Title: Shattered

Author: Nadia Mack

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I Own Nothing

Summary: Behind the mask of a monster lived a man no one ever knew.

Author's Notes: I've only ever written one Star Wars fic and that was several years ago. It was fairly long and now flying through limbo. LOL! I had submitted it through a Star Wars Fanfic Archive site that no longer exist. It's too bad; I would've liked to have uploaded that here. I spent a lot of time on that. Sigh. Anyway, here's my second try. The events of TPM all the way up to ROS are the same except for the big fact that Anakin was never found by the Jedi.


Social and political unrest littered the galaxy with a ferocity that no one anticipated. Star systems fell from the growing Separatist threat along with the dark side of the force aiding them, victory awaits.

The revelation that Chancellor Palpatine was the Dark Lord the Jedi has been searching for in many years hardened the blow of the already falling Jedi. With Order 66, most have died, few have escaped, and with the dark and ominous figure of Darth Vader, the right hand monstrous machine to the now Emperor Palpatine, there was no stopping them.

Not even the Jedi.

Aboard the newly built Star Destroyer, Darth Vader stood tall and authoritavely besides his new wife, Padme Amidala Vader, even if it was much to her distaste. The Emperor commands that they be together, and as always, Lord Vader abides.

Chapter 1

It's been two months since she had forced herself to take vows opposite one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy. She didn't even know if he was a man at all behind his dark mask.

Marriage to Vader was the only means to ensure Naboo's safety. As a former Queen and Senator, she knew there were always other options, but this was the only one that would keep the bloodshed that would inevitably break out to a minimum. Whether they knew it or not, her people will always come first.

She sat on the bed, waiting nervously for the monster to return. While it has been a couple of months since their marriage, it surprised her that Lord Vader has made no attempt to take what she was sure in his mind was his.

A consummation of marriage.

Even if it was a forced one.

Many nights, she lie awake in bed fearing that he'll force himself on her when she least expected it. Was he buying his time? Or is he just incapable of it? The very thought disturbed her but it couldn't be helped.

He was not was she expected him to be.

While he continued doing his duty faithfully to his master, she had barely seen him. To be honest, she has never seen him without his mask off. Is there truly a man behind that hideous black armor or is he simply a lifeless machine?

The doors of her room suddenly hissed open, taking her by surprise.

"Vader," she acknowledged, her voice monotonous as it always is.

He ignored her, but he remained standing by the door for a moment before exiting the way he came. His actions continued to baffle her as she lived in captivity with him these past two months.

None of it was making sense.

He barely speaks to her, and he's never so much as touched her the wrong way, but he always did that. Checking up on her every morning and every night. It's become something of a routine, and it left her both suspicious and intrigued at the same time.

"What is your report, Lord Vader?" the Emperor asked with an air of authority that'll leave most people nervous.

"We've managed to eliminate nearly half a dozen Jedi hiding along the outer rim planets, Master," Vader answered with a slight bow of the head.

The Emperor smiled wickedly.

"Excellent work, my very young apprentice. You have done me proud. Take leave for the next few days, I will call for you by weeks end."

Vader did not challenge this.

"Very well, Master."

Lord Vader exited the communication chambers and walked down the long white corridor. He turned right and proceeded to head to his private quarters. On the way there, he stopped and turned the opposite way.

In front of the closed door, he punched in his security codes and the entrance slid open. He walked across the spacious living room and tapped on the bedroom door quietly, opening it to see inside.

Amidala sat up wide awake as she always seemed to be whenever he came to check up on her. Her brown eyes were as clear as if he wasn't wearing the mask and said, "Lord Vader."

He stood still, just watching her. Beneath his mask, his eyes, along with the force, roamed across her body to make sure she was physically all right. When he was satisfied, he left her be and headed back to his quarters.

Through the force, he could hear Lady Vader exhale a deep breath.

And as always, he ignored the calling.

To be Continued…

Author's End Notes: I've actually been hoping there was someone out there that would do a story similar to this, but I've been anxious to read something like this that I went ahead and wrote it myself. And in case it's not obvious enough, this is a shipper fic. Reviews are welcome. I'm new to this fandom in terms of writing fanfic for Star Wars.