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Chapter Five

Desiree frowned as she worked on one of the components for the ghost shield they were trying to assemble so they could go back to The Ghost Zone and out of Vlad's reach. She looked up at Ember and then at Dora. Something was bothering her. She felt unsettled.

"Ember," Desiree said. "I think we should go check on Danny."

Ember frowned at Desiree. "What you have that bad of a crush on him that…."

"Ah!" Desiree said as she covered her ears. "No."

Ember laughed a little cruelly. "What is it then?"

Desiree frowned. "I've had this terrible feeling all morning and now I just think we should be checking on him."

"You should go then," Dora announced as she appeared beside Desiree. "Take Ember with you. If it will make you feel better."

"Hey!" Ember complained. "Why do I have to go?"

"Shut up!" Desiree said as she grabbed Ember's arm and flew her out of the mine and back to the cottage.

The two ghosts landed in the on the porch. Desiree immediately ran into the cottage looking for Danny. Ember on the other hand stepped into the clearing, she felt that Desiree was just a little paranoid.

"Danny!" Desiree yelled as she ran inside. Ember shook her head took a few steps away from the cottage then gasped as she looked down at the lifeless form of Danny Fenton laying just a few feet away.

"Dez!" she called as she ran forward and fell to her knees beside him. "He's here."

Desiree ran out of the cottage and looked around wildly. She caught sight of Ember beside Danny and covered her mouth. "Is he?" she asked as she ran forward and fell to her knees on the other side of the ghost boy.

"Dead?" Ember said. "I don't know. How do you tell?"

"Well roll him over!" Desiree exclaimed as she pushed until Danny was laying on his back. His face and lips were pale blue."

"He's dead," Ember confirmed shakily as she placed her head on his chest. "There's no breathing. No heart beat. Dead." She looked up at Desiree with tears running down her face.

"How did it happen?" Ember asked. She looked around as if she expected the someone to show up and give her an answer.

"Over there," Desiree said as she pointed to the apple laying a few feet away. "What is that?"

Ember picked up the apple and sniffed it. "Eww," she said. "Poison." The two ghosts looked at each other in dismay.

"Make a wish!" Desiree demanded.

"You don't grant ghost wishes," Ember said flatly.

"We have to save Danny!" Desiree yelled almost hysterically. Her eyes were wild and filled with panick. "How can it be when you don't wish it so?"

Ember looked down at Danny's lifeless form. "Can you wish someone back to life? Is your power that strong?"

"I don't know!" Desiree answered. "Just wish it!"

"I wish Danny wasn't dead!" Ember said.

"So you have wished it," Desiree said as she closed her eyes tight and spread her arms wide. "So it shall be!" Desiree fell the power flow from her and settle around Danny. Both ghosts looked down at the lifeless boy and watched hopefully as the color slowly returned to his face, but still he remained, dead.

"He doesn't look dead," Ember said. "But he's still not breathing."

"He's on the cusp between life and death," Desiree said. "That's all I have the power to do for him. Unless someone can come break the spell."

"I'm going to go get Dora," Ember said quickly as she stood. "Maybe she or one of the other ghosts can do something."

"Hurry," Desiree said as she sat beside Danny and touched his face.

"I don't think hurrying will make him any less dead or any more alive," Ember told her and flew off.

Vlad had discarded the guise of the old woman. Where? He didn't care. He threw back his cape as he phased into his lab. He grinned as he walked to the portal. He stroked his chin for a moment then took a deep breath.

"Portal!" He said in a booming voice.

"Master?" The portal asked.

"Tell me quickly." Vlad began. "Who is the most powerful being in the land?"

"You Master," The portal replied. "No one but you!"

"Yes!" Vlad cried as he flung his arms wide and tossed back his head! He closed his eyes in ecstasy. "Yes! At last!" He reverted to human form a pleased smile still gracing his face.

"Tell me again. Who is the most powerful?" he asked.

"You," The portal answered.

"And is there another?" he probed.

"No," The portal replied.

"Tell me," Vlad said as he paced back and forth. "What is the name of the most powerful creature in the land?"

