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The zephyr blew Alexis's hair through her open window, showing the moonlit night. She was sitting down in front of her mirror with an elegant border. The frame was a sea blue type color, and the mirror always seemed to shine in this one spot, near the top, whether it was day or night.

Alexis wasn't wearing her normal outfit, no, she was actually in black jeans, a turquoise shirt with a zipper, and the zipper was zipped halfway to show a black shirt underneath it. A knock was heard at her balcony window, and she went to open to find Jaden without his red blazer, showing his jeans and black t-shirt.

"Hey Lex!" Alexis's eyes were wide open as Jaden came into her room.

"Jaden! Have you lost your mind? You can't come in here!" She exclaimed, locking her door so no one would come in unexpected.

"Yea I know. But I want to duel you!" he said, jumping onto the bed and lying down on it, while folding his legs.

"That's nice, but if you get expelled, you'll never duel again! Now, besides wanting to duel me, why did you come here?"

"Well… You see…" Jaden had so much hope in his eyes, "I just felt like it!" and then he dropped the bomb and tore Alexis's heart.

Not that she liked Jaden, or anything.

Alexis smacked her forehead and sighed. Was she really hoping Jaden would say something so sincere, her confused heart would find the answer?

"Jaden… you can be such an idiot at times…" she mumbled.

"What was that Lex?"

"Nothing." She said quickly. She looked around the room; expect something amazing to occur so the situation would become less awkward.

As if on cue, her mirror shone brighter than ever before.

"Alexis! What's happening?" Jaden shouting, wishing his eyes could take the brightness that surrounded the room.

"I don't know!" Just then, the mirror stopped shining, and everything returned to normal.

Jaden just blinked. "O-Kay then!"

'That was weird. Is there something wrong with my mirror?' she thought. 'It can't be. It was given as a gift from my family…'

"Hellooo? Alexis? Are you there?" Jaden was asking.

Alexis stopped thinking, and saw Jaden in front of her.

"Ah!" she jumped back from the shock.

"Ha ha." Jaden said.

"Oh yea, make fun of my predicament. You shouldn't have done that you know!" Alexis said angrily. She crossed her arms and turned to her side.

"Oh, I'm sorry did I scare you?" Jaden said, imitating Alexis.

"Of course not."

"Oh sure! I believe you! That's why you jumped back in fright!" Jaden mimicked her previous act.

Alexis blushed. "I was surprised, that's all."

"Yea, sure, and when I told Syrus about my eyes taking breaks, I was serious." Jaden replied, not sure of what he was saying.

"So you were lying." She smirked, and walked over to inspect her mirror for its previous actions.

"Uh… yea about that…" he said blushing, as he followed her to the mirror. Alexis touched the mirror where it glistened the most.

"Alexis? What are you doing?"

"This mirror… there's something strange about it." Alexis confessed. This had been bothering her too much.

"Really? What makes you think that?"

"It always shines in this one place, whether there's light in the room or if it's pitch black."

It dawned upon Jaden. "This is where you think that bright light came from, isn't it?" Alexis nodded.


Outside, the moon reached in a straight angle, direct with the mirror held in Alexis's bedroom. The light shone once more, and Jaden and Alexis were blinded by its luminosity.

Alexis felt her hand, which was on the mirror's special spot, fall in. She screamed, and immediately, Jaden grabbed her hand, and tried to pull her out. But she fell in, and so did Jaden.

They landed in a thump on the floor, Alexis on top of Jaden, with Jaden unconscious from the hit on his head. Their hands were intertwined with one another, and Jaden's arms were around Alexis's back. Alexis's eyes fluttered open, and she took in her surroundings.

Everything was the same, but… different. Like everything in her room was switched. Her dresser was on the left, instead of the right. She looked back, and the mirror was now wavy like. The glass was a portal, to a diverse world.

"What in the world?" she asked to herself. At the moment, Jaden woke up, and immediately blushed at the… position he and Alexis were in. Of course, she was busy looking back, so he decided to try and…

"BOO!" he shouted.

"Ah!" Alexis said. "Jaden!" she whined. Seriously, it got annoying.

"Where the heck are we?" he asked. He helped Alexis get off, who was blushing furiously, but turned her back on him so he couldn't see.

"I don't know. It's like we're in…" she touched the mirror, but quickly brought it back, for it had shocked her. "My mirror?"

She looked at Jaden with fearful eyes, and Jaden realized that now, she was truly afraid.

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