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Fate is making its move—bringing two people together, confused by unexpected love. Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke, stuck in their world of charade, experiences the turning point of their lives. Full sum inside. SasuSaku Chap1 REVISED!

Uchiha and Haruno Corporation invested a big amount of money to be able to become the richest Corporations in the world. But in order to do that and to seal the contract, both families have an agreement to have their youngest daughter/son to marry one another. And it just happened that the chosen ones are the beautiful rosette haired girl, Haruno Sakura and the charismatic and good-looking Uchiha Sasuke. It's too bad they don't want to marry each other. And because of that, both youngsters decided to find a loop-hole that will make the agreement disappear. Moreover, for the mean time, they will act as if they're the most perfect couple on earth in front of their cruel parents. On the contrary, will this couple overcome the obstacles in their world full of charade… especially if they fall in love?

Be Without You
Chapter 1

Sometimes, we just wake up not knowing we just got ourselves into something we cannot imagine…

The sun glows, emitting the luminous light that seems to brighten the surroundings. The chirping of birds danced in the busy streets of Akihabara combined with the chit-chatting voices of the people's conversation; emits a complete gibberish.

"Sakura dear," Mrs. Haruno called, shaking her daughter's body and wishing that her action will wake the sleeping beauty up. "Wake up and get ready." She continued.

Sakura stirred, "I believe school doesn't start till Monday, mom. Let me sleep and go away." A Saturday morning ruining her mood is the last thing she'd ever ask for. On the other hand, a peaceful day in bed is all she wants, nothing more and nothing less.

"Tonight, there will be an important business meeting that will take place. And lady, this requires," Mrs. Haruno walked toward the exit before saying, "You."

"Mom, have you forgotten that anything that is business-y does not intrigue me at all?!" The pink haired sat up and continued, "I am not planning to be a business woman nor be in business management when I finish my studies. I'm only in high school and god-forsaken, I am only a seventeen year-old teenager who has a life." She explained thoroughly.

Mrs. Haruno stood against the door frame and sighed. "You talk too much. All your dad and I ask for is for you to be there. You don't have to do anything against your will." "This is against my will." Sakura mumbled as her mom continued, "In addition, it is not the kind of business you think it is." Mrs. Haruno crossed her arms.

"Think of it as a, family business. Yeah, definitely a family business." Sakura was left in her room in complete confusion as she watched the retrieving back of her mother.

"Fine." She mumbled, getting up from her sitting position. She decided it will be best if she takes a shower now or she'll get lazy later. So, the rosette haired girl entered the bathroom in a matter of seconds.

After about thirty minutes, the pink-haired teen got out of the shower and got dressed. She looked at her full-length mirror, clad in a pink spaghetti top and a black mini skirt that reaches just about an inch from her knees and her black stilettos. Smiling at her simple fashion sense, she decided it's time she go downstairs and question her parents about the meeting that will take place, tonight.

"As always, you look ravishing, my dear." Mrs. Haruno commented as she stared at her daughter from head to toe.

"I know, I know." Sakura plainly replied, for she got used to her mother always commenting her a little bit beyond expectations.

"Sakura dear, come here and eat with us." Mr. Haruno said, gentlemanly pulling the chair beside him. Sakura smiled at her dad's action and greeted him, "G'morning, dad." Mr. Haruno nodded and returned the smiled she just gave. Sakura sat on the chair offered to her and started eating the breakfast served by their most trusted maid, Amy. The pink-haired then nodded to Amy and gave her, her gratitude before dismissing her.

"So mom, what is the meeting about?" She asked.

"It's not that intriguing." Mrs. Haruno smiled as she responded to her daughter.

Sakura raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean it's not that intriguing?! Don't tell me you woke me up just to infuriate me?! Mooom!!" She whined.

"I won't tell you until we get there." Was the only thing her mom said before exiting the kitchen.

"Fine. Be that way."

"Sakura dear, do us a favor and buy a dress for this evening." Mr. Haruno said, standing up from his chair. "Remember, the meeting is at six. Prepare yourself and be as best as you can be." Her dad added. Talk about demanding. She thought.

