Dance Lessons

Plot: Draco's daughter, hates her mother, and Draco and her fight all the time. Draco's daughter can't stand it anymore and decides she needs to be with a real mother who will love her, she may just get her wish when she decides to take dance lessons.

Disclamer: I am not J.K.ROWLING, nor do I plan on being her. I own the plot, and I own Draco's daughter, Jade Malfoy.

Chapter 1: Prologue

The Malfoy Manor was quiet, no sound was coming out of the house. There was no light shining in through the windows, even when it was daylight. Narcissa Malfoy, had moved out of the Manor and into a little cottage, where she wouldn't be held prisoner in her own home by her horrible memories. Ones she wished she could forget, the abuse her husband Lucius had put her through. She knew he never loved her, nor did she, it was an arranged mariage. They had no choice. The only happiness brought to the family was a baby boy, Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Draco was brought up, by his father to hate muggle-borns and half-bloods. If he so choose to be friends with them, he'd be punished. Narcissa faught for her son as much as she could, but that wouldn't stop her husband from the beating. He would knock her down to the floor, kicking her ribs and pulling her hair, later when Draco was getting older; Lucius would inflict pain with not only abuse but with unforgivable curses. One of the most powerful death eaters, loyal servant to Lord Voldermort.

Once the war had passed, which had begun during Draco's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Draco was left feeling helpless, he could be his own person, make his own decisions, he could be friends with anyone he wanted. But he didn't. He made the mistake of not taking an offer with Professor Dumbledore, to join the Order of Pheonix. His father was on Lord Voldermort's side, and if Draco had disobeyed him, he'd be a lot worse then what had came out. At first Draco was proud, proud that the dark side was ruling over. But then got to thinking that it was just plein wrong. These deaths were wrong. There was no reason for these people to be killing each other. The blood in our veings would have always been red. There was no mud.

At the very last second before Harry James Potter had defeated the Dark Lord, Draco had killed his father. Draco didn't know what came over him to make him do what he did. He had hated his life for so long, that he just groan ammune to it. But once he realised what was right from wrong, he went against his father's morals, and brought justice to his mother. He knew what was going on, his mother was miserable, she hated her husband and she couldn't even do anything about it. Narcissa had tried so many times leaving Lucius back in the day, but the law had stated that under any circumstances that Pureblood mariages should never be allowed to divorce. But that was many years ago, and times have changed.

Draco Malfoy, now at the age of 27, was married to the one and only Pansy Parkinson, not out of love, but arranged. Before Lucius had been killed he made sure that when Draco was 18 years old, he'd be married. Not many pureblood families were left out in the wizarding world, so there wasn't that many women to choose from. But Mr. Parkinson had made a deal with Lucius concerning his dauther and his son. The papers were drawn, and the wedding had taken place the year after they had both graduated Hogwarts.

Draco never loved Pansy, once out of Hogwarts, Pansy had grown out of her girlish ways, and was a now respected women, but she neglected Draco's money for love. She had become slightly greedy, because she had never been with so much money, though she had taken a liking to Draco during the Hogwarts years, it wasn't the same.

On May 12, 2000, Jade Katherine Malfoy was born. For which it was another pureblood rule for after a year of mariage the family must reproduce a child, to become their heir. Jade had grown up with both her parents by her side. When Jade looked back on her past, she noticed that she hardly had anything in common with her mother, but was like her father in every aspect. She had long straight platinum blonde hair, and light blue eyes. Her face structure hardly looked like Pansy. Her mother would work all the time, and when she wasn't working, she'd hardly spend any time with her. Somehow Jade knew her mother loved her, even though she never once said it, she'd known for nine years now, everysince she was born, her mother neglected the fact that she exsisted.

Though her parents got on farely well when guests came over, mostly Pany's friends. But when they thought Jade was asleep, the fights began. They hardly agreed on anything. Draco spent more time with his daughter, and Jade was the one to come out of Pansy's stomach.Though Draco worked in a large coporation, creating one of a kind brooms, fast, talented, and good looking brooms. Draco sold most of his father's property, there was no need in keeping it. That had entered a huge fight with Pansy. Pansy wanted to keep the land, so she could use it to build a fashion mall of some sort, but Draco would have none of this. Even now, Draco's money was half Pansy's it was still his money no matter how much Pansy wanted to spend.

It was Pansy's decision to live in the Malfoy Manor, not Draco's, he had wanted to build the house himself with his bare hands, without magic. For some time, he wandered what just being a plein muggle would have been. They had many ressources just like wizards, but he still felt like a part of him was missing something. Even though his father was dead, his life had always been planned out. He never got too choose anything, never made any decisions about what he wanted. Draco was haunted by the memories with the manor, for he had inflicted just as much pain as his mother, but now his mother was free, she was to live in peace, no one had to make her decisions for her. Draco was stuck with a life he never wanted. Though he wished he wasn't married, but he never regreted having Jade, she was the life inside of him. He only smiled when it came to his daughter. She made him happy just seeing her happy.

At the present time, Jade was sleeping in her room, with green and silver colors around her bedroom sprouted everywhere. She had a feeling she'd be placed in Slytherin when she went to Hogwarts, she still had two years to go, so she didn't think that much on the subject. Not that she didn't mind the colors, but they weren't her favorite, she prefered to have a variety of color. But her mother had insisted it'd stay Green and Silver, so the colors remained.

Draco was in his study, reading over some textbooks, he'd bought two days ago at Flourish and Blotts. He hardly had any time to Diagon Alley, he was mostly at the office or cooped up at home. Pansy was asleep at this time. Draco glanced at his watch, it read 12:05 am, he knew he should have gone to bed already, but he wasn't tired but he also knew he had work in the morning and needed to be there for 7am. He tried going to bed earlier but he just kept tossing and turning, Pansy kept telling him to stop moving, but it wasn't like Draco could help it. He got out of bed and went into his study, where he felt at peace, there was no one there to distract him. Here felt he could breathe once more. He hated his house, he hated his father, he hated himself for being so cruel.

Sometimes he'd be drawn to memories from his school years, he thought back to when he'd tease and mock everyone, thinking he was always superior but he wasn't. Not one bit! He felt guilty for all the trouble he had caused, he wished he could say sorry, but he just didn't know how. He wondered how everyone is doing comparing his life to theirs, he was sure that theirs were perfect. He knew that Potter had married the she-weazel, not that he was surprised. He realised the past was in the past and there was no point in dwelling it anymore. If he had ever came across someone he knew from Hogwarts, he'd made a promise to himself, he'd never stick to his old Malfoy ways. He always knew what everyone thought about it, even if they whispered it, he could still hear it. He didn't want people to hate him, he wanted to be respected, was that so hard to everyone to accept. Draco knew he had changed in some way, whether it be good or bad, he had changed. He knew for one thing, Pansy didn't like it and that was fine enough for him.


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