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It was one of those moments where he could just sit there—unusually alone—under the huge oak tree on the Hogwarts ground, with the autumn leaves falling down like the snow did last winter and both his legs extended in front of him; eyes behind round glasses half-covered by his long, messy black hair and his red and yellow scarf covering his neck.

What a wonderful view.

Pink lips that covered straight white teeth, creamy skin that exposes a few cute freckles across the bridge of her nose and her red hair pulled up midway into a pony tail. What a work of art; he could just admire her with this huge distance between them.

She, opposite direction to him, was reading her Charms book alone. Her arms hugging her upper body part with her thick cotton sweater which's hand length is much too big for her short arms; caught up in concentration of the words displayed before her.

He never knew what she's thinking. He wishes he does. He wishes he really does.

And then her focus dazed slightly, now aware of the pair of eyes staring at her from somewhere near the oak tree. Or below the oak tree. Doesn't matter from where but what's important is the eyes are there.

Five seconds eye contest occurred and an intense electric spark could be felt between them both. Body now warm out of nerve and brain refusing to work during those five seconds of eye contact. She withdrew her eyes, her cheeks flushing like the colour of a rose and covered her mouth with the extra length of her sleeve and she smiled behind them. Pink lips and white straight teeth now covered by cotton.

He was an arse once, but some past behaviour are left as history. Never to be told again.

He stood up from his position under his favourite tree, build up his strength for his legs to advance forward. Now is the time. His time to shine; forgetting (some of) his past antics because he wants her. He has nothing to lose.


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-This was supposed to be an original fic. A lot of additions here and there, it somehow fits the criteria of James and Lily; so, I changed it.

-First attempt of James and Lily.

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