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Jason, a blond haired glasses wearing ten-year-old boy, was sitting on the couch, playing his favorite video game, Kingdom Twilight Princess II. Almost beating the next level, he was interrupted by his mother turning off the television.

"Hey! I was almost done!" Jason said.

"Jason we need to talk," Andy, Jason's mom said. She sat next to her son.

Andy said, "Jason, ever since summer vacation started, you've been playing video games,"

"Video game. 0It's a new game! I have to beat it!" Jason responded.

"You've been playing for half a month," Andy said.

"Well, I wouldn't want to do it in a rush."

"Your father and I have talked it over, and we decided to enroll you in a sport."

Jason immediately shunned the idea.

"WHHHHAAAATTTT!" He screamed. "But I hate sports!"

"Sports are good for you," Andy said. "They teach you teamwork."

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH…" Jason screamed.

"They get your body moving…" she continued.

"…HHHHHHHHHAAAAA…" Jason screamed.

" They teach you to breathe," Andy said monotone, rolling her eyes.

Jason ran out of breath and started to wheeze.

The next Saturday, Jason was out on the field. His parents signed him up for soccer. Jasonwalked down the sideline and went to a menacing, surly man. He was his coach.

"Lessee… Fawna, Figgy, ah, Fox. Here you are kid. Jason, right?" the coach eyed him over. "Okay, on the field. Lessee what you can do."

"OUT THERE?" Jason pointed toward the field. "It's total anarchy!"

The coach ignored him, and Jason called him an evil he-beast under his breath. Out on the field, Jason met his friend, Marcus, trying to make heads or tails of a soccer ball. Marcus Jones was in love with video games and sci-fi movies as much as Jason. Jason's mom told Marcus' mom about signing up for soccer, and she thought it was great idea.

"Marcus! It's great to see you here!" Jason said.

"Same here. I guess this soccer thing won't be so bad," Marcus replied.

"HEADS UP!" someone shouted.

A soccer ball crashed into Jason's face, plowing him into the ground.

"Okay, now we canofically hateit," Marcus said.

"Geez, is it too hard to say avert your head, there's a big spherical object flying toward your face?" a dazed Jason asked nobody in particular.

Soon the game started. Jason and Marcus were defenders, standing near the goal. Jason and Marcus were on the blue team. In this practice game, they were playing the red team. Fans and parents alike were cheering for their son's and daughters. As the ball was coming toward the goal, the coach screamed, "GET YOR HEAD IN THE GAME GUYS!"

Jason and Marcus answered, "Weplay math problems! Not silly games!"

The ball rolled up to Jason.

"What do I do now?" he asked Marcus.

"I dunno…pick it up?"

Jason picked the ball up. With his hands. The coach slapped his head.

"Err…am I missing something?" Jason said out loud.

Many spectators and parents of other children yelled at him.

"Thanks a lot, Mr. Get-Me-Shunned," he said to Marcus.

"Hey, I said I was sorry, okay?" Marcus said.

End of Part One