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Alexis gulped. She had that feeling in her stomach; her conscience nagging her, intent on telling her that something tragic was to happen. She had the same feeling before Colorus came into view, or before Jaden… Before the demon inside Jaden kissed her roughly. Alexis bit her lip softly, her heart torn every time she closed her eyes, for she witnessed the previous scene over and over in her head.

The agony that came with it was too painful. She must've committed some evil sin, to gain a excruciating punishment like this one.

A lone tear slid down her weathered cheeks, the taste of salt now residing in her mouth. She barely let out a sniffle, one that was not heard by the cause of her troubles, the male standing before her. She stared at him with hazel eyes, trying to bore through his mind, wishing to find out what demon was causing him to act so… indifferent.

Realizing that she was becoming the slower of the two of them, she wiped any evidence of teardrops as she sprinted towards Jaden Yuki.

Silently staring at from the corner of his eye, she tried ignoring the gray walls that surrounded them like mice, bent on crushing them limb from limb, soul from body.

"Alexis?" She snapped out of her reverie, only to find Jaden staring at her intently, his face in line, yet his chocolate eyes screaming concern proved to her that Jaden was still there…

Only to be taken away from him later on.

"Alexis?" He repeated. He found it a bit odd that she was staring at him, with that glazed look in her eyes. "Why are you staring at me?" He asked quietly, not trying to let her stay quiet like she was a few moments ago.

Although, he found himself confused, mainly because he liked the silence that was emitted from the two of them, when normally, he would be the one breaking the silence with a stupid saying, just to get someone to laugh.

Finding a new gate, the two Duel Academy students stared up at the golden door, the only source of light that broke the darkness behind them.

"Open." Jaden looked at her in surprise. That was the first word she said in the last hour that they were forced to walk through the confusing labyrinth.

He was worried for her greatly.

The golden door with its bronze hinges and unseen doorknob opened silently, leaving a creaking sound for it hasn't been open in centuries.

"Come on Jaden." Alexis's voice was merely a whisper, fading through the darkness that roamed around them.

"Alexis… what's wrong?" he asked, their voices were hush whispers, unheard to anyone but themselves.

She turned to face him, their faces only inches apart. She could feel his breath dawning on her, and suddenly was thankful for the darkness for covering her blush. She looked down in embarrassment, wanting to smack herself for acting like a childish fan girl. "…Nothing. She said silently, and turned around quickly.

She didn't know if she should have found it annoying and galling or beautiful and wonderful when he grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her closer to himself, their noses barely brushing against one another. He paid no attention to this though, instead stared into her eyes as she stared into his chocolate ones.

"Alexis." He whispered. "Don't give me that crap, and tell me what the Hell is going on."

Alexis was positive Jaden never cursed, let along use two curses in the same sentence.


"It's not important J…" Alexis stated, but was cut off by Jaden.

"Do you take me for an idiot?"


"Of course not Jaden." Alexis said, trying to sympathize with him, as well as keep her legs from turning into pounds of jelly.

"Alexis…" his voice gradually grew softer. "Don't lie to me."

He brought his face closer to hers, "After all our experiences Lex… I don't know why I have this feeling. I'm not sure if it's attraction… or lust, but… I know that you mean a lot to me… but more than a friend." And with that, he placed his lips over hers softly, caressing her lips with his own and she complied and leaned into him, kissing him gently as well.

But their moment of bliss was torn apart when the ground beneath them started shaking. Alexis broke apart, cursing the Gods for this torment to her, and moved Jaden from the spot that just broke free, leading to an unknown fall.

"The gateway's closing! Our time must be up!" Alexis said in worry. Jaden went wide-eyed, for he understood what would happen to Alexis if the "evil" weren't defeated.

The two of them ran towards the shining glass that seemed to appear everywhere, for the gateway was close to shutting forever.

Alexis and Jaden ran, large boulders ready to smash them to pieces came crashing down from the unforeseen ceiling above them.

It took a while, but soon, with cuts and bruises, they met up with the glass hallway, their ticket out.

Fate wasn't on their side before, and it wasn't on their side now.

"Where do you think you're going?" The two students looked behind them, only to find the dark mists of the Shakir, an evil grin somewhere hidden in there.

Coming at them with an intense speed, Jaden moved Alexis out of the way while pushing her through the gateway.

Although she was on the other side, and although she could barely make out Jaden's figure, she spoke to him, a tear falling down her face as she witnessed the Shakir attack Jaden, his blood staining her mirror. She banged on the surface, knowing that now that she was out, she could not get back in.

"Jaden!" She screamed, it was a miracle that no one heard her. But she bigger problems to worry about, like getting Jaden out of that mirror.

"Alexis!" He screamed. "I have to defeat the evil! Who knows what's going to happen to you if we don't! I love you Alexis!"

Fighting off a monster, he knew their time was running short; only a minute until the gateway opened, and two minutes before it closed. In an effort to keep Alexis safe, he sacrificed his life for her own as he pushed Alexis into the ripples of the gateway. Alexis banged the gateway's harsh glass walls, as she cried out for the boy she fell in love with, the one who was now stuck inside the alternate world, with the gateway shut for all eternity. Their time was up.


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