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Snow Danny And The Seven Ghosts

Once upon at time there lived a rather kooky inventor named Jack Fenton. He was a ghost hunter, who fervently believed in the existence of ghosts. His beautiful wife, Maddie followed along with his dreams, for she too believed in ghosts, and that they should be hunted and destroyed, as they threatened the beautiful realm in which they lived.

Jack and Maddie Fenton were a highly lauded couple, and were much sought after across the land for their prowess in ridding the countryside of ghosts and other creepy crawly things, which made living life in the fair kingdom of Amity Park, unbearable.

It was with great joy and that Jack and Maddie Fenton welcomed their two children into the world. Their first child was a girl with red hair and turquoise eyes. They named her Jasmine, or Jazz as she preferred to be called. She was a bright and curious child who grew beautiful and wise as she aged.

Their second child, could have been termed a disappointment. He was a little gawky and clumsy and goofy at first, but as he grew he became handsome, he was blessed with vivid, piercing sky blue eyes and jet black hair, and even though he was not as outwardly smart as his sister, he was regarded with love and affection by his parents. His name was Daniel, but those who knew him, simply called him Danny.

In the early days of his fourteenth year, Danny and his father were involved in a horrible accident involving one of Jack's amazing inventions. Jack had built a very strange machine, a Ghost Portal, it's intention was to view a world unseen, so the restless spirits which haunted their world, could be returned to their rightful realm.

It was fortunate that Maddie and Jasmine were away answering a distress call from a villager with a particular bad ghost problem when Jack activated his ghost portal. Jack Fenton, the poor unfortunate soul, was blasted to oblivion. His son, Danny was spared, but the price for retaining his life, was gaining ghostly powers, which turned his hair snow white and his eyes glowing green. He was able to walk through walls, disappear and fly! He was much more unique than he was before.

Maddie, his mother, speculated that perhaps her son was only half alive, caught between the two dimensions. Jazz hypothesized that perhaps Danny's molecules had been altered by the accident. Whichever theory was correct, the fact that Danny was forever changed was apparent.

The family chose to keep his new identity a secret, as ghosts were perceived as the enemy and reviled across the land. Danny was different though, he was good and kind and a normal human boy most of the time. He fought the ghosts in Amity Park in his ghostly form, doing his best to protect the fair kingdom from the onslaught of ghostly invasions. He gained a small amount of fame for his ghostly identity, who had come to be called, Danny Phantom.

At the loss of her adored husband Maddie was in despair, the family business suffered and soon, the family was on the door steps of poverty. That was when King Vlad of Wisconsin proposed a solution to the weighty issue of the debts Jack Fenton had incurred during his life.

To save Maddie and her children from the Debtor's Prison, Vlad proposed that Maddie marry him, and become his queen. If the situation had been different. If her children had been grown or Danny hadn't had his accident, Maddie would have preferred to rot in the depths of the Debtor's Prison, rather than align herself with the evil and vile King Vlad. But, in concern for her children's future and well being, she accepted Vlad's proposal and he became stepfather to Jazz and Danny.

It wasn't long into Maddie's marriage to King Vlad that she fell desperately ill. Without her beloved Jack, and forced into a marriage with the evil King, she did not have the will to live. Her children were heartbroken, her new husband enraged. He took his ire out on Maddie's children, forcing them to become slaves in his castle.

Jazz and Danny did their best to hide Danny's ghostly identity from their stepfather. And, as Danny grew, his powers grew. His ghost powers became strong and powerful which lent him the ability to hope. He dreamed of taking Jazz and running away, back to the kingdom of Amity Park, and protecting it from the evil ghosts as his father before him had done. These are the circumstances we now find our fair hero in. Toiling under the evil eye of his stepfather and dreaming of a better, brighter future.

The bright and sunny day where we meet out hero for the first time, was one which would be looked back on as one of the three worst of his life, thus far.

"Jazz!" Danny said excitedly as his sister looked up from the tiles she was scrubbing. She wiped the hair off her face tiredly and sighed. Her brother was far too energetic today. Jazz did her best however, to keep him upbeat and happy. His mental well being was important to her, after all, he was all she had left.