"It is His Royal Highness, King of Wisconsin, Vlad Masters," The portal answered.

Vlad danced around in glee and continued for several hours to probe the portal and the answer was always the same.

"I say we cut of his head and mount it above the fireplace," Skulker said as he looked down at Danny laying dead on the makeshift bed Dora had set up for him.

"That's sick!" Ember exclaimed then looked at Dora who was sitting in her chair by the fire frowning.

"Hope came and shined it's light on us like the dawn," G.W. said mournfully. "And now that light has fallen, the hope is gone." A tear slipped from his eye and he walked out of the cottage.

"I should have stayed with him," Desiree said as she looked up at Dora from where she sat at the ghost's feet.

"Don't blame yourself," Dora said as she tried to comfort her friend. "This is plainly the work of Vlad. He would have gotten to Danny one way or the other."

"You sound so hopeless," Technus said kindly.

"What hope is there?" Dora said. "We are all past our lives in the living world. What can we offer the poor boy?"

"A box!" The Box Ghost cried. "I will construct a beautiful box to place him at rest in. We can bury him on the hill."

"Noooo!" Desiree cried as she grabbed Dora's legs. "He's not dead!"

"Wouldn't that make him a ghost?" Technus asked. "I mean technically he was half ghost already…."

"I really think we should mount his head on the wall," Skulker said again. Desiree began to wail as she buried her face in Dora's lap.

"Skulker," Dora admonished. "Please stop with all this morbid beheading talk."

Skulker shook his head. "I feel it would be a fitting tribute for the skinny little whelp!"

"You're such a jerk!" Ember yelled then walked out of the cottage. Skulker chuckled to himself which earned a stern look from Dora. He sighed and took on a more serious demeanor.

"I think Boxy has the right idea," Dora finally said as she stroked Desiree's hair. "At the very least we can put his soul to rest, lest he be doomed to an existence like ours."

"I, Technus agree with you," Technus announced.

"Fine fine!" Skulker said. "Do what you want."

"I will start immediately!" The Box Ghost announced.

G.W. was sitting on the porch with his head in his hands when Ember sat down beside him and put her arm around him. He leaned into her and they both sighed.

"You really thought he could save us didn't you?" Ember asked.

"I did believe it to be so," G.W. answered. "But I suppose the answer to my belief was no."

"I'm sorry," Ember said. G.W. opened his mouth to say something else but he stopped.

"Oh no!" he gasped as he looked up at the two figures approaching across the clearing. "She has arrived too late. Now she will find all our hopes in such a sorry state!"

"Who is that?" Ember asked as G.W. stood.

"Dear Ember look! Hark!" he said. "It is the Princess of Amity Park!" He jumped from the porch and ran forward.

"G.W.," Sam said with a smile as the ghost rushed forward to meet her. "I am so pleased to see you!"

"Dearest mistress," G.W. said in a shaky tone. "I am sorry to say that you find us in the midst of great distress."

"Why?" Sam asked in alarm. "What happened."

"He's dead," Ember said bleakly. "I assume you came for Danny. He's dead."

"What!" Sam shrieked then looked at Tucker who stood stone still with his mouth hanging open.

"No!" Sam said as she started shaking her head. She stepped back and Tucker braced her up by holding on to her shoulders. "We saw him yesterday! He was fine!"

"I am sorry dear friend," G.W. said to Sam. "He has come to a terrible, terrible end."

Sam looked turned and looked at Tucker who still looked stunned. "Dude what happened?" Tucker asked, breaking out of his statue like state

"Poison," Ember said. "We suspect it was sent by Vlad."

"Take me to him," Sam demanded. Ember nodded her head and motioned for the friends to follow her.

Everyone looked up as Sam and Tucker entered the room. "Who is this?" Dora asked.

"The princess of Amity Park," Ember answered.

Sam rushed to Danny's side and began to cry. Tucker examined Danny then shook his head.

"He doesn't really look dead," Tucker said as he touched Danny's hand. "He's still warm."

