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Chapter 14

"Aurora can be a good driver when she wants to be," I stated as Edward followed the black Cadillac Escalade.

"That's not Aurora driving," he said with a smile towards me. "It's Tristan."

"Really?" I asked sitting up a little so I could peer through the rear window of the Escalade in front of us.

"Bella! Don't move!" Alice said in a stern voice.

The figure driving looked very tall. "I thought Aurora was the one who drove." I commented, leaning back in the reclined passenger seat. Alice resumed braiding my hair, being a little rougher than before.

"Tristan had that argument settled before it started," said Edward with a quick grin. "She wanted to drive, naturally, but he reminded her that she gets to drive in the United States, he gets foreign countries."

That brought a smile to my face. I am sure Aurora agreed to that contract reluctantly. I could almost picture the fight. Then I thought over Edward's exact words. "Foreign countries?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

He shrugged, keeping his eyes on the road as we followed the black Cadillac, doing a right turn. "They have traveled a bit, I think."

"Will we get to do that?" I asked, barely hiding the hope in my voice.

He looked at me and he was full out smiling, teeth gleaning with the red of the traffic lights. "Anywhere you want to go," he said. He reached over and grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I smiled at him and then thought that through.

"We are definitely not going by plane," I said bitterly. I glared out the windshield.

"Well we aren't going by boat, too many men that haven't seen dry land for awhile," he copied my pose and I almost laughed.

"That sounds like fun," Alice chirped from behind me. She was now combing out the braids she had put in my hair.

"Not as fun as the plane," Jasper said to her, looking straight ahead. Alice's jaw dropped open and she glared at him for a few seconds before turning her head around to face forward. "You know I'm joking Alice, just like you were," he said, finally turning to her with a grin.

"Was I?" was all she said, not looking at him. It was Jasper's turn to glare.

We pulled into the circular drive way of a huge and brightly lit up hotel with beautiful landscaping and a fountain in the little island the drive went around. I sighed after getting over the initial awe. The Cullens always spent too much money when we could have easily stayed in something like the Holiday Inn.

Tristan stopped the Cadillac Escalade in front of us and people ran from the front doors to our cars. Edward put the red car we were driving in park just as the people hit us. My car door was opened for me and a gloved hand offered. I took the hand, thankful of the glove between warm living skin and my cold fingers. I was 'helped' out of the car by a young man who wasn't exactly beautiful, but pleasing to the eyes.

He visibly swallowed as I looked at him. His eyes were wide but as they slowly traveled down my body they got wider. I gently took my hand back and stepped away from him, giving him a small polite smile. I wasn't used to this sort of attention. It was kind of nice to know I was thought of as attractive but having a man you don't know give you a long slow body scan. No thanks.

"Are you okay?" I heard Aurora's bell-like alto voice ring through the silence the man and I were in.

I turned to look in Aurora's direction and so did the stunned man who helped me out of the car. I felt Edward beside me as he slowly slipped an arm around my waist. His long white fingers came to a rest on my stomach, holding me to him possessively.

Aurora had obviously been helped out of the car also. She was leaning in to look at a man who had fallen over on the ground. He wasn't as handsome as the one who helped me out of the car, but good-looking enough to get good tips from women in their thirties and up who discretely pinch the young men's butts.

"I think he's fainted," came Esme's concerned voice. Carlisle knelt down on the ground beside the man and checked his pulse and pulled up his eyelids. Another man standing beside his fallen comrade stepped forward, glaring at Carlisle.

"What are you doing to him?" he asked. The man obviously wasn't very bright.

"It's alright, I'm a doctor," Carlisle said calmly. Edward gave me a little nudge in their direction and we started walking forward. Edward turned back and handed the car keys to the man who helped me out. I heard the ground crunch slightly behind us and knew Alice and Jasper were following.

We reached the others and Carlisle started to prod the unconscious man with his index finger. "Sir…" the man stirred a little and groaned. Carlisle looked up to the man who had glared at him protectively earlier. "He doesn't have a concussion but he may have a headache," he said, helping the fallen man to his feet.

The man's forehead was scrunched up in pain and he lifted a hand to his head and rubbed the back of it for a few seconds before opening his eyes. His eyes grew very wide as he took all of us in, flicking from face to face. His eyes settled on Aurora, then looked up at Tristan standing beside her, then back down to Aurora. He blinked a couple times and turned around and away from Carlisle and headed back inside, mumbling something in French.