"Yeah, yeah!"

After eating her breakfast, the rosette haired went to the living room where a sixty-five inches plasma television is located and flopped herself down the red sofa, grabbing the television remote. Flipping channels to channels, trying to find a decent show to watch, Sakura sighed in annoyance. What the hell is wrong with this television?! There's nothing good to watch! She thought, still flipping the channels.

After a couple of more minutes, she finally found a channel that—she thought might—entertain her. It was the Discovery channel. I already know that Anacondas can be found in the Amazon River. I already know that the Mount Everest is the biggest mountain of all. And of course, I do know that Uchiha Corp is the richest corporation in business world! Can they discover something totally different?! Sakura irritatedly thought.


Is there something I could do that won't bore me? The pink-haired thought, as she turned the television off. Maybe a little sleep will do. And she fell as sleep… on the couch.

She stirred and fell from the couch with a "thud". Oww… my thigh. Sakura thought as she held her right aching thigh. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes until she's fully awake. "What time is it?" She asked herself. Sakura looked up at the wall-clock and her eyes widened in shock.


"Oh my god!" She stood up. "I don't have much time left." And ran she ran to her bedroom and searched for her TNA purse.

"Mike," She said at the intercom screwed on her bedroom wall. "Yes ma'am?" A deep voice answered.

"I need you to drop me at the mall. SSC." The pink-haired retorted in panic.

"Yes, ma'am. I'll be waiting at the front door for you." Mike replied.

Running down the stairs, Sakura hurriedly entered the limousine waiting for her as fast as possible. "Thanks Mike." She said to the driver. Mike smiled at his seniorita using the rear mirror of the car.

After about five minutes, they arrived at Shibuya Shopping Centre. Sakura got out of the car and thanked Mike again. "No problem, ma'am." He replied.

"You're cool, Mike. You're cool." Sakura waved goodbye, entering the mall.

Looking around for a good boutique, Sakura continued walking around until she found a new shop that just opened. Checking it out might be a good choice, for she is really interested at what goods they might sell. "Zaphira™" She read. Wow! Talk about elegant. She thought, looking around the amusing boutique. The shop was surrounded by many mannequins, each wearing designer's dress. They 'prolly earn millions and millions of money just selling these perfectly designed dresses. Sakura thought, feeling the texture of the dresses hanged on the rack near the dressing rooms.

Searching through each and every rack in the shop, she finally found a dress that will fit her perfectly—a simple red dress that reaches up her knees. Sakura then talked to one of the sales ladies and asked for a fitting room. Even the fitting room looked elegant. Amazing... Inside the fitting room was a wall made up of mirror. No matter what angle you look at, you'll see only yourself. Trying to waste no more time, Sakura tried the dress on, finding a stunning lady reflecting on the mirror. Wow, just wow. I never thought that a dress like this could turn me into something—someone I could not possibly imagine. She smiled.

"I'll take this one." Sakura said to the cashier, laying the dress on the counter.

Watching the lady wrap the chosen dress, Sakura looked at the time.


Oh no! I wasted so much time. I still need to do a lot of things. She thought. "That would be ¥ 400,089.00 miss." Snapping the pink hair out of her reverie, she took out her platinum card out of her wallet and handed it to the cashier. After getting her card back, Sakura immediately searched for her cell phone and called Mike.

"Yes, ma'am?" The "cool" guy asked.

"Mike, I need a ride home. Fast!" Sakura said, running to the front exit.

"I will be there in a second ma'am." And the line went dead.

"Finally, home at last." Sakura sighed as she flopped down her pink soft bed.

It seems as if the sun is getting sucked by the darkness as the sky turns into a bluish grey color. It was already quarter to six and Sakura is completely prepared for the upcoming event. The pink-haired went down the stairs and showed her parents what she was made of. With the red dress flowing down her body, Sakura twirled around and gave her parents her big bright smile.

"You look lovely, my dear." Her father commented.

