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A chill wind coiled around the upper floors of the hospital, which swayed against the assault and groaned in straining protest. The building had been condemned recently, and was just now being prepared for demolition. As if in reply to the battling frequencies of steel and wind and piercing wail split the air and ripped through the shattered windows. For this is where Nodoka Saotome lost her only child.

She was the last customer this hospital would ever see, and the first still-birth that had ever crossed its doors. The doctors wouldn't approach her as she sobbed, fear of her legendary swordsmanship skills kept them at bay. Even as she extracted a promise to be buried under this heap she cradled her baby. All the tests said he was in excellent health, and would grow up to be a fine young man, except he came out dead. She looked up sharply, having not moved from the room for nearly a day, as the sound of her doom, and her release, came crashing down on her. With the simple flick of a switch the building started to fall, starting with the basement and roof simultaneously.

As the floor beneath her gave way she cried out to the heavens "Oh please, don't let it end like this!"… And for a moment nothing happened, but then time around Nodoka seemed to slow, the very fabric of reality warping around her in a glowing aura that stopped her descent, and gently forced away any rubble she thought was sure to crush her. As she slipped into the arms of sweet unconsciousness the building fell around her, the glowing shield that had saved her depositing her safe, and unnoticed, amongst the rubble and then dissipating.


Nodoka awoke to the sounds of heavy machinery being operated, and searched her memories for what had happened to her last night. Just as her sorrow grew to a head there was a blinding flash of light and out from it stepped a huge white dog, fur so long and thick that it appeared sightless to her, even as it lay a cloth wrapped bundle and disappeared the same way it came. The attention from the workers that this scene had caused sent them rushing to her side. She tentatively picked up the now squirming bundle and crept out of the wreckage before she was noticed. She hid in an alleyway nearby and slowly lifted the top of the swaddling clothes to reveal the smiling face of a near perfect duplicate of her deceased son. She blanched as she noticed his less than human ears and fangs, but quickly put them out of mind in favor of nursing this obviously hungry gift from the heavens.

(Segue, SEGUE!)

Cid blanched as a familiar figure strode into his shop, looking for all the world like she hadn't just been crushed to death. He nearly passed out as he saw the baby in her arms, writhing and squirming just like a live baby should. He then went through the routine of slapping, pinching, and doing varied amounts of harm to himself, obviously trying to wake up. She merely laughed, hugging her long time friend and ignoring his act, one she'd seen many times today.

"Don't despair my friend, you aren't dreaming, and I'm not a ghost, I've survived my own foolishness." Nodoka Saotome laughed like he'd never heard before, a sweet tinkling sound of pure joy and merriment.

"By the gods Nodoka it really is you, I thought we had lost you in the explosion, how…?" he left the question open, and she quickly picked up on it.

"The same way my child is here before you, I was saved, given a second chance by our wondrous kami." And again she laughed.

Cid's eyes leapt to the baby, and widened in disbelief as the child stared back, giggling and reaching for him. He quickly started into a quick prayer of protection as he saw the babe's unusual features. Nodoka burst into action, and Cid found himself hurled against the wall with the point of the sword-mistress's blade held just under his jaw.

Still smiling serenely she intoned "Now Cid, my good, good, friend wouldn't do anything rash before hearing the whole story now would he?" and didn't even wait for his reply before launching into said story, "I know not what saved me, but when I awoke from my brief fainting spell, its messenger appeared. A large, blindingly white, dog that, while benign, seemed strangely dark to my eyes, it dropped my baby here and I will take care of it, my second chance at motherhood will not go to waste." Her tone brooked no argument, Cid knew that she was getting to the part where he'd have to help, while they were friends in a casual sense Nodoka wouldn't come to him first under these circumstances without just cause.

So he simply sighed, put on a strained smile and said in his most calming tone, the one reserved for when his neck was on the line, "How can I help?"

She seemed pleased with this, more that he caught on so quickly than that he complied, she knew he would comply after all, "Why I'm glad you asked, you can see that my child has some, well, irregularities in the way he will be seen, and I was wondering if you could fix it so he could lead a more normal life."

Cid once again let out a pained sigh; this would leave the areas reserves low for weeks, even if he channeled it properly. "Very well, lay him on the table there and I'll prepare my things." And with that he went into the back, swiftly returning with an armload of esoteric looking artifacts and bobbles, setting them on the floor and then placing them in seemingly random patterns around the boy, who had slept through the entire altercation. When the last touched the surface he jumped away and a brilliant flash lit the room. In its wake the lights dimmed and a few of the crystals nearest the babe shattered, shards disintegrating in midair. When the overhead lamp flickered back to life a normal, healthy, and very awake baby boy lay crying in the center of the table.

"Oh Cid he's beautiful, how ever can I repay you?" Nodoka scooped him up and did a quick jig across the shop floor.

Looking for an escape, Cid pointed wildly at the table, "Look! What's that?" then did a double take as he actually found something odd about the scene. Poking out of the child's discarded swaddling clothes was a yellowed, crumbling note that was held together by enough magic to light his house for a month.

Cid scooped it up, taking care to read it before he drained all of that delicious spiritual energy, and nearly gasped as his eyes skimmed across the signature and the spell previously holding it together ignited, tearing the paper to shreds, and bathing them in unholy green fire before it touched the ground. Not even Cid, one of the last holders of mystic knowledge in the eastern hemisphere could reform that note from the ashes it now was. "Gods be damned, sinner's bane has been loosed." He murmured under his breath.

"What did it say?" Nodoka had a hint of actual fear in her voice.

"Your son was the reincarnation of the son of a powerful demon, but in order to save his son, the demon had its brother, Sesshomaru the wicked, send it forward in time to our era. The demon reclaimed its soul halfway to our time, thus killing your offspring in the womb. As recompense, Sesshomaru asks you to accept his brother, to take care of as if it were your own, for in reality it is." Cid ran through the old knowledge again and again, it seemed like there was nothing to do but pray. "The blood of a demon flows through a human heart tonight."

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