Tristan handed the Escalade's keys over to a man near us and headed for the door, pulling Aurora with him. Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme and I followed. We went up to the front counter wherer a cute little fake-blonde receptionist gave us our keys and somehow managed to bat her eyelashes at the same time. Tristan handed each of the couples their room keys and swept Aurora up in his arms and started heading down a large corridor on the left. I raised my eyebrows slightly as her musical laughter rang out.

"Do you want to follow them?" Edward whispered in my ear. I looked at him raising an eyebrow.

"As lovely as that sounds I don't want to see that," I said in a warning tone.

He rolled his eyes at me and sighed. "They aren't going to have sex, Bella," he said and my eyes got very wide.

"Shut up," I breathed, casting my eyes around the room to look if anyone was giving us strange looks. The receptionist had her eyes firmly planted on Edward but she appeared to be daydreaming and wasn't taking in a word we said.

"I read his mind, they are headed for the ballroom," he whispered, taking my hand and leading me in the direction Tristan and Aurora disappeared in. We came to large white double doors and Edward reached out his hand to open them. He tried turning the knob but the doors were locked. His brow scrunched up in frustration.

I lifted my hand and knocked on the door. "Who is it?" came Tristan's deep booming voice.

"Edward and me," I said and the next thing I knew Aurora was standing in front of me, only centimeters from my face, smiling a smile that could brighten the world.

"Come to join the fun?" she asked me. I smiled and nodded, I didn't know what she meant by 'fun' but she looked excited. "Good, Tristan and I do better when we have competition." I didn't like the sound of that.

"What do you mean by competition?" I asked her as we walked into the large, vaulted ceilings of the ballroom with its shining dark wood floor. "And why are we in a ballroom?"

"Competition: Edward and you verse Tristan and me, but I have to warn you…" she glanced at me over her shoulder, tossing her hair out of the way. She was giving me a wicked grin. "We're good," she said in a voice that was almost a growl, she let her red eyes flash and winked before turning back to Tristan.

"Is that a challenge," Edward asked and I could hear the laughter in his voice.

"Yes," said Tristan, looking up from Aurora.

"What kind of challenge?" I asked, feeling excited yet wary at the same time.

"Dancing," Aurora said. That one word drained the enthusiasm out of me.

"I can't dance," I said, backing up towards the door. I backed into something solid. I turned around to see Edward there, cutting off my escape. He grinned down at me.

"Well you're going to learn," he said, his voice full of authority.

I felt some pressure up against my back and Edward took my hands and placed one on his shoulder. I smelt the intoxicating aroma of Aurora. She was pressing into me.

"Relax and lean back on me," she said, and I did. "I am going to move you and you just follow my lead, okay?" she asked me.

Edward grinned down at me and I knew he was happy to have an excuse to be this close to me. "Ready?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and nodded. He stepped back and my leg that was pressed up against Aurora's was pushed forward as she stepped into him. I saw Tristan sitting on the floor, watching us.

This continued for about a half an hour, the moves getting more complex by the minute. Edward would lead and I would follow with the nudges of Aurora directing me. Tristan would watch and give advice and corrections to help me out. I memorized the movements quickly and Aurora stepped away and I danced with Edward on my own.

Tristan and Aurora danced beside us, mimicking our movements to perfection. Soon they broke away and started to move faster and to more complicated steps than the simple ones I had memorized in about 5 minutes. Their bodies were twisting and spinning and their unnecessary breath became labored. Edward and I stopped and watched them from across the ballroom as they moved fluidly and sensually. Tristan dipped Aurora back and her arms hung to her sides, clutching his forearms and her back made a U shape I cringed at. He snapped her back up and held onto her before spinning her back out again. Always quickly bringing her back in.

Her leg came up and curled around his hip and he stepped back. She let the other leg stay back and he dragged out her body so she was almost doing the splits. He reached out and grabbed her other leg and pulled it around his waist as well. They started kissing passionately and all dancing was put on hold.

I looked back at Edward and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled and pulled me close to him, almost roughly. He reached up with one hand and brushed the hair out of my face, the other hand was holding me firmly to him. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't get away.

He started kissing my neck slowly, dragging out each movement into a century. He reached the corner of my jaw and paused, listening to my breathing that had become faster. He started going back down my neck and I felt his smile against my skin.

