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Wow, I was dancing.

A smile spread across my face. I looked up into the eyes of the angel holding me. WOW. I will never get used to those gold eyes, marble-smooth skin, and the perfect lips that stretched into a grin as he noticed my fascination. It was however starting to set in that he was mine. His attention never wavered from me once the entire night. He didn't even glance at his gorgeous sister Rosalie who was at this moment proving her perfection, twirling in Emmett's arms.

I couldn't wait until I got to dance like that. When Edward finally changed me, or at least when I got this stupid thing off my leg. Edward was being absurdly stubborn about that. There was no way to explain to him that he wasn't doing me any favors by keeping me weak, mortal and officially unhappy.

"Bella, what are you thinking?" he whispered curiously.

He pulled me from my train of thought and I wasn't looking at his God-like face so my response was more like a snap than he was expecting.

"You know, I think there is a reason you can't read my thoughts, you aren't supposed to know what I'm thinking."

I looked up at his face which was a little shocked, then it turned into a mischievous grin.

"Fine," he teased. "I'll just ask you while you're sleeping."

I scowled at him. My eyebrows pulling together into a Full-on glare.

He had discovered a new trick in his eight hours of watching me sleep every night. If he wanted to know something without any "editing" he could ask my unconscious form right at the beginning of my sleep talking. I only know this because I had once woken up to him sitting in my rocking chair looking out the window asking me what my real feelings about Mike Newton were.

"He's pretty sexy," I murmured glaring at his silhouette against the window. I enjoyed a few seconds of his shock, temper and other emotions before he realized I was awake.

I was leaning up on my elbows smiling at his face. He glared and crouched down and pounced onto my bed pinning my arms down on either side of my face and I was laughing in whispers at him. Then he leaned down and kissed me.

And as I had somehow convinced Charlie to let me spent the night with "Alice" he could definitely do just that, with probably his whole family able to hear my answers. Great.

"That's incredibly unfair." I pointed out sighing. I was now effortlessly waltzing.

"Yet incredibly useful," he beamed wickedly.

That's when I looked around us and noticed most everyone had left except for us and his brothers and sisters.

"We should move this party outside," Alice giggled watching Emmett and Rosalie passionately kiss.

Edward took me in his arms and lifted me so his biceps wrapped around my waste lifting me a foot off the ground so he could kiss the hollow at the base of my neck. I exhaled heavily relaxing and becoming completely limp in his arms. I let my head fall back exposing all of my neck to him and arched my back placing my arms around his neck concentrating on breathing. He was walking now. The cool air felt and smelled amazing, fresh, it had just finished raining. I felt him smile against my skin as I drew a ragged breath. He loosened his arms and I slid closer to the ground as he continued to kiss up my neck ending at the hollow beneath my ear as my toes touched the wet grass. Behind him I saw Alice and Jasper holding hands looking like models on a runway walking our way. Emmett and Rosalie were somewhere nearby.

We were in the forest now, surrounded by all the gorgeous trees and greenery bathed in moonlight. It was beautiful.

But it couldn't compare to Edward right now, this night. He was undoubtedly the most beautiful of his brothers, but him in that black tux, with the moonlight hitting his smooth white skin, illuminating his gold eyes. WOW.

"Did you have a good time tonight?" he asked disrupting me from my ogling.

I replied, "I was with you." I felt that pretty much summed it up.

"So I take that as a yes?" he smiled but his eyes searching mine curiously.

"Of course she means yes Edward." Alice consoled him knowing me well enough to announce my thoughts. Her and Jasper were sitting down on the grass, Alice sitting with her legs crossed in front of him and between his legs that were outstretched, where her arms rested. Edward and I sat mimicking their position. Edward slipped his arms under mine pulling me closer to him. I smiled.

"So, have you told her Edward?" Alice asked.

"Told me what?" I asked looking back at Edward. He was glaring daggers at Alice. When he looked at me his eyes gentled.

"I have a surprise for you when we get home." He was smiling now and I could see excitement shimmering on the surface of his eyes.

"You'll like it." Alice assured, so I knew it was going to be good, she did know me incredibly well. I was really close to her and Emmett. Jasper had also grown to be a close friend and when you really knew Jasper you knew he was all about Alice. They were intensely in love, although it didn't show on the surface as much as Rosalie and Emmett.

