Something that doesn't completely suck…

Summary: Raven is the new kid at school, and she bumps into someone annoying as hell. But maybe this 'certain person' can convince her that school is something that doesn't completely suck, especially when you got the guy of your dreams by your side. RobRae

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Chapter five: Disastrous Dinner

"Great! You already know each other!" Arella clasped her hands together with joy. "This will be a very nice dinner!" She added happily, heading back to cooking the food.

'More like this will be the beginning of World Ward three.' Raven thought sarcastically, seeing the obvious hatred occurring between Robin and Roy.

Dinner was ready. The food looked perfect, and everything seemed to be going fine. They have been eating for just two minutes now. And to Raven's relief, nothing happened…well, at least not yet. She was seated between Robin and Roy, who were currently giving each other hateful glares. It was silent. It felt awkward. Very awkward.

"Robin, please pass the mashed potatoes." Roy asked nicely.

'Pfft. Get it yourself, jerk.' Robin ignored him. There was no way in hell that he was going to waste two seconds of his time just to pass those potatoes to Roy. He wasn't worth it.

"Dear, please pass him the mashed potatoes…" Arella said to him from across the table.

He decided to remain quiet, and he just continued to chew his chicken. 'Look at the 'goody-goody' look on his face. Who's he trying to fool? Raven's parents? Hah. Maybe if I just pretend I don't hear him he'll get it himself.' Robin thought to himself.

"Please…pass…the…mashed…potatoes…" Roy talked slowly as if he were talking to a retarded five year old. Robin's grip on his fork tightened at the insult, causing it to bend slightly.

"Oh my, let me get you a new one dear." Arella hurried to the counter to get him a new one.

'Look at him, pretending not to hear me. Geez, and now he's bending spoons?' Roy watched Robin amusedly, seeing the growing annoyance in him. And Roy thought that this could be fun.

"So…Robin, how are you in school?" Arella asked, handing Robin a fork.

"Oh me? I'm okay." He answer with a half-hearted smile.

"Yeah, if you consider getting straight F's okay, then he's right." Roy commented.

"Well, you aren't exactly the smartass yourself, Roy." Robin replied in obvious annoyance.

"Well, at least I'm not the dumbass that can't understand what 'please pass the mashed potatoes' means." Roy retorted in a sarcastic tone.

"Would you get over the damn potatoes already?" It didn't take long before both Arella and Trigon knew they absolutely hated each other. Roy was the main source of all Robin's frustration in the world. Oh, and how he'd love to get rid of this nuisance once and for all. Raven tried to ignore the heating up conflict reoccuring between Robin and Roy as she poked at her food for the fourth time in a row. Arella and Trigon exchanged confused looks, and the fight continued.

"I'd get over it if you actually gave me the stupid potatoes." Roy tried to keep his "cool" as you might call it. But Robin was a different story. He had lost his "cool" a long time ago. And I mean--a very very long time ago. Let's go back in time, shall we?


It all started in was a sunny day, and they were doing arts and crafts in their classroom. Robin was sticking popsicle sticks together to form--something that looked really crappy at the time. Then out of nowhere, Roy came along and dumped glue all over robin's hair.

"That's it Woy, I hate you fowever!" Robin cried.

"Hah-hah. You look funny, Wobin!" And since that day, Robin--or shall we say--"Wobin" had vowed to never ever ever forgive him...ever.

Seems weird how their rivalry started from glue.

-End Flashback-

And it seems even weirder how their rivalry still goes on till this very day...only now it's starting from mashed potatoes.

And as Robin remembered what he called 'The most horrible and traumatic experience of his life', he thought it was time to teach Roy a lesson...He wanted the mashed potatoes? Oh, he was definitely going to get it.

"You want your potatoes--come and get it." Robin took the bowl and dumped it all over Roy's head. Raven immediately looked at a now grinning Robin, wondering if he had lost his sanity.

"What the hell are you trying to do?!" Roy yelled. Here he was, covered in mashed potatoes in front of Raven and her parents. Not to mention, the fact that he was really looking forward to their 'dinner date' tonight, only to have it ruined by some immature boy that goes by the name of Robin.

"Hah-hah. You look funny, 'Woy'" Robin mocked, reminding Roy why they were rivals in the first place.

"Why, you little son of a--"

"Shut it." Raven cut Roy off as she angrily stood from her chair.

"Serves you right." Robin laughed thinking he won Raven over.

"I said shut it, Robin." She repeated. "In case you guys haven't noticed, both of you piss each other off, and both of you pissing each other off pisses me off even more than it pisses both of you if I were you, I'd shut up and eat before I make you both piss in your pants and wish you hadn't pissed each other off to piss me off in the first place. Got it?" Robin and Roy could only stare, and Arella and Trigon decided to leave those teenagers alone. I mean, who wouldn't be scared if you used the word 'piss' so many times in just one sentence?

"He started it!" Robin pointed accusingly at Roy, who was trying to get the potatoes off him.

"But seriously, you're the one who didn't wanna give me the potatoes in the first place. I mean, it wouldn't have happened if you just gave me the potatoes when I asked you nicely!" Roy replied in defense.

"You're both so immature." She sighed. "Roy, go upstairs and clean yourself up. Robin, just shut the hell up, would you?" Raven rolled her eyes and gained her composure once again. Robin quietly sat down. Making Raven even angrier was the last thing he wanted to do anyway. Roy, in the meantime, went upstairs with the towel Raven had just handed him.

Robin felt fairly guilty on his part. He made Roy, himself and Raven look like complete retards--although Roy really was one. But I mean, seriously, they fought over mashed potatoes...however, we all know that they fought over a much deeper reason than that. "Raven, listen...I didn't mean to--"

"Forgiven and forgotten." She said hurriedly with her monotone back.

"'re not mad anymore?" Robin asked her in a sigh of relief.

"No, and for the second time, just shut up before I hate you again."

"Consider it done." He grinned.

"Finally. Now could you please help me clean this mess up before my dad lashes his anger out on you?"

"Sure thing..." Robin smiled weakly, that's the least he could do for her anyway. Besides, if he thought Raven was scary enough, he couldn't even begin to imagine how much scarier her father would be.

"What do you mean you're covered in mashed potatoes?!" She screeched through his phone as Roy quickly pulled his ear away. "And now you're in the bathroom...and you left him there--with Raven?!" she continued, oh, and he could just imagine her pulling every strand of her hair off her head in frustration.

"Well--yeah." He replied through his phone hesitantly, only to be answered by a deafening scream.

"You were supposed to avoid them from liking each other! But no, you were waaaaaay too concerned about the way you look covered in mashed potatoes!"

"Look who's talking." Roy retorted.

"Ugh!" She then hung up on him.

"Women..." Roy sighed and took a step in Raven's room, thinking that he may take advantage of the opportunity while he had the chance, and guys, admit it--you know what I mean by that. ;)

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