"Well Jack," Sora said, in front of Guillotine Gate, hands behind head. "It was good to catch up again. Give my regards to Oogie Boogie next time you clean up his pieces, yeah?" His blue eyes glinted with the amusement of a joke between friends.

Jack Skellington extended one bony hand with a dramatic flourish and a wide smile that should have been impossible on a face like his. "Always a pleasure when you visit, Keyblade Master," he announced in an impressive booming voice. "maybe you'll come for Christmas one year?"

After extractions of promises to visit more often, a bouquet of forget-me-nots from a grateful Sally who'd had to be rescued yet again from the clutches of the "Great White Sack" or Oogie Boogie, as Sora often taunted him during a battle nowadays, and offers of "Stay another night! We're having another Pumpkin-Scoffing Contest!" Sora and ghoulish company- Donald and Goofy, bedecked in Halloween finery- finally made it through the gate to where the Gummi Ship stood in patient inertia. The Mayor of Halloween Town turned a smiling face toward the trio as they hurried past; Sora and Goofy pretended not to see it, leaving Donald to mutter roughshod farewells and escape after his fleeing partners with an exasperated squawk.

A dog barked soundlessly at their passing, and the three happily acknowledged the mutt, having always loved Jack's special ghost pet Zero. The flickering lantern lights along the way made his spectral form seem even more insubstantial than usual; he made no move to follow them as the trio finally reached the ship.

Sora blinked as Donald boarded, squinting suspiciously into the shadows along the stone wall, and motioned Goofy aboard too before stepping forward. "What do you want?" He asked loudly, hand going to the hilt of his Pumpkin Head Keyblade.

A little titter came from the shadows, and first Barrel, then Shock and Lock, the latter obviously pushing the former, stumbled forward.

"What do you want?" The authorative Keyblade Master asked again.

A louder giggle came form Lock, and she clamped a hand over her mouth.

Sora grasped the handle of his Keyblade. "What?"

Lock took a deep breath. "O-M-G," she said, pointing at his Gummi Ship's number plate.

Shock piped in "W-T-F," with a smirk.

"B-B-Q!" Barrel finished off.

"Oh-my-god-what-the-fuck-bar-be-que!" All three chimed in unison, promptly bursting into giggles and scattering before Sora could unleash any possible retribution upon the mischievous three.

Sora scowled with a sigh. Kids today have no maturity, he thought, scratching his spiky brown head.

Sora actually didn't have any say in his number plate- the chipmunks gave it to him with the make of Gummi he wanted. And being Sora, he didn't work out what the plate meant until a sniggering crowd at the Coliseum informed him- at Keyblade point.

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