"But he does not breath," Desiree pointed out. "He's stuck between living and dying."

"Wouldn't that make him a ghost?" Tucker asked. The ghosts in the room all shrugged their shoulders.

"You would think so," Dora said. "But apparently not."

"I should have told him!" Sam cried. "I should have told him who I really am!"

"Now it's too late," Tucker agreed.

"I should have told him I love him too," Sam continued.

"A long time ago," Tucker agreed.

"And now it's too late," Sam cried.

"Very late," Tucker agreed.

Sam wiped the tears from her eyes as she leaned forward. "I'm so sorry Danny. I shouldn't have been so stupid. I shouldn't have made you wait." She bent down and placed a kiss on his lips.

Danny took a deep breath and Sam jumped back. "Did you see that?" She asked as she looked at Tucker then back at Danny.

"What?" Tucker asked.

"He's breathing," Sam answered. "Look!" Sure enough Danny's chest was rising and falling as though he was breathing.

"Kiss him again," Tucker said as he pushed at Sam.

Sam half snorted at Tucker, then bent down and placed her lips firmly against Danny's. His eyes fluttered open and he jumped.

"Sam?" he asked against her lips. "What are you doing?"

Sam pulled away and looked into Danny's eyes. "Kissing you to life," she answered then laughed nervously.

"Vlad!" Danny gasped then sat up quickly, bumping his head against Sam's in the process and sending her falling to the floor.

"Ouch!" Sam cried. "Gee I save your life and this is that thanks I get?"

"Oh man" Danny said as he sat up and helped Sam up. "I'm sorry Sam." He then looked around the room at the ghosts gathered around looking at him in surprise.

"What happened?" Dora asked as she walked forward. Desiree and Ember followed closely behind her.

"There was a lost old woman," Danny answered. "I brought her here to rest. She gave me an apple."

"A poison apple," Ember said.

"Yes," Danny agreed. "But the old woman was Vlad. I guess he came to kill me huh?"

"How did he find you?" Skulker asked. "Surely it shouldn't have been so easy to track you down."

"Maybe he's known about us all along." Technus answered. "And was just lulling us into complacency."

"Why is he alive?" Skulker asked.

"I think it has something to do with Desiree's spell and the princess' kiss," G.W. said from the doorway.

"The princess?" Danny asked as he looked around. "She's here."

"Yeah," Sam said sheepishly. "About that."

"Just get it over with!" Tucker said impatiently. "Just say it already!"

"Say what?" Danny asked. He was feeling a bit disoriented and a little bit embarrassed to have the attention of so many eyes.

"Well," Sam said then smiled a little as she looked at Danny. "I'm the princess."

Danny smiled. "No," he laughed. "No way. No way is Sam Manson a princess."

"It's true," Tucker said.

Danny raised his eyebrows. "Really?" he asked as he looked at Sam. She shrugged her shoulders and Danny frowned.

"And there's something else," Sam said weakly.

"Uh oh!" Danny said then braced himself.

"I-I…" Sam started then looked over her shoulder as all the ghosts leaned in to hear her. "I kinda really um.." She stopped and looked down at her hands.

"You kinda really um what?" Danny asked feeling somewhere between amused and confused and like he just woke up from a bad nightmare to find himself in a very good dream. But now he was beginning to feel more like himself and he was very confused. He looked at Tucker who was smirking as he stood with his arms folded across his chest.

"I kinda really love you!" Sam said then looked up at Danny who again looked stunned.

"You do?" he asked as he blinked at her.

"Yeah," Sam sighed. "But I don't expect you to tell me you love me too. I just thought you should know. I've been keeping enough secrets from you."

"Yeah," Danny agreed. "You have." Sam nodded her head and stood. She turned and looked at all the ghosts.

"Excuse me," She said then fled from the cottage. All the ghosts rushed forward, except Skulker and Technus who considered themselves above such a blatant show of emotion, and hugged Danny.

"I'm so sorry," Desiree said. "I knew I shouldn't have left you this morning."

Danny hugged her. "You couldn't have known."

