Chapter 4

"So kakashi"? Sasuke said in an intresting tone "where are we going"?

" Good Question sasuke we are going to…"kakashi said "THE BEACH".

"…." Sasuke replied

"YAY" Naruto said "wait we didn't bring anything".

" Yeah but your sensei's and I did" kakashi said with a smirk.

"So that's why you had us write down our sizes" sakura replied

"Yeah and none of you can refuse not to go the beach Hokage made it a mission" Gai said.

Inner sasuke-FUCK-

A few hours later they were at the beach already dressed in their bathing suits Neji had woke up for 5 minutes to put on his bathing suit -witch it was black-.

Sasuke was very pissed he just sat there in the blue bathing suit that was bought for him,

Sakura enjoyed the bathing suit it was a two-piece it was pink with white flowers on it,

Naruto just had a green bathing suit like always, tenten had a black two-piece with little kunai on it, and ino had a baby blue bathing suit with little stars.

Shikamaru had a dark blue bathing suit kakashi had black with that book of his decorated on it Gai and lee had the same exact bathing suit with a turtle on it.

The girls are playing in the water

"INO" sakura laughed and the other girls joined in ino had a small sand crab on her nose naruto started laughing sasuke looked as if he were going to shoot them all, Neji was laid on a towel with their umbrella above him kakashi was reading his MAKE OUT PARADISE book sasuke decided to swim and naruto of course fell asleep.

Gai and lee were off somewhere probly playing with the turtles –poor turtles –

As sasuke swam he felt him grab something on accident when he looked up it turned out he had sakura by the waist sakura blushing madly almost passed out by the fact sasuke grabbed her the waist sasuke trying not to blush and keep that smile from coming out but it came out and sakura passed out and sasuke swam away.

End of chapter 4 as they say shot and sweet!