"Edward," I growled. He was doing it on purpose.

He chuckled in my ear. "Patience," he whispered, making my knees go weak.

"Don't tease her Edward," came Aurora's voice. "Or I'm going to teach her the best ways to tease back. I lived with a vampire for a whole year, you know, and you learn things."

That got my attention. "What things?" I asked.

"Vampires find all pulse points seductive," she stated from behind me. "As you can see Edward likes your neck, I'd try turtleneck sweaters," she said and I could almost imagine the wicked grin she was giving Edward. Edward was glaring at her from over my shoulder.

She continued on though, not heeding his warning look. "Also, they like our natural smell. Try showering often, and wear lots of bracelets, covering up another pulse point."

"Okay, that's enough," said Edward, he started pulling me out of the room. I stayed put though.

"Have any turtleneck sweaters?" I asked Aurora.

She grinned at me. "Lots."

Tristan threw Aurora over his shoulder. She protested loudly but he talked over her. "I knew you did that on purpose! I hope this hotel is okay with bonfires in the courtyard." He started to walk out the door with a kicking Aurora on his shoulder. Suddenly Carlisle was at the door looking at Tristan and Aurora in confusion and then looking away with an 'I-don't-even-want-to-know' expression. I saw the rest of the Cullens behind him.

"Edward, Tristan, the sun has just gone down. We have to go now." Carlisle voice was calm and cool but I had a feeling it was forced.

"Where are we going?" Aurora asked from her hanging position on Tristan's shoulder. Tristan's face was blank and he looked so serious compared to a few minutes ago. He didn't even bother to move Aurora as he answered her.

"You aren't going anywhere," his voice was so full of authority I wanted to step back. This wasn't open to discussion.

Aurora's face was incredulous as she hung there. "Put me down," she said, her tone matching Tristan's. I mentally prepared myself for an argument. He put her back on the ground in front of him slowly.

"What do you mean I'm not going?" she asked, her voice was as sharp as a knife.

"You are staying here," he answered, glaring into her eyes. I could see he was challenging her to argue. I prepared my ears for yelling.

"No I'm not, where you go I go," it didn't come out as a yell, just a deadly quiet whisper that let the Cullens and I know she was fighting to control herself.

"Not this time, Aurora," he said still looking intensely into her eyes. I didn't understand why Aurora wasn't going to come with us to wherever it was we were going.

She looked more hurt than angry now. "Why?" she asked, her voice dry. She was definitely still mad.

"It could be dangerous," he stated. He reached his hands up and cupped her face in them. Her glare disappeared and she looked calmer.

"I can handle danger," she said with a small smile.

"I know you can Rory," he said. "But you are the divintas tutela and we are going to go find Victor now, we can't bring you to him or he will take you," he explained. That made me think as well.

"Am I going?" I asked.

Edward rounded on me. His face was shocked. "Definitely not," he said, no arguing. I couldn't really fight it now anyway; Aurora just had the whole thing explained for us.

"What are we going to do?" I asked him. "Sit here and wait?"

"Practice your dancing," he suggested with a smile. I glared my response.

"Well, we should be going now," said Jasper. Edward pulled me to him and I squeaked as he hugged me tightly and his lips crashed down on mine. When he pulled away I was tempted to pull him back. Tristan placed Aurora down on the floor next to me after their physical farewell. He placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled and then he turned around and headed out the door after Edward and his family.

I heard Aurora sigh next to me. "What do you want to do?" her voice was depressed; she sounded like she didn't want to do anything at all.

I placed my hands on her shoulders, making her face me. "I want to practice dancing," I said. Her head snapped up at my tone and she looked my face over, taking in the wolfish grin I was giving her. She raised an eyebrow at me. "I haven't seen the nightlife of Paris…" I continued and her face lit up with a wicked smile. "Care to show me a few clubs?"

She leaped forward and encased me in a bone-crushing hug. "Oh, Bella, I have worn off on you, thank god!" she exclaimed. She pulled back and her smile was even wider. "We have to go get ready!"

Next thing I knew I was yanked around and half dragged to an elevator. Aurora punched the button and tapped her foot impatiently. I was starting to rethink my plan, what did she mean by 'get ready'? And I didn't like the look on her face when she said it.

The elevator doors opened and I was pushed in. She slammed her fist into our floor number and hit the close door button repeatedly. The doors shut and we started moving upwards. "This thing is so slow," she said, sounding frustrated.