"She saved you," Ember said. "I mean she helped save you. You wouldn't have been alive enough for the princess' kiss if she didn't wish it so."

"Was he alive?" Dora asked. "Or dead?"

"But wouldn't he have been a ghost?" Ember pondered.

"Isn't he already half ghost?" Technus asked. Danny hugged each ghost then looked at Tucker.

"Don't look at me like that Dude," Tucker said. "I'm not the person you should be hugging right now." Danny nodded his head then excused himself and went after Sam.

Danny felt a little weak as he ran out of the cottage. He looked around frantically for Sam. She couldn't have disappeared that fast. He looked around in desperation.

"I'm right here," Sam said from her spot on the porch. Danny turned to look at her then sighed in relief as he walked over and sat down beside her.

"Thanks," Danny said. "For whatever you did that woke me up."

"You're welcome," Sam said. She looked up at Danny. "I'm sorry for lying to you."

Danny frowned. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you wouldn't want to be around me if you knew, that it would make things awkward." Sam answered.

"That's stupid," Danny laughed as he put his arm around his friend who leaned into him and sighed heavily. "I've trusted you with my secret. Why couldn't you trust me with yours?"

"I was afraid to lose you." Sam replied.

Danny shook his head. "No not gonna happen. You're stuck with me."

Sam smiled then pointed into the cottage. "It almost happened. You were dead in there."

"But I'm not now!" Danny exclaimed. "That proves my point. You're stuck with me Sam."

"Oh the horror," Sam said sarcastically.

"I know it's terrible," Danny laughed as he held her tighter. "Plus I have a horrible confession to make and I hope you don't hate me for it."

Sam squeezed her eyes shut. "What is its?" she asked.

"I love you too," Danny replied then surprised her by pulling her completely into his embrace and kissing her senseless.

So it was that Tucker walked out of the cottage and found his too friends in the romantic clinch. He smiled to himself then turned to walk back into the cottage. Unfortunately the ghosts followed him. They caught sight of Danny and Sam and smiled.

Ember smiled and blushed slightly as she averted her gaze. "How sweet!" she said as she clutched her hand's to her chest.

Desiree frowned a moment then nodded her head. "It should not be wished any other way." She looked at Dora who was grinning then at Skulker and Technus who stood with disgusted looks on their faces.

G.W. sighed heavily and nodded his head. "This is very satisfying," were his only words.

"This means I do not get to make a box?" The Box Ghost asked in disappointment. Skulker smacked the back of The Box Ghost's head and Technus laughed.

Danny and Sam broke from their embrace then looked around and blushed. Sam cleared her throat and looked at Tucker who mouthed the words. "I told you so." She stuck out her tongue at him then smiled happily.

"Well now that we've settled that," Dora said as she winked at Danny who smiled back. "You need to decide what you're going to do about Vlad. Once he realizes his plan has failed, he'll be back."

"Or worse," Danny added. "He'll do something to Jazz."

Tucker looked around at all the ghosts then announced. "I have a plan!"

Vlad smiled to himself as he walked across the courtyard. He was pleased very pleased. His enemy had been destroyed with very little effort. He again was the most powerful being in the world, plus he still had a Fenton left to torture.

"Jasmine!" He yelled as he stopped and pointed to a scuff mark on the stone walk way. "You are charged with keeping the floors in my residence clean. That is your only job and yet you fail miserably.

"I'm sorry sir," Jazz said miserably as she rushed forward and began scrubbing at the scuff mark Vlad had found.

"I didn't come to yell at you for your lousy work ethic," Vlad said happily. "I came to tell you that you're brother is dead."

Jazz looked up at Vlad in shock. "What?" She gasped.

"Yes," Vlad said his tone filled with satisfaction. "I did it myself. He's dead."

Jazz stood and stared at Vlad for a moment. She looked at the bucket of water she held in her hands then surveyed the smirk on Vlad's face.

"If you value your life Jasmine," Vlad said. "You won't dare do what you're thinking."

