title: So Out of Season

rating: Oh, I suppose G or really light PG.

pairing: Kitty/Kurt

summary: Kurt's got a brilliant idea, but it's a bit out of season.

author's notes: HUGE thank you to Eleanor, who edited this for me. You should all give her a hug. Seriously. Do it.



"Bless you."

Kurt wrinkled his nose briefly, trying to figure out why Kitty had blessed him. He rolled his eyes when it clicked, continuing to stand behind her chair at the dining table. It wasn't particularly late at night, no later than 9 or 10, and a certain Kitty Pryde was up doing her homework instead of doing something productive—like watching television or messing around with her computer. Kurt Wagner, however, was quite bored and, when stretching himself into odd shapes and doing other acrobatic-like things became unexciting, he had come up with what he thought to be a brilliant idea.

"I didn't sneeze, Kitty."

"Oh. Well, I don't speak German, Kurt, and I'm like, trying to finish my homework. So please don't bother me or anything?"

"Nein," he reassured her. "I'm not here to bother you."

"Are you like, here to get food then?"


"What are you here for then, fuzzy?"

"Oh, nothing in particular."

She glanced over her shoulder at him, brow furrowed skeptically, then just shook her head and went back to her homework.

There was a long moment of silence, one long enough to make Kitty wonder if Kurt really had no intention of bothering her, or had simply died behind her chair and that was why he wasn't making any noise. Since one option was completely ridiculous, she checked behind her to see if he'd died.

But Kurt was still standing there, holowatch turned off, tail swaying slowly. He blinked and smiled innocently when she looked back at him, and Kitty just turned back to her work, thoroughly confused by his behavior. But she had to finish her homework, so she couldn't very well dwell on it. The silence actually became quite nice and allowed for Kitty to take a good chunk out of the work in front of her, until…


"Kurt, I still don't speak German."

"Ach, sorry. It means little cat."

"Oh. Okay."


"Kurt, like, how many times are you gonna say that?"

"Until I have your attention, Kitty!"

"Well, you've got it." She turned slightly in her seat, looking back at him and sighing. "What?"

"Look up, please?"

Only now did she notice his arm was extended above her head and she looked up curiously to see him holding a little sprig of mistletoe. She blinked, looked confused, blushed, and looked back at him just in time to find his face less than an inch from hers. "Merry Christmas," he said cheerfully, and kissed Kitty.

Kitty, who had not expected to find him holding mistletoe, who had not expected him to be bold enough to kiss her without her permission, who had not expected to enjoy the kiss, felt her cheeks heat up so fast she thought her head might explode. Or that could be the light-headed feeling she was getting from kissing her best friend. Either or.

When he pulled back, she opened her eyes slowly and blinked into two smiling yellow ones. Neither of them spoke for a good moment or so, until something occurred to Kitty.

"Kurt, it's like, the middle of April."

The blue-furred teen straightened back up and shrugged sheepishly, before 'bamf'ing out of the room. Kitty waved the smoke away and coughed at the smell of brimstone, and felt a bit like a kid again, suddenly wishing every day was Christmas.