"What do you mean by 'get ready'?" I finally asked.

"Don't worry, just clothes," she said, waving her hand dismissively and looking up at the elevator ceiling as if that would make us go faster. "We don't need any make-up. I'm just going to leave my hair like this; you can do whatever you want though."

I sighed in relief and remembered prom with Alice. My hair had been pulled and curled and I had make-up to wash off in the morning that felt like glue. I wasn't going to miss that at all.

The elevator finally came to a stop and Aurora rushed up to the door, grabbing my hand. I could here her hold her breath as she waited for the doors to open. They took a couple seconds before they did and she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. Then we were running again and she abruptly stopped before a door. I ran into her and we tumbled over. We both picked ourselves up without a word and she slid the card into the mechanical lock and the door was opened. The room was huge, even bigger than I expected it to be.

"You should leave your jeans on but you can borrow one of my tops," Aurora's voice came from somewhere within the large room.

"Do you think I would fit in them?" I called out, walking away from the door and into the room that was more like a large apartment. Instantly she was in front of me.

"Of course you will," she handed me a white tube top with a black skull over the left breast that had little black hearts in disarray around it. She had a black and white horizontal striped corset thing with the top looking like the top of a decorative heart, curving over her chest. She then handed me a strapless bra.

"I don't think I am going to fit into your bra," I said honestly.

"I haven't used that one since I was sixteen," she said shrugging. Thanks, now I feel better, I thought. "It has been shrunk a lot too, Tristan can not do laundry," she said the last part with a sad smile and I could tell she was worried about him.

I was worried about Edward too. "They'll be fine," I said and she nodded at me, forcing a brighter smile.

"Go try that on, I want to see what you look like," she said and ushered me into a bathroom. I slipped out of my top and pulled on the strapless bra. It fit. I pulled the tight tube top on over it and it fit well also. I came out of the bathroom and she smiled at me.

"You look gorgeous, let's go," and with that we were heading out the door. We chose to take the grand staircase this time because Aurora refused to get in the elevator. We walked down quickly, Aurora was almost skipping.

Everyone in the lobby stopped moving as we became visible. Aurora slowed her pace next to me and started speaking in hums. "So Edward and Tristan will definitely know we left when they come back, fabulous. Why don't they stop staring? Don't they have any clue that that is rude," her voice was venomous.

"How will they know we left?" I asked her, keeping my head down.

"Edward reads minds right?" she asked, holding her head high.

"Yes," I answered curtly.

"Do you think these idiots are going to forget seeing us leave," she said, it wasn't a question. "Especially when they see the others come back, even these humans aren't stupid enough to not see the similarities."

It was dawning on me too now. When the people that work here see Edward and the others come back the first thoughts to pop into their heads will probably be wow, I saw two girls that look sort of like them leave here a while ago. The ones that saw us together with the Cullens would only think those thoughts sooner.

"Well," said Aurora in a nervous voice next to me as we reached to bottom of the stairs, movement still had not resumed. "They never said we couldn't leave." She and I both knew that was only a loophole and Edward and Tristan wouldn't like us leaving.

"We could always come back sooner," Aurora suggested.

"Unless we turn around right now these people are going to be thinking we left, which will tell Edward we left, it wouldn't matter how long," I said.

"What do you want to do?" she asked. "I still want to show you Paris."

"Okay then," I swallowed. We were almost to the doors now.

"They won't get that mad," Aurora said confidently, we were no longer talking in hums. I could see she was putting on a brave front, it was probably for me. She reached out and pushed the glass doors open and we both stepped outside.

The night air wasn't as full of the smell of human blood as the hotel was. I sighed in relief. I still wasn't thirsty but I did find the smell appetizing, to say the least.

"Where are we going?" I asked her, I was already going to get in trouble so it didn't matter what happened now.

"Wherever you want to go, ma chere," she said linking her arm with mine. She looked up at the sky and spun us around. "We are in Paris!" she exclaimed, stopping passerby who hadn't already stopped when they noticed us. I loved the way she pronounced Paris, she said it with the French accent and it came out Parie.

She smiled up at the sky and closed her eyes and I barely caught her next words, even with my heightened hearing. "I'm home." There was a lot of emotion in those two words.

