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Oh Woe Is Me, It's Konoha High

Prologue: Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke threw back his head, whipping back his mane of onyx black hair. Uchiha Sasuke was the prince, the handsome prince of Konoha High. Those who dare oppose him… well; let's just say they met a little friend he liked to call, 'Mr. Fist'.

A prince may be thought to be rich and pompous, and Uchiha Sasuke just happened to be both those things, and more. To start, Uchiha Sasuke was downright handsome…no, he fell over the edge into godliness. Next, Uchiha Sasuke was rich beyond belief. Furthermore, Uchiha Sasuke had an ego the size of China. But…Uchiha Sasuke was also cold fish. He didn't talk much. So, in affect, he was idolized, fawned over, and utterly worshiped by the female population of the school, because his cold-fishiness was overlooked as calm and mysterious. Yet, the rest (the male populace) just held a sense of mutual respect, or dislike for our little prince. Because of those facts though, and as hard as this may be to believe, but Uchiha Sasuke did not have many friends. (Cold…fish…cold fish.) But he had a few, and in his own, cold fishy way, he cherished them all. Here are their names:

Uzumaki Naruto: The best friend and royal jester of sorts. Uzumaki Naruto was the idiot behind all royal schemes. Competes with Sasuke for everything. Best friend/rival.

Hyuga Neji: A total asshole (in Sasuke's opinion) and a formidable foe. This automatically made the Hyuga boy a friend. Friend/rival.

TenTen: No last name known. Total martial arts master and weapons specialists. Potential serial killer. One of the few girls that didn't want to rape Sasuke. Friend.

Sabaku No Gaara: Crazy, quiet, psychotic. Possibly related to the no-last-named-TenTen. Sasuke's type. Friend. S

abaku No Temari: Sister of Gaara. Slightly insane, very analytical. Lost interest in Sasuke. New friend.

Sabaku No Kankuro: Doesn't seem to be seen a lot. Also seems a little girly. Constantly plays with puppets. Creepy. Friend.

Inuzuka Kiba and his dog Akamaru: A wild man of epic proportions. In all crimes of idiocy, Inuzuka Kiba seems to be behind most. Akamaru, the dog, seems to be the brains behind the operations. Friend.

Uchiha Itatchi: The brother. Scheming…constantly. Seems to enjoy annoying little brother and sucking up to dad. Has lots of brains and makes good use of them. Grudgingly…friend.

Nara Shikamaru: Lazy ass genius. Doesn't do much, not much to talk about. Doesn't talk a lot. Seems to think everything is troublesome. He and Sasuke are very much so, though no seemingly, on the same page. Friend.

Yamanaka Ino: Completely, absolutely secretly in love with Sasuke. Doesn't show it much due to chronically jealous beast friend, Nara Shikamaru. Unlike the best friend, she doesn't stop talking. Strangely…friend.

Akimichi Choji: Fat…really fat. Too busy eating to talk. Not really a friend, but definitely not a foe. So…friend.

Hyuga Hinata: Doesn't talk much, too busy blushing. Tends to look at Naruto too much. Infatuation maybe…? Hangs around cousin, Hyuga Neji like a lifeline. Doesn't bother Sasuke, doesn't even seem to like Sasuke. Friend.

Rock Lee: Scariest person in the world (According to one, Uchiha Sasuke) . Hyperactive and in love with everyone. Creepy, yet he fit perfectly into Sasuke's circle of friends. Friend.

Sometimes Sasuke denied knowing most these people, but they came in handy, and they were friends, popular or unpopular.

But, to continue on…because I just must tell you how beautiful our lovely prince is!

Uchiha Sasuke was the epitome of godliness in a human being. Being from the prestigious Uchiha clan, he was naturally good looking. Tall, built but not bulky, pale, dark eyed, onyx hair, and a deep velvety smooth voice. Physically, Uchiha Sasuke was the embodiment of perfect, the absolutely, one-hundred percent, undeniable, drop-dead-sexy, boyfriend. Mind you, this was only physically…(does cold fish ring a bell? Anyone?)

(And, I must also once carry on with this, if only for the sake of the story and not page length…)

Yet, Uchiha Sasuke, the prince of Konoha high, was without his princess (I wonder if it has to do with anything like… I don't know, being a cold fish?). Sad, but true, Sasuke was alone, in life and love (ha, ha!). Such was the tragic tale of the angsty prince who awaited his fair maiden.

But Uchiha Sasuke, the problem was that he didn't just want one of his billions of fangirls. He wanted someone different, someone indifferent to his good looks and cold fishiness. But, he had yet to find that girl…

Yet, little did young Sasuke know, that, the girl of his dreams, yet, not as perfect as he would imagine her, would appear the chilly September morning. Little did Sasuke know, that the small little girl that would emerge from a white Subaru. After all, she had pink hair!