"Thank you." She said to her dad, turning to face her mom. "What do you think?" She asked.

"Words can't explain." Her mother smiled and gave her a bone-crushing hug. Sakura smiled. Talk about comments beyond expectations. She thought but shrugged it anyway.

"Well, shall we get going, ladies?" Mr. Haruno asked, waiting at the front door for the two. Mrs. Haruno must have not heard because she has never moved from her spot at all. On the other hand, Sakura was struggling to get out of her mom's hold. "I'm so proud of you, Sakura. You've grown into a beautiful woman. I'm one hundred percent sure they will love you." Mrs. Haruno blabbered.

"I get it, I get it. Now, will you let go?" Sakura said, pushing her mom off her.

"Fine. Let's get going."

It's amazing what wealthy people could buy. Sakura stood in front of the mansion of the Uchihas, having her eyes scan the building. Another square kilometers and the mansion will turn into a palace—what held them back to add a square?

As the Haruno family stood at the front door of the mansion, Sakura tapped her front heels on the ground, waiting for the door to finally open. "Mom, why are we in the Uchiha residence?" The pink-haired asked.

The door finally opened, welcoming the Haruno family. Deciding to ignore the pink-haired's question, Mrs. Haruno went in the house dragging her one and only loving husband. "Mooom, you didn't answer my question." Sakura whined, strolling inside the mansion.

"Buona sera, Asako, Gousuke." A tall sophisticated looking woman greeted.

"Buona sera, Mikoto, Fugaku" Mrs. Haruno greeted back. I'm guessing they're Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha. Sakura thought.

The pink haired looked around. There clad in black tuxedos, were the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha, the famous Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi. She had seen both of them in magazines, commercials and billboards around the country and yet, she had never imagine that she will see them face to face, well as for Itachi anyway. She has never truly seen the older brother in real life until now. As for the latter, Sasuke Uchiha had been her schoolmate for few consecutive years. In addition, Uchiha Sasuke is the former crush of Haruno Sakura.

Snapping the rosette girl out of her reverie, Mrs. Haruno, introduced her only daughter to the Uchiha family. "Mikoto, Fugaku, this is my daughter, Haruno Sakura."

"What a lovely lady." Mikoto commented. She walked near Sakura and gave her a hug. "Come siete, giovane signora?" Mrs. Uchiha asked. Sakura smiled and said, "I'm good. How are you, Mrs. Uchiha?"

Mrs. Uchiha smiled in return. She looked at her husband before turning back to her. "Dear, you can very well understand Spanish. I'm impressed." Sakura just smiled again before giving the woman her gratitude.

"This is annoying. May I leave now?" A husky voice from behind secreted, catching the attention of the pink haired teenager.

"Son, watch your dire etiquette." Fugaku said as he offered Sakura's dad a shot of tequila. Mr. Haruno accepted the drink before turning his attention to the ill-manned Sasuke.

"Mom, what are we doing here again?" Entered Sakura's voice, catching away the attention from Sasuke.

Uchiha Itachi smirked, "My, youngsters yearns for attention these days."

Sasuke glared at his older brother. On the contrary, Sakura only gave him an irritated look.

"Shut your mouth, Itachi." The little Uchiha said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Heh, little bro—"

"Now, now boys, it's not the time to have a dog fight. Show some respect to our lovely visitors." Mikoto interrupted.

"Whatever. Let's just get this over with." Sasuke said. "Why is she here anyway?" The raven-haired boy looked at the pink-haired girl.

Sakura's blood suddenly started to boil. Hearing the rude tone the little Uchiha just emitted didn't work well with her system. So, she snapped back at him, "Hey jerk, why don't you just shut your mouth as well?"

Before anything else could get worse, Mrs. Haruno entered the scene. "Both of you be quiet."

"As far as we all know, we have a meeting to discuss." Mrs. Haruno continued.

"Why don't we all sit before we start?" Mikoto said, leading all of them to the family room.

"So, what's this about again?" Sakura asked.