She inhaled the air deeply before she looked away from the sky, focusing her attention back to me. She gave me a genuine smile and I felt drawn into her, when she smiled like that it was like a drug and you just wanted to have part of it. Have part of her. She was looking into my eyes with her water clear ones and I felt like I was fixed in the stare of a God, a being above my reach.

"Come on, ma chere," she said, looking away from me and staring ahead. "The city awaits us."

And with that the spell of her eyes was broken and I snapped back into present time and reality. She pulled me along the side walk and I quickly started to move my legs for myself. It took us only minutes to find a club we wanted and absolutely no time at all to get in. We were standing in the line casually when a large man with a clipboard and a small phone attached to his ear came to a stop before us. He had been talking on it when he saw us and stopped talking while the person on the other end rambled on. He pointed to Aurora and me and gestured for us to get out of the line. He placed the clipboard he had under his arm and placed a hand on the small of our backs and led us in.

"That was easy," I commented.

"It's not usually that easy," Aurora said. "Normally you have to flip your hair first or something," she finished with a wicked grin.

The club was loud and dark and you had to go down some stairs to get to the dance floor. I walked over to the stainless steel balcony and leaned over it. In the middle of the jumping young people I saw three men, they all had girls throwing themselves at them. Aurora laughed and I looked over at her. She was looking at the men too.

"What do you say?" she said gesturing casually at the dance floor.

"Sure, we can't drink in here without getting arrested," I said with a smile.

"Or the possibility of a mass panic," she played back. The strobe light was reflecting off her teeth as she smiled.

"Well then, let's go," I said. The excitement was building in me. I was more confident about dancing than I ever was before. I had more grace than any normal human so I was pretty sure I couldn't make a fool out of myself.

We reached the floor and I stopped on the edge of the dancing people. Aurora grabbed my hand and pulled me into them. Quiet spread from where we started to push through people but neither of us looked back and kept plunging further in. Soon the crazed humans we had left quiet returned to their dancing and I saw a couple guys elbow their friends. Some of them even followed us.

We stopped at the edge of the tight knot of girls that were throwing themselves at the three men. Aurora pulled me up against her and we started dancing with each other. I felt hands come around my waist and a chest come even with my shoulders. I could smell the sweat and cologne mix on him, but even that couldn't cover the smell of his blood. I felt it in his fingertips, the weak pulse--ever steady in those of the living. Aurora was still dancing in front of me and she smiled up at me.

She leaned into my ear and her alluring smell helped block out the scent of blood. "He's cute," she said and pulled back from me. I glared at her and then I started to worry. Is this cheating?

I leaned into Aurora and asked her. "No," was her firm reply. "Anything intimate like holding his hand would be though, as long as you keep it merely sexual it isn't cheating."

Keep it sexual and it isn't cheating, I thought …the girl is losing it, big time.

Aurora soon had a guy's arms around her waist too and we were starting to get pulled apart. Both of our partners where backing up. I didn't exactly want to be alone with a human and I could tell Aurora didn't either. We grabbed onto each others hands and held tight so they couldn't pull us farther away from each other. Soon the song was over but neither guy removed his hands from our waists and we gave each other knowing smiles.

In the pause between the song that ended and the next one, one of the three men from the knot of lunging women made it out. He had one girl under each arm. I noticed that he was incredibly good looking. He tossed his head back laughing and he caught me staring at him. His eyes lingered on me and a slow smile came to his face. He lifted his arms off the women and dove back into the knot. He came back out seconds later, dragging another one of the men, this man was also very very good looking but he looked a little angry. The first man put his hand on the second man's jaw and turned his head in our direction.

This man's eyes came to me and then turned to Aurora, a grin breaking out on his face also.

Aurora wasn't watching any of this; her eyes were currently on the ground while she moved her hips with the man behind her. I squeezed her hand as I saw the men walking towards us. She looked up at me and saw I wasn't dancing with the guy who was still clutching my hips to his. I jerked my head in the men's direction and she looked over.

As she looked over the men's smiles grew very large. "Shit!" I heard her say, though I didn't understand why.

The knot of women were starting to realize two of their men had gotten away though and quite a few hands grabbed at their arms; pulling them back in. They turned around to push them off and Aurora grabbed my hand and roughly pulled us away. We were going rather fast.

"Aurora, what's wrong?" I asked as we ran through another crowd of people.

