I was waiting for the bus when I had the mental image (described at the end) appear in my mind and I just had to type it out. This is not connected to my 30 nights series as it doesn't fit any theme. It's post AC, silly, pointless and hopefully funny. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: You should know by now that I don't own them, at least until I manage to scrub enough money to buy Squarenix.


I am standing in Tifa's bar. It isn't an unusual situation, though more often I am sitting in Tifa's bar. But right now I am standing. And guess who's standing right in front of me? Uh-uh. It isn't Vincent. Guess again... Just kidding. It is Vincent. I had you confused there for a moment, didn't I? Anyway, we are standing, facing each other and how very convenient, there is no other living soul in the room with us. Tension is so thick you could cut it with a point of my shuriken.

His right hand is on my left shoulder and his left grips my waist and pulls me closer. I, in turn, put my arms around his neck (have to stand on tiptoes, he's so goddamn tall) and turns my face up. He bends his head and I know... oh god, Vincent Valentine is going to kiss me... my mind almost shortcircuits and I hold my breath... why do I feel mint in my mouth? Shit!

I totally forgot about it. Shit, shit, shit. I doubt the kiss is going to be openmouthed, tongues-in-each-other-throat type but if I get that lucky, this will ruin it and I will die of embarassment and if I won't than I'll have to kill myself because there is no way to survive the utter humiliation that awaits me once...

I love that little part of my brain that is ignored for most of the time but sometimes comes with sensible suggestions, like right now.

"Wait," I stop Vincent. He does, looking slightly confused (okay, he isn't but for the sake of storytelling pretend he is, confused I mean). I bring one of my hands to my mouth and take out the chewing gum I have been chewing for last three hours. It is wet and sticky and I want to get back to Vinnie and kissing stuff, so I stick it under one of the tables, securing it in place, not caring much Tifa'll kill me once she finds out. "All right, we can continue."

There is no way for him to disguise amusement he feels but I don't care much as in the next moment our lips meet and... hey, a girl doesn't kiss and tell. Just one thing, be jealous and envy me. He's good. Mhm, I must buy chewing gums more often...


AN: The mental image was like this: Vincent and Yuffie are about to kiss, when Yuffie stops and takes out chewing gum. Silly, I know but it cracked me.