"You see, the Uchiha and the Haruno Corporation have invested a big amount of money to make the richest company in the world." Mr. Uchiha started. "But in order to do that and to seal the contract we must have—"

"Both families must have their youngest son/daughter marry one another." Sasuke and Sakura said in unison, before looking at each other.

"You got it." Mr. Haruno said.

Noooo!! Does that mean I have to marry her?
Noooo!! Does that mean I have to marry him?

The younger Uchiha and the pink-haired girl still looked at each other, having the same thoughts running inside their mind.

"You guys are probably not slow. I'm guessing you know what they meant…?" Itachi questioned. The only thing the teenagers could do is nod their head.

"Do we really have to?" Sakura asked. "Mom, remember I told you once about my prince charming? Look at this?" The pink haired pointed at Sasuke. The Uchiha raised his eyebrow. "He's totally not my prince charming." At least not anymore. Sakura finished.

The adults just laughed. "Sakura dear, I'm sure you'll like him and vice versa." Mrs. Haruno said. "As if." The little Uchiha mumbled.

"But I won't like him." Sakura answered flatly.

"Sakura, you will have no choice but to tolerate this agreement. You will be living with him from now on and—"

"Ep, ep, ep, what did you just say? Living with him from now on? You're kidding." Sakura said in disbelief.

Her mother sighed. "I'm not kidding. Your father and I will be going to Italy with Mikoto, Fugaku and Itachi to arrange the documents that will be needed, to finally join the forces of Uchiha and Haruno Corporation. We will be gone for weeks, months, or even years. This agreement won't take a little time so don't be expecting us to come back in a few days."

"Sakura, act your age and—"

"When are you leaving?" Saved from a long discussion, Sasuke interrupted, hoping they will all shut up.

"We'll be leaving in," Mrs. Uchiha said, looking at her DKNY wrist watch. "Thirty minutes."

"Are you serious?!" The pink-haired asked.

"Sakura, quiet down and be a lady." Mrs. Haruno whispered to her. Sakura just sighed and pouted. For not very long, her parents will leave her hands to someone they don't know very well, a.k.a. Uchiha Sasuke. Life sucks!! She thought.

Thirty minutes passed very quickly. The time for the adults' departure have come. Sakura only continued her pouting until her mom hugged her once again. "I'm sorry dear, we have to do this." Asako kissed her daughter's cheek before walking to front door. "Take care and be a good girl."

Sakura just sighed.

"Sasuke honey, take care of Sakura and be a good boy." Mikoto said before hugging her son goodbye.

"Bro, try not to eat your chick during the time we're gone." Itachi told Sasuke while looking at the pink-haired maiden.

"Go to hell." Sasuke responded while sending a death glare to his older brother.

By the time the adults are gone; Sasuke stood up from his seat and start to walk away.

"Hey, where are you going?" Sakura asked.

"My room." He answered, flatly.

"May I come?"


Wow… Sakura thought as she looked around the Uchiha's room. She never expected that a guy's room could possibly be so clean and organized. In his room located a blue king-sized bed, a mac book on top of, possibly his study table, a dresser, a desktop computer, a door to the bathroom, and so on. The blue colored wall that caught her eyes have incredible Uchiha Clan emblem painted on it. He's prolly proud to be an Uchiha. As she tore her eyes away from the emblem, she spotted Sasuke, hogging his pc. Sakura sat on his bed while her eyes scan the room once again.

... no one dared to even talk. The pink-haired gal was getting bored and tired. And so, she lay down on his bed and thought about the shocking events that just took place. How could this possibly happen to me? Does God really hate me that much? Sasuke, my former crush just had to be my fiancé. Why? Now that I'm so over him, why does this have to happen? I don't want to like him or possibly love him again. She closed her eyes, preventing her tears to run down her face. I'm only gonna get hurt.

"Hey Sasuke, can you show me my room?" Sakura asked, breaking the silence. "I'm sleepy." She continued as she yawned.

"It's just across my room." He responded coldly. Prolly too addicted to his computer; doesn't even have time to show me where it was exactly. The pink-haired thought.

