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Billy is a fun character in the movie, and even though it hasn't been said he's gay, it is my assumption so… here it goes… enjoy!

The sun poured through a crack in the curtains and some annoying bird chirped from outside. The strip of sunlight was hitting Billy is his eyes, and he stirred and turned over on his side. He sat there in his bed for awhile, not really wanting to get up. His yellow cotton sheets felt good against his skin, and he buried himself deeper under his cover.

After a few minutes, some other birds had joined the one singing bird outside, and suddenly Billy's eyes snapped open. It was the first day of spring and a Saturday no doubt. That meant one thing. Shopping.

An hour later, Billy had gotten his bath, which consisted of strawberry scented bubbles, brushed his teeth, flossed, and applied his face moisterizer, all the while humming a tune from the movie Grease. He was doing his hair, when his two older brothers, Brent and Mike, banged on the door.

"Just a second," Billy shouted.

Brent and Mike burst into the door, pushing Billy out of the mirror and messing up his hair.

"Hey!" Billy protested. "I'm still in here. Wait your turn."

"What are you doing in here?" laughed Mike. "Shaving your legs?"

"Applying makeup, you fag?" chortled Brent.

"Don't call me that!" Billy cried, as his older brothers pushed him out of the bathroom. They tossed out his hair product and comb with him, laughing as they slammed the door.

Billy sighed as he picked up his stuff and went into his bedroom.

Yes, Billy was gay. As far back as he could remember, he had been gay. While Zack Mooneyham was caught playing doctor with little Kathy Baker in preschool, Billy wanted to play doctor with Zack. Now that Billy was 12, he decided that he'd just wait for his prince charming to come around. It definitely wasn't any boy he knew at Horace Green.

After he did his hair messy yet stylish, he turned on his CD player to play his Donnas CD and went to his closet. While he was putting on his jeans, his cell phone rang. Sprinting across his large bedroom, he hopped on his bed and grabbed it just before it vibrated off his dresser. The screen read 'Michelle'.

He flipped it open and said happily, "Hey, Chelly, babe."

"Hey, Billy boy," Michelle said on the other side of the phone. "You up for some shopping?"

"Aren't I always?" Billy laughed. "I'm getting ready right now. Would've been ready ages ago if my macho, matching-plaid-with-stripes brothers wouldn't have interrupted my beautification."

Michelle giggled, and said, "Eleni's on her way to come pick me up. Be ready in, like, twenty minutes, ok?"

"Ok. Love ya!"


He closed his flip phone and tossed it on his bed, going to his closet to pick out a shirt. He chose a pink, fitted polo and popped the collar. He added a dab of glitter to his hair, and put on his favorite pair of checkered tan and pink converse shoes. He sprayed himself with some cologne and headed downstairs to breakfast.

When he got down stairs, his father was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. His father owned an advertising company that usually dealt with children's toys and cell phones. He was your typical business type, snotty and smug. He and Billy were very different from each other and didn't really communicate well, but Billy still loved him. His father favored his older brothers over him, and he knew why.

Brent was 16, and Mike was 15. They both played on their prep school's football team and had more muscle than Billy would ever want to have. He hadn't got along with them either ever since they caught him trying on a pair of his mother's pearl earrings. Billy had never thought to hide his sexuality until he found out that many people didn't seem to think that boys liking other boys was a good idea.

"Morning mom and dad," said Billy, sitting down at the table.

"Morning, son," his father didn't come from behind the newspaper.

"Morning, Billy," said his mother, sitting a plate of pancakes in front of him. "Where are you going so spiffed up?"

"Michelle, Eleni, and I are going to the mall today. They want to pick out their outfits for School of Rock's next show."

"And who better to help them than you," his mother smiled at him pleasantly.

There was a loud thump coming from upstairs and the three of them looked upward. They heard faint arguing.

"What are your brothers doing up there?" asked his mother.

"Being typical guys. They totally invaded my privacy today," Billy told his parents. "I thought you were going to talk to them about that."

His father sat down his newspaper and looked blandly at him. "Survival of the fittest. Every man knows that."

"But Dad, they called me a you-know-what again."

"I have to go, Honey," his father stood up from the table, and kissed his wife on the cheek. "We might get the Cathy Cuddle doll account today. Tell the boys I want them in the gym training."

He started to walk out, but Billy followed him. "Dad, did you hear what I said? About Brent and Mike?"

His father turned around, and stared sternly at him. "Billy, I don't have time for this. Stop whining like a little girl."

He left out the front door without a second glance back and Billy scoffed. Typical. Just typical. It was like his father didn't even care that his brothers harassed him about being, well, Billy.

