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Roxas says "good bye"

Chapter 6

The dreams started to slowly make since… even though he was in love with Axel he couldn't tell him that not when he didn't exists or wasn't suppose to exist. What was he to do?

His life was good but really it was all-fake, Sora was real, not him. Sora had friends—So did he? He was in love—so was Sora.

Could he be real? In the end could he meet Sora and choose to be with Axel? Or was his life really just fake—was his love fake? He is a nobody, nobodies don't have hearts—don't love?

Axel loved him—he loved Axel.

He looked at the door and sighed and entered the room that Sora slept in. He stared up at the figure that he was made of.

"You are not me!" he yelled.

Sora moved a bit in his sleep, Roxas sighed.

"You're lucky you know…?" Roxas whispered. "Axel…. Axel I love you…bye…"

Sora opened his eyes and stared at nothing, he thought he heard a voice? Maybe someone was there but not now. The room was empted.

Slowly Sora leaves the room to find Goofy and Donald…

A year later…

Axel waited in the darkness for his angel to appear… Blue eyes meet his. "Hello love!" Axel said.

"Is this a dream…? Your dead…?" Roxas said.

"Don't worry…" Axel said. "We are free. Free to love. Free to have a heart. We are free…"

Roxas smiled sadly, "Then we are truly dead?" He asked.

"Yes…" Axel said, taking Roxas in his arms, "But we are together at last."

"How? How did you die?" Roxas asked.

"I saved Sora… I wanted to see you again…" Axel said.

"We are different." Roxas said.

"He loves another too," Axel said watching Roxas's face.

"A guy…?" Roxas asked shocked.

"Yes." Axel answered.


"His friend Riku."

"Your room mate?"


"Are they together?"

"I don't know…"

"But we are!"



"Yes my love."

The red head and brunet held each other as they faded into the darkness, they weren't afraid. They were together. They love had lasted…forever.