Being Lantash—Chapter 2

Disclaimer: SG-1 isn't mine. If they were, I wouldn't be sharing :) I'm just borrowing the characters, playing with them. I'll give them back when I'm done. That is if I ever do get done with Daniel. big evil grin

Author's Notes: I asked my friends, Sonya (Alex), Katie, Christina, Jules, and Monica to be in my story. In this story, Martouf isn't dead; the Tok'ra can't use Goa'uld technology or make their eyes glow. Keep in mind, these stories jump around quite a bit. For example, first you're in season 1 with the Nox, then in season 7 with Jack's clone, and then back in season 1 with the Nox.

SG-1 (Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c) SG-2 (Colonel T. J. Sharp, Major Michael Ford, Captain Leslie MacGyver, and Jonas Quinn) were on a standard recon mission. The inhabitants of the planet, we designated as P3X-356, were very friendly. They shared theiradvanced technology with us. The inhabitants, called Uncrainain, put together a feast for our newfound friendship. There was dancing and lots of food. Jack was especially happy about the technology and the drinks offered to him. The chief, Chief Goibniu, saw that Daniel andI were holding hands.

The chief asked, "What is that you are doing with your hands? What is that golden band on her finger?"

Daniel answered, "This golden band on her finger is called a ring. This means we are to be wed and have many, many children."

I smiled.

"Oh. We have a custom for those who are to be together for eternity. Will you two come with us please?"

Daniel looked at Jack.

Jack said to the chief, "Have them back before 11."

The chief pointed. "She goes with the women over there and you go with the men."

Daniel gave me a quick kiss on the lips as the ladies of the tribe started tugging at my clothes. I followed the ladies into a wooden tent.

One of the ladies offered me a drink. The drink looked like ordinary water so I drank it. The 'water' was addicting that I had another cup of it. The ladies asked me, "Would you like to seduce Dan-ell with a dance?"

I nodded as I was drinking. "Sure."

"Here put this on." She passed me a blue skirt and white tank top.