He walked back in the kitchen, defeated, and began to pick at his pancakes. His mother sat down across from him with her daily cup of coffee.

"You know your father," she said kindly. "He's just under a lot of stress from work."

"Yeah, whatever. He hates me," Billy shook his head.

"He does not. He's just... a little upset that you're not playing football like your brothers."

Billy scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Gee, how horrible. I thought he'd want me far away from boys as possible."

"Oh, stop that. Besides, shouldn't you be worrying about a certain birthday party?" his mother smiled widely. "Have you passed out your invitations to all of your friends?"

Billy shrugged, avoiding his mother's eyes. Truth was, he didn't have anyone to give an invitation to. Michelle and Eleni were pretty much his only real friends. No one in school liked him when he first enrolled in Horace Green. They called him names, ignored him at recess, and some boys even put a dress in his locker. The first time he had really fit in with something was when a man named Dewey Finn came to their school. Dewey had started a band in the classroom, and Billy, who always had a thing for designing clothes, volunteered to be the band stylist. It was his chance to make friends, and that's how he found Michelle and Eleni.

They would sometimes help him with his designs, which back then were horrible. He could admit that now and couldn't contain his laughter when Eleni would put on the silver glam outfit once meant for Freddy and dance around his bedroom.

"Um, Mom, how about we nix the whole party thing?" Billy asked timidly. "I think it'd be great if I just invited Leni and Chelly over for some cake."

"But you're officially going to be a teenager!" his mother insisted on the party idea, "What about the band? Did you invite them? Zack Mooneyham is one of your oldest friends."

"Mom, Zack has better things to do."

"He hasn't been over by in a very long time. I've talked to his mother. Are you guys in a fight or something?"

"No, Mom, you just... you just don't understand."

Thankfully the doorbell rang, just as his mother was about to push the party or Zack Mooneyham any further. He jumped up and ran for the door. Michelle and Eleni stood there, and both of them began to squeal and hug him.

"I'm outtie, Mom," Billy shouted to her. "I have the cell on me."

"Ok," his mother shouted back. "Don't spend all of your allowance on clothes!"

Getting to the mall only took fifteen minutes when Eleni's brother, Randy, drove. It was crowded and swarmed with people shopping, no doubt purchasing new clothes for the season. Billy planned on ignoring his mother's request on not spending all of his allowance. The week before, he had seen the most awesome pair of jeans in the Banana Republic. They had Billy written all over them.

The first store they went into, Michelle bought a new skirt and Eleni bought a new hat. They were both thirteen and puberty had treated them very nicely. If Billy didn't prefer boys, he'd definitely have crushes on them.

After a few more purchases, including shoes, designer jeans, clothes for the concert, jewelry, and a new handbag, they got something to eat at the foodcourt.

"I wish Zack was here," said Michelle, sipping her chocolate milkshake. "I love his hair now. Think I'd have a chance?"

"How could he resist you, Chelly? Everyone knows you're the prettiest girl in school. Plus, he, like, always flirts with you," said Eleni, giggling.

"I know, but he probably thinks I'm an airhead or something. Billy, you kind of know him. What should I do?"

Billy had torn his eyes away from some guy in the line for Bob's Mexican Burritos and focused on his friends. "Huh?"

"Zack. We were talking about Zack. You're, like, his next door neighbor. You can talk to him for Chelly."

"Uh," Billy eased into it, "Zack and I don't talk."

Anymore, he thought in his head.

Once bestfriends, Zack and Billy never talked anymore, not even having the band as an excuse. Before Horace Green, before the band, they had been joined at the hip, but Zack soon found out that Billy wasn't like the other boys. He didn't fit in with them, and well, Zack did.

The girls finished their conversation about Zack, while Billy sat there in boredom. Finally, they threw away their stuff and headed off to do more shopping. They came to a display of sunglasses and immediately got excited. They took turns trying on different pairs and looking into the small mirror.

"I have to get these for when we go boating this summer," said Eleni, trying on a pair or large, black sunglasses.

"Oh, those are cute," Billy nodded in agreement. "They're perfect for the shape of your face."

"What about these, Billy?" Michelle tried on a pair of similar sunglasses.

"Those make you look like a movie star. You should definitely get them."

"What about you? Aren't you going to buy a pair too?"

He scanned the different colors of sunglasses near him and said no. Just then, Eleni's face lit up and she grabbed a pair of the display rack.

"Oh my gosh, try these on!" she squeaked, handing him a pair of vivid pink, round sunglasses.

His face lit up. He loved the color pink. It could be classy, flamboyant, shocking, and reserved all at the same time. He slid the sunglasses on his face, and smiled, deciding that they looked like him.

"Are you going to buy them? Tell me you will!"