She didn't get to answer that though as we both ran into something solid and cold. I fell back and hit my butt and let go of Aurora's hand to break the fall. I looked up into the two handsome faces of the men Aurora and I had just run from. There was no way any human could have got in front of us. The one standing before me reached down and grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. I was standing and he still didn't let go. I started to panic and attempted to yank my arm free. His grip just became tighter.

"Why did you run?" asked the man who was holding onto Aurora. He had a British accent.

"Because you don't have a heart beat, love," answered Aurora.

The one holding my wrist laughed. "Neither do you," he said as he reached his hand up and let it come to a rest on the left side of my neck. I shuddered and that made his smile go wider.

"But we do have boyfriends," Aurora said firmly.

"They aren't here though, are they?" said the one with the British accent standing in front of Aurora. "My name's Jon and I promise I won't tell your boyfriend what you and I are going to do tonight." That wasn't good. Aurora glared at him and I tried to pull free again.

"Let go," I said, suddenly wishing we had never left the hotel. I was pulled closer to the vampire and he buried his face in my neck. I could feel his teeth as he smiled wide against the skin.

"Let's dance," he whispered. I was being backed up, back onto the dance floor. His leg came up between mine and we both started moving to the music. I was looking for an escape route the entire time I was playing along, pretending to give in and dance with him. Aurora seemed to be doing the same thing, her head was darting around in several directions as her hips swayed and rolled. We were like this for the next few songs and I noticed several girls giving us dirty looks as I searched for an easy exit. I would gladly swap you places, I thought, seeing each of them, free to go where they want at the moment. Then as we swerved my eyes landed on the main door, I froze and the vampire I was being forced to dance with looked up and followed my eyes.

"Fuck," is all I said and that pretty much summed it up. If I had a heart beat it would be going very fast and I probably would have fainted.

Aurora's attention turned to me at my foul language and she followed my gaze to the door. She froze too.

"We. Are. So. Dead." It came out in chunks as she had to take in a small gasp of air between each word, her eyes never leaving the door. She looked as terrified as I felt. "Should we run?" she asked me, eyes still locked on Edward and Tristan, who looked murderous.

They seemed to have heard her because Tristan slowly shook his head 'no', his eyes never leaving her. Panic was taking over more so now than anything as Edward gazed steadily at me. Before, I knew that if these two random vampires truly tried to do anything we didn't want them to Aurora and I could always use our offensive gifts. I didn't use mine before with the hope we could get away in a place a little less public. This time…this time nothing was going to help us. We were going to be in very big trouble.

My feet very much wanted to take Aurora up on the offer of running. The two vampires who had trapped us were looking at our boyfriends as if it was no big deal and they were still holding onto us in certain places I knew were making Edward angrier.

"Which one of you girls belongs to the tall one?" asked Jon.

"Me," Aurora squeaked. Then her voice got very quiet and I didn't think Edward and Tristan could hear her above the pounding music. "It would be a very good idea if you let go of us now. Bella, we are going to make a run for it… give them time to cool down," she said this from behind Jon who had dropped his hands off her. "I suggest you run too," she said, her eyes meeting his and for the first time leaving Tristan's. "And I don't think you should go in the same direction as us."

Jon nodded slightly and I could tell he looked nervous now, he had been dancing with the 'tall one's' girlfriend. Tristan and Edward must have guessed something was up because they started heading down the stairs. Aurora's eyes went back to them and she reached over to me. I took her hand.

"On the count of three," I whispered. "One…two…three!" we broke apart and they headed to my right and we ran to a door at our left. We pushed through people and almost de-hinged the door we hit it so hard. We were in a back alley. There was almost no time to decide where we were going to go and of course we both chose the opposite direction and nearly pulled each others arms out of the socket. She ran my way in the end and I was instantly being pulled along. She had to be even more scared then she was letting on. I could almost sense the panic that gripped her in every step she took; we had never gone this fast before.

"Isabella!" I heard Edward bellow my name and I could tell he was in the alley with us. My pace increased. If they hadn't looked so mad we could have calmly explained that we didn't choose to dance with them, but then again we had also left the hotel. My pace increased more with these thoughts bouncing around in my head. I looked back to see our distance, I could see Edward and Tristan running after us, and if possible they looked even angrier than before.