"Thank you. I'll be leaving now." Sakura opened the door but said, "G'night" before closing it.

"Hn." Out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, as Sakura entered her room, all she could do was gawk. Her room can totally compare to the Uchiha's—it was also very clean and organized. The pastel pink color of her wall absolutely created a bubbly atmosphere. In addition, her pink-colored bed, the pink-colored door to the bathroom, the pink colored dresser, the pink colored study table and the pink colored apple computer also gave a lively impression. Now she wondered if her pink colored hair will camouflage in her room. The only thing that sucked is that her favorite color is red and so not pink. I'm not that girly, you know. She thought.

Sakura went to her dresser and scanned through the clothes. WOW! All the clothes located inside were all designer's clothes and still have their price tags. "¥ 300 000.00, ¥ 298 000.00, ¥ 450 000.00, ¥ 100 000.00, ¥ 320 000.00" She read, scanning through some of the price tags. "Wow, how could they possibly spend so much money on me? Moreover, they don't even know me. What if I'm after their money? Which I'm not! But still…" Sigh. Going excited over her new clothes won't do any good to her tired body. Might as well change and hog the bed. She thought.

After changing in her new pj's, Sakura lay down on her bed and drifted to sleep.

"Beep… beep… beep…"

"Uhhh… damn it." The raven-haired stirred. "Stupid alarm clock. Why did I even bother having one?" He sleepily said as he got up and went straight to the bathroom. Sasuke splashed water on his face to keep him awake and brushed his teeth afterward. He then took a twenty-minute shower and dressed up. Clad with his dark blue shirt and white shorts, Sasuke went down the stairs, heading to the kitchen for breakfast. When he reached the kitchen, Sasuke stopped as he watched the pink-haired, supposedly his fiancée, cooking. The good aroma filled his nostrils. She must be a good cook. He thought.

On the other hand, as Sakura turned around, she spotted Sasuke, leaning on the door frame, staring at her. Is he checking me out? She thought as her blood run through her cheeks. Seeing this, the Uchiha smirked.

Putting down the omelets she had made, she cheerfully greeted Sasuke a, "Good morning."

"Hn." was his only reply.

"Breakfast?" She asked with a smile. Sasuke only nodded his head as a yes.

The clattering of their fork against their plate was the only noise that seems to fill the surroundings. That was until Sakura spoke. "What school are you going to?" She asked, directly to Sasuke.

"Konoha High." Sasuke emotionlessly replied.

"I see. I'm transferring to Fairy Leaf High." She lied. Sakura planned on going to Konoha High from the very start. She just doesn't want to tell Sasuke. There is no way that she will leave her best friends behind for a new school. I just wanted to see what Sasuke really is like. It's already all planned out. Pretending to be a different person totally won't blow up my cover.

"Hn." He emitted. It's better if she don't go to my school, especially now that she's my fiancée. Pretending to be someone that doesn't care is already hard for me. I don't want Sakura getting in my way. He thought.

Once again, silence took over as the two continued eating their breakfast.

After seemed like forever, both of them finished and stood up from their seats and went to different directions. Sakura went to the living room, deciding to watch television. On the other hand, Sasuke went to his room to do God-knows-what.

"Flick, flick, flick."

"God, televisions are supposed to entertain people. I'm not entertained at all!!" She said, frustrated, flipping through channel to channel. Out of boredom, she decided to go to Sasuke's room.

"Knock… knock… knock…" No one answered. Without permission, Sakura entered the Uchiha's room. She then found Sasuke, lying on his bed with his eyes closed. Sakura neared him and sat on his bed. He looks so yummy. She thought. Sakura snap out! Don't get charmed by his good-looking face. Remember you're not supposed to like him. The pink-haired told herself.

"What do you want?" He asked, still eyes closed. Sakura almost jumped. Who would've thought that Sasuke was awake? I thought he's sleeping.

Regaining her posture, she coolly said, "I'm bored."

"Go watch TV." He suggested.

"Already did." She answered.

"What do you want me to do?" coldly, Sasuke said.

