Hello Everybody! Normally, I'd say something stupid here, but I'm felling kinda somber right now. The muse bitch-slapped me right when I got home today, so I grabbed a pen and a thesaurus and wrote this. Please enjoy…

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Dragoon or any of the characters therein. I do, however, own Rosie (myself), and the poem.


L is for loyal: a strong, steadfast friend,

A is for amiable, kind till the end.

V is for valiant: a courageous young knight,

I's for integrity, you're honest and bright.

T is for trustworthy, talented, true,

Z has no equal, and neither do you.

Yet just like Syuveil, you were fated to die,

And in that horrid moment, I started to cry.

So L is for Lavitz: a pure-hearted man,

And R is for Rosie: forever your fan.

- In loving memory of Sir Lavitz Slambert:

Once and for always, the Jade Dragoon.