When Inuyasha sleeps, sometimes, he dreams.

Sometimes, he dreams about the past, about smiling, crying mothers and cruel people and a boy who couldn't understand he wasn't the same as everyone else.

Sometimes, he dreams about possibilities- he dreams about what ifs, about what might be and what could be.

He dreams of a place where Kikyo didn't die and he wasn't trapped, where Onigumo burned up and died somewhere and was forgotten forever and he was human and died after Kikyo, both of them old and gray.

Other nights, he dreams of a world where Kagome never fell down the well, and he slept forever and ever until she found him in her own world, her own time and they lived happy.

And others, others he dreams of never meeting either and simply wandering and fighting and living until he's killed by another youkai, usually Sesshomaru- just because Sesshomaru is a bastard, doesn't mean that his half brother isn't someone that he wouldn't want to die fighting against.

And still others, he lives in a world where his father lived, where Sesshomaru hated him but could do nothing, where his mother lived long and died happy and smiling, and he never heard of a priestess named Kikyo or a lost girl named Kagome.

And in another, he was born a squalling human infant, lived as a boy, and died as a man.

Sometimes, he dreams of a place where he is happy.

When he wakes, however, he is already there.