History Repeats Itself.

(Or, didn't we do this two years ago?)

SET: June 2002, Shamouti Island, Julie's and Lawrence's house.

Chapter One



Julie wasn't exactly sure what it was that woke her, but awaken she did. She strained her ears to see if she could hear any noise, but it was something in her heart and head that was the first indication that anything was up.

She was tense and on-edge, and couldn't understand why. Slipping quietly out of the bed she and her partner Lawrence shared, she quietly went over to the window of the room that looked out over the three Titan Islands. Why she was looking out, she didn't know, after all it was so dark she couldn't possibly see anything, except the vague outline of the islands, a blackness against the deep blue sky, the stars still visible but fading, which told her it was just before dawn.

Except that ever so briefly, she saw a point of light on the middle island-Ice Island, she recalled. She watched and yes, ever so briefly, there was the point of light again. Reaching up with a dextrous foot and balancing precariously on the other, she opened the window wide, and peered out.

"Probably some Island teenager, gone over for a dare." she thought to herself. Such dares were commonly exchanged among the young people of Shamouti Island, usually boys trying to impress Island (or more often tourist) girls, but occasionally some reckless young woman would attempt it. Julie had never heard of any of the visits ending in injury or tragedy, but there was always a first time. That, however, she knew deep down, was not the source of her anxiety.

"Something…is wrong." The thought came into her head unbidden, and Julie nervously shifted from foot to foot, fluffing out her chest and neck feathers and pulling her head down onto her shoulders. She shifted her wings anxiously, the feathers rustling noisily, and becoming aware of it, she tried to control it and stop doing it, not wanting to wake Lawrence.

Then, all of a sudden, Julie felt a wave of panic flood through her, and it was as if the world had suddenly, from a mental standpoint, shifted abruptly sideways. Julie opened her mouth, releasing an Articuno-like screech of such volume that lights came on in nearby houses, and Lawrence shot up in bed as though stung, clapping both hands over his ears in pain.


He was woken by a god-awful screech, and was alarmed to see that it was coming from Julie. He had never seen her like this before. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth stretched wide with her screech. He felt the duvet leave the bed as Julie unfurled her wings and began flapping, stirring up an indoor gale. He tried to say something, but the noise she was making drowned out whatever he was saying, and he scrambled out of bed and went to approach her

Her eyes focused, and she noticed him, and stopped screaming, Lawrence was relieved, although the panicked beating of her wings did not cease.

"Julie, what-" he began, and then his eyes widened as he saw her take a deep breath. Lawrence knew exactly what that meant, and dived for the floor, snatching at the duvet (which had been blown halfway up the wall) and pulling the duvet towards himself as Julie loosed a blizzard into the room.

The combination of her wingbeats and the freezing attack meant he lost the duvet ten seconds in. Another ten seconds later, he lifted himself up, shaking the snow off his goosepimpling skin. Julie was now about six inches off the ground, and as he watched she brought her feet up and gripped the windowsill with them, pulling herself up and around to stand on the window ledge. She let loose another screech, and started squeezing out of the window.

"Julie, no!" Lawrence cried, utterly bemused at this out-of-character behaviour. She turned her head and looked at him for all of two seconds, and he could see something was up from the staring of her eyes. This was Julie as he had never seen her before. She was in a full-blown panic, but there was also a fury in those eyes that told him not to approach. Then she was out, and with a further screech, she spread her wings and pushed off from the windowsill with her feet. Her fluttering tail streamed out behind her, and Lawrence felt it touch his reaching hand as Julie angled up and out of sight.

Lawrence ran to the window and watched her. She appeared to be heading in the direction of Ice Island. Another cry, further distant, echoed in the air, but it was not Julie. The cry was different, but Lawrence recognised it, and felt a chill as he turned his gaze to where a yellow shape was emerging from Lightning Island.

Zapdos was on the move.