"Run faster, Aurora!" I yelled and she did. We were pushing the barriers of pain with running that I had only experienced as a human. Running had always been painless when I was changed but I was pushing my vampire body to the max and actual pain was starting to come back into my life. I wanted to stop running; we couldn't do this all night. I looked back and Tristan and Edward were still the same distance away. That wasn't good, that meant they had enough anger to drive them faster.

I let my feet carry me as I tried to absorb their anger. I reached out to both of them but recoiled, wincing. I had hit a wall of fire from both of them. They were too angry to help. I tried to push my legs even faster, ignoring the new found pain.

Aurora was running to a park, I saw that. She was desperately trying to get to something green. It almost made me smile. We hit the park in a couple seconds. We had managed to run to a deserted part of town and I didn't know if that was bad or good for us. My arm almost came out of its socket again as she pulled me to a stop and crouched over me protectively, as if she was going to take the blunt of the blow.

Next thing I knew we were sitting in the dark. It was absolutely pitch black. I looked around and felt around us. Aurora had collapsed on the ground beside me and she wasn't breathing. That didn't really bother me, but this darkness did.

"What is this Aurora?" I asked.

I reached out and encountered stone. My hand followed it and traced the edges. I realized we were in a little dome of stone.

"It won't last long, if they hit it that is," she answered and her voice was shaking. "I am going to have to erect new walls every time they do. We only have 6 feet of stone separating us from them when they reach us.

It didn't take them long. The rock shuddered and Aurora started breathing again but it came in gasps. My own breath was wavering as I fought back the urge to scream. There was a wall of fire, I thought and shuddered and crouched down more into the ground, holding my arms close to my body. I didn't want to tell Aurora how very angry they were; she seemed panicked enough and didn't need that on top of it.

The dome shuddered again and Aurora cringed and wrapped her arms around her head and lowered her head to her knees.

"Stop it!" she screamed out. Her voice made me jump, it sounded so lost and afraid. I crawled over to her. "Stop it!" she screamed again and started rocking herself back and forth.

I wrapped my arms around her and started running my hand up and down her back. "It's okay, Aurora," I said softly.

They finally broke through the stone. Aurora must not have been replacing the rock they had crushed. The final layer crumbled around us and I watched as Edward and Tristan froze, taking in our strange position. Their eyes gentled and their shoulders slowly relaxed. Aurora had stopped rocking and was just shivering now. I glared up at both of them.

"Look at her," I said quietly, looking at Tristan. His eyes moved to Aurora and he frowned. His eyes looked hurt.

"Aurora… baby," he said, reaching out to her.

She looked up and saw his hand and she backed away from him and me quickly, pushing herself with her hands and feet.

"Don't," she whispered, looking away from him.

Tristan even looked scared at this point. "Aurora, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."

I felt Edward's firm grip on my upper arm and I was pulled to my feet. He didn't say anything but I could tell he was still mad, his grip was firm. I wasn't running anywhere, that was the clear message he was sending. I could tell he was just saving the yelling until Tristan got Aurora, who looked like she wanted to run again.

Aurora stopped backing up but her now red eyes darted from side to side. I could almost see her calculating her chances. She jumped up but Tristan was ready for it, he pounced on her before she even got a step in.

He pinned her arms over her head with one hand and pinned the rest of her down with his legs. He touched her face with his other hand and she cringed away from it.

"Aurora, I promise," he whispered. Edward started leading me away. "I promise," Tristan kept repeating that to her until she calmed down and started breathing again. She nodded slowly at him and he stopped crushing her into the ground and lifted her up. He was holding her in a tight embrace when we started walking again.

Tristan just lifted her up when we started to run back to our hotel. Edward never let go of my wrist. Maybe I should make like Aurora and have a mental breakdown so he'll go easy, I swept the thought quickly from my mind. What had just happened with her scared me and I didn't want to think about it. I had never seen someone that scared and even in the short amount of time I knew her I didn't think something like her was capable of feeling that way. She was always happy and I had only seen a single tear when she talked of her friends murders, and none at all when she spoke of her parents. She came across as someone very in control and just now it was as if she didn't even recognize Tristan. I could tell it had frightened him as much as it had disturbed me.

I reached out to him and took away some of his fear, 'I almost lost her' was his reasoning. I took that fear and stored it away to use as lightning when I needed it. I hoped it helped him somewhat. I desperately wanted to take some of Edward's anger but that would make him even angrier. I sighed as we stopped running right outside the doors to the hotel.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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