Arkham Asylum Literary Times Vol. XVI Wednesday, June 18

Spring Haiku Octet
By Unkie Joker

thin willowy stocks
pearly beads, glistening butter
I eat my green beans

rain on summer grass
dark clouds hide heaven's bright rays
never get to see sun

egg carton tulips
bloom fast in mid morning light
institution blue

a long journey
on unfeeling grey slate road
back to dark padded cell

sweet robin red-breast
how I long to strangle that stupid kid with his cocky grin why wont he just die already.
feathers barely ruffled

die, die die, die die
die robin die. Horribly.
gods sakes just freaking die.

the wounded wolf howls
strains carried on the night wind
shut your damned pie hole.

Author's note: I would like to thank everyone responsible for selecting "Sonnet To Myself" as this year's poetry award recipient. I was proud to represent the Criminally Insane wing this year, and I hope my new work does not do anything to harm your confidence in me. Poetry, like death, is an art never truly perfected and we must always challenge ourselves to greater heights.

On a separate note, this octet would have been better suited to the May issue, but I was otherwise distracted with the killing of the entire population of a small Latin American country. The editor better start accepting late submissions, if he knows what's good for him.

--Mr. J

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