I was in the middle of guessing what my surprise could be when Alice, Edward, and Jasper visibly stiffened. Emmett and Rosalie were instantly at our sides and Edward had lifted me up to a standing position. He then moved me behind him, the others forming a tight circle around me, their eyes darting everywhere through the forest.

"Be quiet," Edward whispered to me. "Alice?"

"I can't see him. I don't know why," answering both of his unspoken questions. Emmett and Rosalie were with us now, everyone's eyes searching the forest. Then instantly all of their eyes focused directly in front of Edward. They all turned to face his way.

From behind a tree maybe 100 meters away there was instantly a blur to another tree about five meters away from us. Instantly I knew what was happening, though I had been guessing from the Cullen's reactions, there was another vampire with us. My thoughts instantly went to James and I squeezed Edward's hand that I had been holding. That's when he emerged, and he was gorgeous…and HUGE. He was at least 6'8", but barely thinner than Emmett. Although I had complete confidence in Emmett, and the others, I didn't think a fight was a good idea. He was just as pale as the rest of them with long, highlighted shaggy blonde hair grown just beneath his ears, his jaw was strong and he too had sharp angular features, then I noticed his eyes… a dark burgundy and I staggered a gasp, he was not a "vegetarian".

The vampire was surveying us all and then he caught sight of me. He audibly sighed and had an odd sort of pained expression on his face.

"Hello, my name is Tristan. I mean you no harm," his voice was incredibly seductive. A weak voice in my head squeaked "YOU ARE WITH EDWARD!"

"I am here because of my girlfriend," the little voice: "Yippee!" "I told her I smelled you and she wanted to meet you…especially you." He said the last part looking at me. I was now terrified and confused. Why would some random vampire want to meet me? Oh, I think I am going to throw up.

Edward gave a ferocious snarl "Who and where is your girlfriend," he growled, "Because she will be dead if she ever lays a hand on Bella!"

Tristan snarled in return, looking furious. I personally didn't think it was a good idea to mess with this guy and insulting his girlfriend obviously wasn't a good idea. Emmett and Jasper were instantly at Edward's side. Tristan only smiled.

"Wait!" called a beautiful bell-like voice. Everyone suddenly relaxed; Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie all looking very confused.

A girl had stepped forward from behind the first tree Tristan had stopped at, she was jogging towards us. Tristan ran to her at vampire speed and lifted her up into his arms to whisper something in her ear.

She suddenly said in that beautiful bell-like alto voice, "Don't be ridiculous, I am going to meet her!"

He growled something to her and she grabbed his hand and they approached us.

From 50 meters away I saw what she looked like. She was beautiful, of course, she had thick, long, really light blonde hair that went to her waist that was stick strait. She was at least 5'10" and her build was similar to Rosalie's but she was thinner. As she got closer I started to notice details, she had faint freckles that stretched from under her eyes, across her nose, but none anywhere else. Her eyes were a dark navy blue and her skin was very light…almost as light as mine. She was wearing designer jeans and a black zip-up hoodie.

When they were about 5 meters away, they stopped, and I really, saw her for the first time. She was possibly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, Rosalie couldn't compete with this. I looked at Rose and apparently she had been thinking the same thing, she was glaring at this girl like she was some kind of plague. I smiled.

Then several things about this beautiful girl's appearance started clicking into place…1)her skin was not as light as the others, 2)her eyes were blue…Dear God! She was HUMAN! My jaw dropped and I just stared at her, the others doing the same. I looked at Edward and his mouth was open slightly as well, then he looked at me and smiled.

"Hello," said the bell-like voice to me. "My name is Aurora. Tristan didn't introduce me very well." She looked up at her own personal Greek god and beamed at him. "As I am sure you've noticed, I'm human."

She giggled at my expression so I closed my mouth.

"I've been looking for someone like us for a long time." she nodded at us, beaming.

"Only a year," Tristan said to her, he looked slightly less thrilled than she did at the whole situation.

"Hey, just because I'm not a hundred doesn't mean you can contradict me on everything, a year is a long time." She glared at him.

I was immediately impressed with this girl. If anyone could glare at the world's second hottest to vampire (to Edward of course) they deserved respect. He smiled and bent down to kiss her forehead.

"I know," he said in the voice of someone who had agreed with a three year old, but the kiss prevented her from noticing.

Whoa, I thought, they are like Edward and me.

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