"Never mind." The pink-haired stood up, angrily walking out of his room. Sasuke opened his eyes and stared at the closed door. What's her problem?!

The rays of the sun beaming through the street of Ginza, blinded the pink-haired's eyes as she walks around the avenue. Hmm… the street is clean and seemed harmless. Cool. She thought, scanning her surroundings. It's so peaceful here. The air is unpolluted, the flowers are blooming perfectly, the trees ar—"Hahaha.." Sakura turned around when her thoughts was accidentally interrupted. There, walking behind her were her friends; Ino, Tenten, and Hinata. Err, how can they not recognize me?!

"Good Morning, guys!" Sakura greeted, this time, interrupting them.

"Sakura!" beamed Ino as she ran to her pink-haired friend. "What are you doing here?" asked the blonde female.

"Just taking a walk… you know, thinking." Answered Sakura.

"Umm, last time I remember… you live in Akihabara." Hinata, the quietest of all, said.

"Well, it's a long story." Sakura stated as she looked at her watch. 11:15 "Umm, I'll tell you guys later. I gotta hurry for lunch."

"But—" Tenten started. "Meet me at Ginza Park, 6:00 PM sharp." was Sakura said before she disappeared.

As Sakura neared the Uchiha mansion, she took out her cell phone and alarmed it at five forty-five. Later, she would tell her friends what situation she was put in and also what she'll do in this situation. I hope everything will go the way it should. I'm pretty sure I made the right decision. I can't do it alone after all. I need my friends. I'm sure they'll help me. She thought as she pressed the manse' doorbell.

When Sakura got inside, she immediately went to the kitchen. Sasuke was there, finishing up his food. Damn, he's already done. She thought. Oh well…

Sakura sat on one of the empty chairs and started eating the lunch that was served to her. Once she finished, she decided to go to her room and lay down for a bit. But when she finally entered her room, her eyes were caught by the desktop computer sitting across from her bed. Maybe I should open up my IM and chat for a bit. She thought. The pink-haired then turned the computer on and waited for it to load. Once the screen showed up, without further ado, Sakura opened up her IM and scanned through her friends list. Damn, no one's on. Umm… public chat room..? She thought as she stared at the list of names on the open chat room. Hmm… interesting. Let's talk to strangers. She smirked.


The raven-haired Uchiha sat nonchalantly on his computer chair as he chatted with his blonde best friend.

OTU-RAmeN: So Sasuke, school starts tomorrow. Excited?

S.U.: No dumbass.

OTU-RAmeN: Oh come on Sasuke! I know you want to prank someone.

S.U.: Hn.

As the two continued chatting, Sasuke was interrupted when an icon continuously blinked, signaling that a person wanted to have a conversation with him. Okay… He thought as he clicked the name of the stranger.

Pink-iS.H.: Hi! Just wanna chat. I'm bored.

S.U.: Hn.

Pink-iS.H.: What's Hn?

S.U.: Hn.

Pink-iS.H.: Is that the only thing you can say?

S.U.: Whatever…

Pink-iS.H.: Okay, let's just drop it. Let me ask a question, are you a guy?

S.U.: Yea, and you're a girl…

Pink-iS.H.: Uhh, yeah.

S.U.: Hn.

Pink-iS.H: Sigh. So what's "hn"?

S.U.: None of your business.

Pink-iS.H.: Whatever. I gotta go. Ttyl.

Pink-iS.H.: … and it's not nice talking to you.

S.U.: Just go.

Pink-iS.H. has signed out.

Sasuke sighed. The hell, that was a pretty pathetic conversation. He thought.


OTU-RAmeN: Yo Sasuke! Answer me!

S.U.: What?!

OTU-RAmeN: Where d'you go? I thought you left without signing out.

S.U.: Hn. I didn't.

And the two continued chatting for who knows how long.

"Beep! Beep!" the pink-haired's phone went off, reminding that it was already quarter to six. Okay, gotta go, gotta go. Sakura thought as she hurriedly ran down the stairs.

