked expectantly, looking around.

"Come on, I'll show ya!" he called as he ran off into the woods behind her house.

'Where are we going, Jimmy?" Lily yelled out breathlessly. She was out of shape from being cooped up in the now empty house, packing away her belongings.

"Right here!" he shouted back just as Lily landed on top of him.

"Oh, okay then, as long as it isn't far."She paused, "Where are we?" They were standing in a small clearing in the forest. Being that it was only four in the morning she could not make out much except for a large tree with a rope ladder hanging out of it.

"This, dearest Lily, is my secret hideout. No girl has ever been allowed here, and no girl, after you of course, ever will. Come on up. Don't worry, it's safe!" After he said this he climbed up the ladder and out of sight.

"Jimmy, come back! I'm afraid of heights! Come down!" Lily called up after him.

"Have I ever led you somewhere where I couldn't save you? Have I ever lied to you? Come up, it's beautiful up here!"

"Fine," she replied as she started up the ladder. It was a long way up and it was a while until she reached a wooden platform. As she crawled on top of it she let out a small gasp, all around her were the brightest stars she had ever seen. "Jimmy, you're right, it is beautiful. Thank you."

"Hey, this isn't your present," he said with a wide sweep of his arm, "it"s just where I keep it." With that he reached over and grabbed a tiny crumpled box from between one of the boards

"Oh, my goodness, Jimmy. It's so beautiful."Lilywhispered as she held up a silver locket to the starlight. "I don't know how I can ever thank you for this."

"There are no thanks needed, dear Lily,all I hope is that youwear itat all times, sothat, in the event thatI can no longer recall your face I might at least remeber that locket, and know I am still close to you,"he told her.

They sat together and watched the sky fade from the deepest of violets to a ever lightening navy. The stars twinkled and winked at thembut soon faded and disapeeared into the morning sky.

"Can you believe how magaical the sky is this morning," sheasked him.

"Ah, dear Lily, you don't know how magical it was. But come, you'll be leaving soon and you don't want your parents to worry," he stated as he climbed down the ladder.

The two children were quiet as they left the clearing and reentered the lightening woods, but it didn't last long.

"Hey, Lily, do you think we'll ever see each other again?"

"I don't know, Jimmy, I suppose so. I'll miss you a ton, Jimmy. I don't know how I'll ever live in Spain."

"Ah, Lily, you'll be fine. You'll make tons of friends, and you get to go to a new country and everything!" he said with a small smile, yet the smile did not reach his words. "But you've gotta promise me one thing. Will you promise me that you'll never forget me. Ever?"

"Of course, Jimmy. Always. I could never forget a troublemaker like you." And she clutchedthe locketto herself and stepped out of the woods into her backyard. She turned around, "They'll be leaving now. I gotta go. Good bye, Jimmy. I-" and here Lily paused, "Good bye!" She stepped back into the woods, gave him a hug, her tear stained cheeks brushing his, and ran off.

"Good bye,dearest Lily," he said to no one in particular as he turned and headed back to his house up the road.

And so Lily Evans, her parents, and her older sister moved to Spain.Three years later Lily received a letter flown in by a large tawny owl that told her she had been accepted into Escuela de Señora Ana de la Brujería, the most prestigious girl's school for witchcraft in all of Europe.

And as her childhood friend had told her, she met tons of new people, had lots of friends and was the smartest witch in her class, if not the whole school. And as she had promised she never forgot about him, nor he her. Each night they would both sit in their beds and wonder if they would ever see each other again. But with the rising of the one who called himself the Dark Lord came new troubles. In the summer before Lily was supposed to start her fifth year of school her parents were brutally killed in their home. The dark mark told Lily who had done it. Lily and her sister packed up their belongings and headed back to England. Petunia moved into a small flat in the heart of London and Lily contacted a wizard her old head mistress had told her about.

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