"Danny," she scolded, as he stomped his muddy boots across the floor. "I just cleaned that!"

Danny looked back at the muddy path he left behind and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck in nervousness. "I'm sorry Jazz. I was so excited I didn't think."

"No you didn't think did you?" Jazz said in exasperation as she set to cleaning up the muddy path Danny had trudged into the room.

"I learned a new ghost power today!" Danny told his sister excitedly.

"What is it?" Jazz asked blandly. She didn't believe Danny's ghost powers would enable them to escape from Vlad. She felt like they would be his slaves forever.

"A ghostly wail," Danny answered in a spooky voice. "It can disable practically everything in it's path."

"Sound waves can do that if they're strong enough," Jazz remarked. She gave Danny a look of disapproval. "What were you doing out of the castle testing your ghost powers? Don't you have work to do?"

"It's almost done," Danny said sheepishly.

"Which means I have to go help you finish it now, or we both face a beating." Jazz growled tiredly. "Sometimes Danny I want to beat you myself. You need to be more responsible. You can't just float around all day long playing with your ghost powers." She looked over her shoulder and noticed that her brother was indeed floating along behind her.

"Danny!" She scolded. "Stop! You're going to get caught and then what will we do?"

"I'm sorry Jazz," Danny said as he landed on his feet. "I was just trying not to dirty your clean floor." Jazz turned and looked at the dirty path Danny was now leaving behind him and she sighed.

"I'm sorry," Danny winced as he watched her face pale. "I'll help you clean it up!"

"Don't bother," Jazz said as she took her cloth and began wiping the floor. "You'll just make it worse."

Deep in the recesses of Vlad's castle, stood the master himself, Vlad. He was a rather vain man, in love with his power, for what no one knew, was he himself had suffered from an accident at the hands of Jazz and Danny's father, which left Vlad with ghost powers as well.

Vlad had felt that the advent of his ghost powers, and the horrible ecto acne which followed, cost him his chance to win the beautiful Maddie's heart. After Jack's death and Vlad's marriage to Maddie, the wicked villain thought he had attained everything his heart desired.

When Maddie died, what was left of Vlad's evil heart grew cold. All Vlad had left to aspire to was power. He was in love with the fact that he was the most powerful ghost in existence, due mostly to his ghost hybrid status, but still, he was powerful, scarily so. It was his only joy in life, save for watching his beloved Green Bay Packers, which he had acquired when he became the King of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, football season was over, which left Vlad feeling bitter and bored.

He walked to his ghost portal, one he had built with the help of his wife, and spoke to it.

"Portal Portal on the wall," he chanted. "Who is the most powerful ghost of them all?"

The portal swirled to life in a glow of spiraling green. "You are strong like no other," a voice from the portal answered. "You're power henceforth has been unmatched. No being, living or dead could best you….until now."

Vlad blinked at the portal. "Until now?" he asked in amazement. "What do you mean. Until now?"

"There is another," the portal answered. "His power grows by the day. Today he grew beyond your strengths. Today he has surpassed you."

Vlad was angry. Vlad was livid. He changed into his ghostly form, into a creature he called Plasmius. "Who is this ghost? This thing which dared usurp my power?"

"His name," the portal replied ominously. "Is…." It paused.

"Is?" Vlad asked impatiently.

"Da da da da da da da da He's a Phantom!" the portal sang as it began to play a be bopping tune.

"What?" Vlad yelled. "What's that supposed to mean?"

The portal began to sing:

"He's a Phantom, Danny Phantom Phantom Phantom...
A kid whose life was changed
Molecules rearranged
Ghosts are so deranged
He's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom
Those spooks don't stand a chance
Senses all enhanced
Power so advanced
He's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom
Unleashing all of the freaks
Until his whole town screams
Now everyone he'll beat
Flying right through the walls
You can't see him at all
If they are big or small or tall
He's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom
He's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom
He's gonna catch em all cuz he's
Danny Phantom!"

Vlad crossed his arms and glared at the ghost portal as he listened to the song. "I am not amused." He said as the music trailed away. The portal stilled and was left waiting and silent for its master's next command.