Prologue: Sakura

Haruno Sakura, your average seventeen year-old girl. Kind, gentle, soft spot for cute things, an inner self, slightly shallow, looking for her prince, smart, yes, Haruno Sakura was a normal seventeen year-old.

Perfect in almost every aspect, perfect grades, perfect friends (back in her old school), perfect family life, perfect car (hey, it was clean); perfect everything. Well, that is… with exception of her looks. Not that they were…well she was…well, you know, ugly.

Sakura was okay looking child. Pale skinned, long, skinny legged, small bust, flat belly, large green luminous eyes, oddly natural pink hair, and a freakishly large forehead. Yes, Sakura was cursed with odd bubblegum pink hair and a freakishly large forehead. Curse the forces of nature. But really, that was all that was wrong with her. It's not like she had some strange growth or anything.

Now, one other thing that wasn't perfect was Haruno Sakura's temper. She had a knack for…overdoing it sometimes when someone would go just that little bit too far. I mean, she was never actually charged with that assault…the jury just thought she was too damn cute to beat up some lecher.

So, anyways, why don't we cut Sakura's bio short, (sorry) and continue on with the story?

It was a bright and chilly September morning in Tokyo, Japan. Sakura and her mom had just moved into their nice'n'cozy apartment on 5th and Nagasaki. And to top it all off, Sakura was nervous about attending her first day of school at Konoha High.

It wasn't plain old first day jitters, it wasn't about the grading system, or even about being teased over her large forehead. No, Sakura had heard rumors about Konoha High and its students, nasty rumors. And being the naïve girl she was, Sakura believe each and every one of them, from the clubs to gangs. She believed each and every one of them. Except for one, about the prince of Konoha High, she didn't believe that one. But oh, would that soon change..

So, that bright and chilly September Tuesday morning, Sakura set out, sleepy headed and not very aware. And, because of those facts, Sakura would have never guessed, that that prince she'd heard oh so much about (and didn't care to believe in) would wiggle his egotistical way into her life, someway, somehow.

Chapter One

"Sakura, are you ready yet?" Sakura's mother, Haruno Haruko called. She held onto a wall as she pulled on her black high heeled shoe. Mornings always seemed to be hectic in their household, new or old.

"I don't want to go to school, mom!"

"Sakura, don't be such a baby!" Haruko sighed, placing her hands on her hips, her shoe finally on, "Now get here so we can go."

"Yes mom…" Sakura sighed and dragged her self out of her room, book bag slung haphazardly over her shoulder and a barrette falling out of her silky pink hair.

She fallowed her mother out the door into the parking garage, she then promptly slammed said door, as punishment for letting her out of the house, and then she locked it. That was when she spotted him… Sitting in front of his door, like normal, was a wrinkly old man in wrinkly old clothes in a K-mart brand lawn chair holding a cup of steaming coffee. He winked at her, creating a whole new set of wrinkles on his baggy face. Sakura squealed pulling the key out of the lock so fast, she created sparks. She then chased after her mother, sliding into the safety of her white Subaru. She then decided there was something else, something strong, in that old man's coffee.

"Now, Sakura, your lunch is in your backpack, and you have to pick up your class schedule at the office in the front of the school." Haruko leaned over the back of her seat to look at her daughter, "I love you sweetie, make mommy proud, okay?"

Sakura smiled uneasily at her mom and slipped out of the car, "'Kay mom." She readjusted her book bag and re-clipped her hair, securely fastening the white barrette.

Haruko rolled down the Subaru's window, "Don't get into trouble now, 'kay?" The pink haired woman giggled, and blew a kiss at her daughter.

"Yes mother," Sakura droned sarcastically. With a sudden change of heart, she leaned in through the car window, "I love you, bye!" She kissed her mother on the cheek and stepped away from the car. The Subaru drove away from the curb, leaving Sakura waving stupidly to the air.

Sakura turned, a look of determination painted on her face, "I'm going to do this!" Sakura readjusted her book bag and her short blue school-uniform skirt. Straightening her tie, and smoothing her hair, she stomped forwards, pumping a fist in the air "Go!" She marched into the piles of students who were socializing and communicating after months apart, earning her self a few strange looks in the process.

Sakura pushed her way through girls and boys alike, no longer marching with her fist in the air, all of whom glared at her menacingly. How could one person make so many enemies in so little time? Somehow, she managed to do it, maybe it was her forehead…yeah, that was it, her forehead. Sakura rolled her eyes, muttering insults to herself and continued on her voyage.

Now, everyone knows that the best way to meet a person is to bump into them. So, as fate would have it, Sakura bumped into a tall tree like object. The pink haired girl groaned rubbing her back, "Ow…"

"Watch where you're going." The tree like object chided.