"I have nothing left to fear," Jazz said bleakly as she took the bucket of water and dumped on Vlad. She then turned on her heal and ran. Vlad watched her go with narrow eyes.

"And now," he said. "Until I decide to end your life as well Jasmine, you will wash my floors with your tears."

Jazz didn't hear Vlad's declaration, she simply ran. There was only one place in the castle where she felt safe, and she made her way to it as quickly as possible. The stairs were steep and there were many of them, but Jazz quickly found herself staring out the window in the highest tower in the castle, looking out across the forest. She laid her arms on the window ledge and sighed. Then began to cry. She had nothing to live for anymore.

Vlad himself walked back to his laboratory and paced again in front of the portal. He couldn't hear it said enough. He loved the words more than anything in the world. He'd been back every hour on the hour to hear them again and again.

"Portal, portal on the wall," Vlad said with a deep and happy sigh. "Tell me again, who is the most powerful of them all."

The portal hesitated a moment then answered, "Da da da da da da he's a phantom!"

"What!" Vlad yelled as he put his hands on the side of his head. The portal continued playing the song.

"No!" Vlad growled. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" The portal went still.

"How is that possible?" Vlad yelled. "It's not possible! The only antidote to that poison is purple lipstick! Shade number 425! It's only available to royalty! There is no way Danny could have come in contact with it! No way!"

"Yes way!" Danny replied as he flew into Vlad's lab.

"Daniel!" Vlad growled then changed into his ghost form. "I didn't succeed in killing you the first time, but I will now!"

"Don't be so sure of that," Danny said. "Guys wanna come out?" Suddenly seven ghosts appeared around Vlad.

"Oh butterbeans!" Vlad exclaimed as he was seized by Skulker.

"We have come to exact our revenge!" Skulker said.

"You will pay heavily for your crimes against us," Dora growled then turned to Technus.

"I made these shoes especially for you," Technus said as he moved forward. Vlad backed up but something shocked him in the back. It was Ember holding the Plasmius Maximus. She shocked him with it and he reverted to human mode.

"These shoes will make you dance." Technus said. "And dance and dance and dance!"

"Hey!" Vlad yelled as the shoes were forced onto his feet. "They burn!"

"Yes!" Ember said. "That was my touch!"

"I'm going to leave you all to your revenge," Danny said as he floated up beside Dora.

"Thank you Danny Phantom," Dora said as she hugged the ghost boy. "I am glad you came to us. We will meet again."

"I hope so," Danny said. He hugged Desiree and Ember and waved at the rest of the ghosts then left unable to bear the torture they were about to inflict on Vlad who was already dancing around the lab.

Danny flew around looking for his sister, and finally he spotted her sitting on the ledge of the tower window. He flew up beside her and she gave him a startled look.

"Are you full ghost now?" She asked.

"No," Danny laughed as he made her scoot over and told her the entire story.

"Wow," Jazz said. "Who is going to rule Wisconsin now that Vlad has been removed from power."

"You are," Danny laughed.

"Me?" Jazz exclaimed. "Why not you?"

"Because I'm going to marry the princess of Amity Park and she doesn't want to be the ruler of Wisconsin and neither do I. She says there's too much corn and cheese." Danny replied then laughed.

"What?" Jazz shrieked. "Don't you think you're a little young to get married?"

Danny rolled his eyes. "Jazz this is a Fairy Tale! Of course I'm not too young to get married and that's how all the stories end."

Jazz thought for a moment. "You're right." She smiled. "Go find your happily ever after. I'll take care of things here."

"Thanks Jazz," Danny said as he hugged his sister. He then flew away, back to the cottage where Sam and Tucker waited for him.

"Has everything been taken care of?" Tucker asked as Danny transformed back to his human self.

"Yes," Danny said as he fixed his gaze on Sam. Sam blushed and he laughed.

"So what now?" Tucker asked.

Danny took Sam into his arms and kissed her. Tucker laughed and then ran from the cottage.

"Now we live happily ever after," Sam said as she and Danny ended their kiss and looked into each other's eyes.

"Yes," Danny replied. "Because true love stories never have endings."


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