"Mally, where's Sasuke?" Sakura asked. The maid, Mally, bowed at her before answering, "Young master's in his room, ma'am." Ugh… I have to go upstairs again. She thought.

"Thanks, Mally." She said before, running up the stairs to Sasuke's room.

"Sasuke, I'm going out." The pink-haired said as she entered the Uchiha's room. Sasuke looked at her, "I don't care. You don't really have to tell me whether you're going out or not. It's none of my business." Sasuke stated as he stirring on his bed.

"Umm, ok." said Sakura as she dropped her head down. I'm pretty sure it didn't hit me pretty hard… but why do I feel a slight sadness in me... She thought. "Do you need anything else?" Sasuke asked.

"Umm… do you mind if I tell my best friends what's going on between us?" The pink-haired asked. "I promise I won't tell anyone else. You can tell your friends too, if you'd like." She added.


"Is that a yes?" Sakura crossed her fingers, hoping that Sasuke would agree to her decision.

"Whatever." Emitted the Uchiha.

"Oh, and can I bring my friends here later?" Sakura asked again.

"Naruto and the others are coming here. So I don't care whether you bring your friends or not." Sasuke said as he grabbed his blanket and cover his entire body.

"Umm, ok." Sakura smiled and gave Sasuke her gratitude before exiting his room.

When Sakura neared the park, she immediately spotted her friends and ran up to them.

"Hi guys!" She greeted. All heads turned to her and greeted back.

"So Sakura, what's up?" asked Tenten.

"I think it'll make more sense if I tell you at home. Come on." The pink-haired said as she led her friends to her house.

After minutes of walking, the four of them finally reached the gate. Sakura then talked to the intercom, and the gate automatically opened.

"Hey, did you move?" Hinata asked, directly to the rosette haired.

"Umm, kind of." Sakura answered, continuously walking toward the house.

When they got to the front door, Sakura opened her purse and looked for the key.

"Uchiha Residence." read Ino as her eyes widen. "Sakura, why are we in Sasuke's house?" the blonde asked.

"Chill out guys. This is my house too." Sakura said, inserting the key in the knob.

"Your house too?!" said the three in unison with disbelief; Ino, Tenten, and Hinata.

"Yeah, I'll explain inside. Come on in." the already inside pink-haired said as she widely opened the door.

When the three entered the house, the same thoughts ran in their minds. It really is the Uchiha mansion. Why does Sakura live here? In addition, living with the UCHIHA?!

Sakura just watched her friends' funny expression and giggled. I wonder when they'll be back on earth… She thought.

Meanwhile, in the living room were the guys. Neji playing PS2 with Naruto, Shikamaru sleeping in sitting position, on the floor and the great Uchiha, sitting on the sofa with eyes closed.

When the boys heard the door opened, their heads immediately whipped to the door's direction.

"Whoa! Look, girls!" Naruto said as he scanned the ladies. "Oww." emitted Naruto when Sasuke hit him in the head.

"Bastard!" Naruto commented but only got a "hn" from the raven-haired.

"By the way, why are they here Sasuke? Did you invite them?" the blonde asked. Sasuke shifted from his sitting position and opened his eyes. He looked at Sakura as she led her friends to them. When the four girls finally got to the living room, that when the Uchiha answered the blonde's question. "Actually, Sakura lives here." Sasuke nonchalantly said.

"WHAAAT!" Sakura's friends emitted.

"I told you guys…" the pink-haired sighed as she crossed her arms.

"Sasuke-bastard, are you serious? How did that happen?" Naruto asked. The rest of the guys listened carefully, giving Sasuke the center of attention as they wait for his answer.

"She's my fiancée."

Silence took over.





Until the message reached the guys' and the girls' minds, their eyes widened and all said, "WHAAAT!!"

Sasuke and Sakura just sighed. "You heard me. Don't make me repeat it." The Uchiha warned.

Neji, the first who got over the shock asked, "How?" Sasuke looked at him and said, "It was arranged by our parents."

Once again, silence took over.

"Come one guys, let's go to my room." broke Sakura, nudging her friends out of reverie and dragged them in her room.