"Danny Phantom! He's half ghost?" Vlad asked contemptuously. "Not that ghost brat! There is no way he's more powerful than I, Vlad Plasmius!" Vlad flew around his lab angrily

"Show me his face. Show me the face of the ghost kid who is supposedly more powerful than myself!"

A face appeared in the portal, green glowing eyes, ghostly glow, white hair, black body suit. Vlad narrowed his eyes as he examined his adversary.

"Who is he?" Vlad asked the portal. "Who is this ghost kid's human identity. How did another ghost hybrid come into existence? I thought I was the only one!"

The portal began to play music again, "Young Danny Fenton he was just fourteen…"

"Wait!" Vlad yelled. The music screeched to a hault. "Daniel Fenton?" he asked. "This Danny Phantom, a creature more powerful than myself, is none other than my wretched stepson Daniel Fenton?"

"That is correct my master," The portal answered.

"Jack," Vlad hissed. "I should have known he'd cause more trouble. I should have rid the world of that wretch when I had the chance. And now we have a young ghost hybrid on the loose."

Vlad smiled gleefully as his eyes glittered evilly. He became excited at the thought of a protégé, someone to do his evil bidding. Together they would unhinge the world, invade the other kingdoms. Vlad would rule…and The Green Bay Packers would finally win a Super Bowl! He transformed to his human self and strode purposefully from his lab.

"Bring me Daniel! Vlad ordered as he entered his receiving chambers. "As quickly as possible. I want him standing before me in no less than five minutes!"

Danny and Jazz had just finished mucking out the stables when Danny's ghost sense went off. "Oh crap!" he said as he looked around.

"Literally," Jazz said, as she scraped off her boots then looked at Danny in shock as a large hand came down and grabbed him by the nape of the neck.

"The master wants to see you!" The ominous voice of the creature who did all of Vlad's evil bidding, The Fright Knight, echoed through the stables. He grabbed Danny who started to protest. Jazz was terrified her brother would go ghost and fight Vlad's servant.

"Just go!" Jazz yelled. "Just go Danny. Don't fight him. This is Vlad we're talking about."

"Okay," Danny replied as he was drug away. He made eye contact with his sister one last time as the ghost took him to the castle.

"Let me go!" Danny yelled as the ghost brought him to stand before Vlad. The creature threw him forward and Danny landed at Vlad's feet.

"Good afternoon, son." Vlad said as he peered down at Danny.

"I'm not your son," Danny said petulantly. "I beg to differ my boy. I am after all, your stepfather." Danny didn't dare say anything else, even though several witty comments came to mind. He had learned the hard way that Vlad didn't appreciate Danny's sense of humor.

"I have just learned something very interesting about you, Daniel," Vlad said smoothly as he forced the boy to stand.

"What?" Danny asked as he stared up at Vlad in fear.

"And in exchange," Vlad continued as he ignored Danny's question. "You are going to learn something about me."

"I can hardly wait," Danny replied dryly. Vlad gave him a warning look and he closed his mouth.

In a flash black glowing rings, Vlad transformed into his ghostly self. He floated a few feet in the air, smiling down proudly at Danny.

"Plasmius!" Danny gasped. "You're Plasmius?"

"Yes my boy!" Vlad said excitedly as he moved forward, causing Danny to step back until he fell.

"Uh," Danny said as he looked toward the door longing to escape. "I'm happy for you. Congratulations."

"And congratulations to yourself, Danny Phantom!" Vlad said, his eyes glittering with glee.

"What?" Danny shrieked. "What are you talking about? Who is Danny Phantom?"

Vlad's red eyes flashed menacingly. "Don't play coy with me Daniel! I know the truth. Confess now, or reap the consequences."

"Okay!" Danny said. "I'm Danny Phantom. Are you happy?"

"Transform!" Vlad ordered. "I want to see!"

Danny hesitated for a moment then allowed the glowing silver rings the envelope him, changing him to his ghostly self. Vlad smiled in satisfaction as he floated around the boy who watched him warily.

"It seems my boy," Vlad said possessively. "That you and I have rather a lot in common."