Sakura looked up to find the tree like object was not a tree at all. The tree like object happened to be a boy, a very attractive boy. "Ah… sorry, I didn't mean to." Inside, Sakura slapped her self many times, Stupid, stupid, stupid!

The boy offered her a hand. "Get up."

Sakura took his hand, and was suddenly pulled into the air by a great force, "Um, thanks." She murmured after regaining the strength in her knees. Continuing the self abuse, Sakura mentally kicked her self, she sounded like a blabbering idiot. How could she be reduced to mush by this boy, this very hot and attractive boy?!

"Don't mention it." The boy replied stoically.

Sakura watched him walked off, jaw slack, eyebrow twitching. Well, if that wasn't interesting, what was?

Chapter One.5

Sasuke pulled himself out of the bathroom, slamming the heavy oak door (hoping to annoy his father, no doubt) and down the grand, marble stairs of his large house, to his mother's cooking.

"Morning mom," He walked sluggishly over to the woman who slaved over the stove and kissed her upon the cheek.

"Morning Sasuke!" His mother replied cheerfully, turning her head to return the gesture, but her son was already at the fridge, and then suddenly at the counter. She always wondered why the boy never joined the track team…he was so quick…

"What's for breakfast?" He poured himself a glass of orange juice as his brother walked down the stairs. He sipped the contents and sent a lighthearted glare at the man as walked into the kitchen, hands stuffed ever so neatly into his pockets.

Uchiha Itatchi was a very attractive young man. Long hair pulled back in a low pony tail, the famous dark Uchiha eyes, pale, tall, built but not bulky, lines of maturity under his eyes. (Or maybe they were evidence of lack of sleep…but he liked to call them, maturity lines…) Yes, Itatchi was the next attractive Uchiha successor. He smiled politely at his brother, "Morning Mom, Sasuke."

"Morning sweetie!"


Itatchi ruffled his little brother's hair, an affectionate gesture. He took the pitcher of juice from Sasuke's hands, "Thanks." He grabbed himself a glass and poured away.

Sasuke scowled, "No problem." He tried to fix his hair, but to no avail…oh well, he was only heading off to school…

"Now, now boys, don't start anything! It could cause you all bad luck," Uchiha Mikoto set a dish of steamed rice, onigiri, and miso soup on the traditional Japanese table. She clapped her hands together proudly and beamed at her boys, "Eat up!"

Sasuke turned the key in his coal black Italian made 1995 Fiat Barchetta, with red leather interior and a collapsible roof. He sighed, relishing the smooth sound of the engine before regaining his calm façade, and backing out of the car-filled, garage.

He let loose another hefty sigh as he finally reached the freeway. Traffic was slow, and the white Subaru in front of him seemed to be just as irritated as he. He honked his horn like every other Tuesday morning driver. Ah… wasn't life grand?

Sasuke blasted the radio, letting the heavy metal wash over him and wake him from his morning stupor. He rarely let the loud music play. His mother wasn't a fan, and his father wasn't aware that the genre existed, and Itachi…he listened to too much J-pop... Therefore, Sasuke was allowed to listen to nothing but loud rock music, and sometimes, that just didn't do it. Therefore, he turned the radio up. Sasuke, in a particularly good mood now, looked out at the sky and smiled; what a pretty shade of blue!

That was when he began to scare himself. He turned back to traffic and scowled, would it ever…hey, movement!

As the traffic slowly progressed down the highway, Sasuke grinned to him self. Maybe heavy metal was lucky…

He fallowed the white Subaru all the way to school. He waited patiently for the car to let a passenger out.

Just as he was about to slam his head to the horn, as it seemed to be hours since the white Subaru had pulled up in the roundabout, a girl with hair the most curious shade of pink emerged gracefully from the vehicle.

"Ah-!" Sasuke stifled a sneeze (someone must have been talking about him). The girl moved to the sidewalk and spoke briefly with the driver before the car drove away. She stared after it for awhile, waving dumbly into the distance.

Sasuke shook him self from his little trance (watching the girl was rather amusing) and parked his Barchetta.

The poor pink haired girl was probably just another wanna-be fangirl anyways (…ego). He didn't want another fangirl, nor did he need one. They were just a pain in the ass…almost literally…and suddenly realizing how wrong that sounded, Sasuke quickly erased the thought from his mind. He never planned on meeting her anyways, she didn't even look like she was in his class.

Sasuke rubbed all traces of sleep from his eyes and stepped out of his car.

Little did the prince of Konoha High know, but a short run-in with the unfortunate bubblegum-haired princess would carve the course for the rest of their lives, and possibly ruin the rest of his day.

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