"Wow, Sakura. You're so lucky." Ino stated. "First you get to live in a very big mansion. Second, you get to have this awesome room. And third, you have the love of your life." Ino added as she scanned Sakura's room.

"Not exactly. Maybe I have a bit of luck but that doesn't mean I'm lucky. Sasuke is not the love of my life. I don't like him anymore, remember?" or so I think… "Also, this thing is a whole arrangement thing. If only I could find a loop hole… then I'd be free from this agreement." She finished.

"Are you happy?" asked, Hinata. Sakura looked at her and smiled. "Fifty-fifty. It's kind of hard living a life that's already arranged for you, you know." The pink-haired started. "But sometimes, when it's arranged for you, it means you don't have to worry about simplest things. But then I have to. My mom told me to act my age but I just can't always avoid childish things, you know."

"So you mean, you're kind of pretending or something?" Tenten asked. Sakura nodded.

"So, what's his reaction for this whole thing? You know, being arranged with you?" Ino wondered as she sat on Sakura's bed.

"Like me, I think Sasuke wants to break the engagement off. I'm not really sure but yeah." Answered the pink-haired.

"Oh…" was the only thing the blond could say.

"I have a plan guys… I've been meaning to tell you this earlier but I just haven't got the time." Sakura said as she fiddled with her fingers.

"What is it?" asked Hinata.

"I told Sasuke that I'm transferring to Fairy Leaf High." She started. "But actually, I planned on finishing my senior year in Konoha High, with you guys."

"And…?" the brown-haired asked.

"I'm going to change my appearance whenever I'm at school—a nerd. But," Sakura pointed out. "I will act my own personality—the real one—without pretending. On the other hand, when I'm in the lady-like-Sakura mode, of course I will act differently around Sasuke—the personality my mom wanted me to show—maturity." Sakura finished.

"So when you're Sakura, you'll be in mature-lady-like mode. And when a nerd, you'll be your-own-personality mode." Tenten said.

"Yeah." The pin-haired answered.

"But," Hinata started. "Why are you doing this Sakura?"

Sakura looked at Hinata. "I want to know who he really is. His real personality—what's he like? At home he's so cold. On the other hand, the Sasuke we see at school is a playboy?" Sakura explained. "I really want to see a loop hole that will have the ability to break off this arrangement." She added. The others just nodded.

"We'll help you, Sakura." Ino assured giving Sakura a smile.

"You're lucky Sasuke. You get to marry Sakura." The blonde said. Sasuke gave him a death glare shutting the loud-mouth up.

"You call that luck? I don't want to marry a girl like her." The Uchiha said.

"Why not? Sakura's nice, cute—"

"And annoying." Finished Sasuke.

"So what's your plan?" Neji asked, not entirely changing the topic. Sasuke looked at him and answered, "I'll try and find a loop hole to this engagement and try if I could break this myself. If I couldn't, I'll make Sakura do it." The raven-haired explicated.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow. "How?" he asked.

"I'll make her hate me." Sasuke stated. Naruto's eyes widened. "Bastard! That's harsh!" the blonde shouted.

"Shut up, dumb ass."

"Bastard." Naruto murmured as silence took over. That was until Naruto spoke, "What school is Sakura-chan going?"

"Sasuke, answering the totally changed topic said, "Fairy Leaf High."

"What? No way. I'm gonna miss her." The blonde said, "Why?" he added.

"How am I supposed to know, dumb ass." said the Uchiha. "It's better that way. It means she won't be able to see me fool around." He finished.

"Psh. You really are a bastard." Naruto stated. Sasuke smirked.



Author's Note

To avoid any confusion:

1. Sakura lived in Akihabara Street in Tokyo.

2. Sasuke lived in Ginza Street in Tokyo.

3. ¥400, 089.00 in JP 3857.70 in US

4. Come siete, giovane signora means "how are you, young lady?"

5. I changed the name of Sakura's parents

Umm... I hope you liked it. Sorry if some stuff still confuses you. And also, I apologize for the long wait.