Danny narrowed his eyes as he watched the other ghost hybrid. "I'd beg to differ," he said. "The only thing we have in common is a ghostly trait."

"Yes, yes," Vlad said as he waved his hand. "And you are going to be bothersome and say, it's how we use that trait which makes us different. So boring Daniel."

"But true," Danny pointed out.

"You want to be a hero," Vlad told the boy silkily. "You want to be good. I can see you're mother's influence in you. She would have been proud of you my boy. So proud."

Danny blinked back his tears, it was gratifying to hear that his mother would be happy with how he chose to conduct his life, though he didn't like hearing the words from Vlad. He knew the creature before him would use that fact to his advantage some how.

"I'm offering you an opportunity Daniel," Vlad finally said. "Become my true son. Become my apprentice. Do my bidding and you will have power beyond your wildest dreams."

"I don't dream of having power?" Danny said. "I just want to go home."

Vlad laughed. "You are home my boy. This is your home. I can offer you wondrous things. Together the world can be ours! Imagine the good you could do Danny, just imagine."

"What good would it do the world to have you as it's leader?" Danny asked softly. "I think I would be harming the world I love, rather then helping if I joined forces with you."

"You have little choice," Vlad said roughly. "Think of Jasmine, Daniel. Think of the freedom and comfort you could give to your sister."

Danny closed his eyes. He had truly hoped this day would never come. He really hoped he'd be able to hold tight to the promise he'd made Jazz.

"My sister and I have already discussed this possibility," Danny replied. "Both of us would rather die than serve you."

"That can be arraigned," Vlad growled. "Would you like to see your sister tortured? Torn apart slowly, limb by limb? Do you think you could stand by unmoving while you listened to her screams of anguish, begging you to change your mind, begging you to help her? Save her Danny. You can do it. Save her. Join me."

Danny stood for a moment then could bear it no longer. He vanished into invisibility and flew away, as fast as he could to find Jazz.

"Do you wish me to retrieve him?" The Fright Knight asked.

Vlad smiled slowly. "No. Let him go. I am afraid Daniel will never join me. We'll have to destroy him."

"How?" The Fright Knight asked.

Vlad walked to a shelf and retrieved a black box. "I have the means to temporarily disable his ghostly abilities. When I do, you will take him into the forest and kill him. Put his heart into this box. His spirit will be enslaved for all time, and I will again be the most powerful ghost in existence."

"Yes Master," The Fright Knight responded as he bowed to Vlad.

"Jazz!" Danny yelled as he found her in another part of the castle. Jazz was fast. She had finished cleaning the stables and was again engaged in her endless task of keeping the floors spotlessly clean."

"Danny!" she growled. "Your shoes!"

"Sorry," Danny replied as he began floating. He took a deep breath, and watched his sister for a moment. She looked tired. He wished he could spare her the news, but he didn't know how long it would take for Vlad to come after him.

"He knows, Jazz," Danny told her softly. "You could say the jig is up."

Jazz looked up at her brother with wide, frightened eyes. "How?" She asked. "How did he find out?"

"I don't know," Danny answered then froze as Jazz looked over his shoulder and whispered Vlad's name.

Danny tried to run from Vlad as he approached. Jazz herself tried to stand between her brother and her wicked stepfather, but in the end, Vlad was able to use the Plasmius Maximus on Danny, and completely disable the boys powers.

"You are too dangerous to have floating about," Vlad told Danny. "Too dangerous by far. Will you join me?"

"Never!" Danny yelled.

Vlad turned to The Fright Knight. "Take him. And do not return until the deed is done."

"Yes my liege," The Fight Knight replied as he grabbed Danny and whisked him away.

"No!" Jazz cried as she watched her brother disappear into the distance.

"Jasmine!" Vlad said forcefully. "This floor is filthy! Clean it! Now!" He laughed as he turned on his heel and walked away. Jazz looked after Vlad then in the direction Danny had gone. She fell to her knees and began to sob in anguish. Danny was surly going to die and she would be left with nothing. She lay on the floor, not caring if Vlad came back and found it filthy. She didn't care anymore.