"Are you kidding? Hells yeah!" said Billy studying himself in the small mirror smugly. "God, I'm so stylish."

Eleni's brother dropped Billy off at his house three hours later. Billy was sporting his new sunglasses and a brand new tan messenger bag as he walked in and straight on through into the kitchen.

"Hey, Mom, guess what I..." Billy stopped dead in his tracks. Mrs. Mooneyham and his mother were sitting at the kitchen table with cups of tea in their hands. "Oh... hey, Mrs. Mooneyham."

"Hello, Billy. I see you've been shopping," she smiled and nodded towards the bags in his hands.


Mrs. Mooneyham made him feel uncomfortable for some reason. She was a nosey woman and had a habit of judging people too quickly. She was brought up in a very wealthy family, and she was a very big snot. He noticed his mother acted more sheepishly when she was around, like she was afraid to say anything in fear of Mrs. Mooneyham saying something about it. If you thought Mr. Mooneyham was bad, his wife was ten times worse. It was amazing that Zack was even allowed to play in the band. It was even more amazing that Zack came out a normal kid living with that woman.

"Well," he shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, "I think I'm going upstairs. Mom, call me down for dinner."

"Ok, Honey. We're having roasted chicken tonight," his mother told him.

Right as he went to leave, Mrs. Mooneyham spoke up in that smug voice of hers. "Billy, Zack's having a couple of the guys over tonight. You should stop over. He'd really like that."

Billy turned around to her slowly, forcing a smile. "Oh, that's great, but, um, I have homework to do. Maybe another time."

"But, Billy, it'll be all of your friends," said his mother. "I think it's a good idea."

Now they were double teaming him. He knew if he went, it'd be nothing but the boys making fun of him or being afraid to go near him. He had nothing in common with any of them so why create an uncomfortable situation for everyone?

"Nah, I don't think so. I'm feeling a little light headed," he lied. "I'm going to lie down. See you later, Mrs. Mooneyham."

He practically ran upstairs to his room and swung open the door. When he closed it behind him, he felt someone banging on it from the other side. He was flung across the room as the door was pushed open.

"Hey, loser, have you been using my shaving cream?" Brent glared at him, muscles bulging.

"No, God, why would I want to use your shaving cream. I have my own."

"I don't know what for. What? You have one hair under your armpit?" Brent laughed. "If I catch you using it again, you're dead, fag."

"Stop calling me that!" Billy yelled as he slammed the door.

He sighed in frustration and began to put his new stuff away in his closet. Overall, Billy had lived a good life. He had never known a time to not have money, and he was always able to get new clothes and things or go on vacations whenever they wanted to as a family. He had attended Horace Green Prep, a school of top notch education, since the fifth grade. He knew that once he reached high school level, he would attend Winston Academy like his brothers. Prep school after prep school.

He wasn't looking forward to going to Winston Academy because if you didn't play sports, you were basically a waste of space. Billy liked to draw. He liked fashion and art, and the academy wasn't exactly a place to study such things. He didn't even want to think about telling his parents in the future that he wanted to go into fashion design. No, he'd save that announcement when he already had his bags packed to leave for college the next day.

After dinner, he decided to go outside in his backyard and draw some sketches up in his tree house. He didn't like calling it a tree house because it made him sound like a child so he called it the Loft. It was anything but considering it was so small. He dreaded the day he'd actually be too big for it. That meant he'd have to stay inside the house and deal with his family. Surprisingly, his brothers were too stupid to realize that if they really wanted to bother and annoy him, all they had to do was come outside and bother him there.

He climbed up the little rope ladder and plopped down in a squishy yellow chair, all the while turning on his small lamp. On the walls were pictures of his favorite bands, actors, and singers.

Just as he started to draw a new skirt, he heard a large splash and a bunch of laughter. He peeked out of the Loft's window and saw Zack with a bunch of his friends. Freddy, Frankie, Marco, and Alan, the new kid who had come that year. Alan did a cannon ball into Zack's pool and the boys cheered on whooped for him. One by one, they all jumped in and began to splash and swim around, talking loudly.

"Hey, man, don't splash me," Frankie said to Zack, dunking him under.

Billy shut off the light and peered out to get a good look at the boys. They looked like they were having so much fun, laughing and handing each other roughly. He watched them for a very long time in amusement. He winced with them when Marco smacked the crap out of Frankie with a wet noodle, and he laughed with them when Freddie had pulled down Alan's swimming trunks and gave everyone a view. He didn't want them to suddenly look up and see him. They'd think he was doing it to be some sort of pervert. He just wanted to see what it was like being one of the guys, something he'd never be.

He sat back down in his yellow chair and took out his pink sunglass from his pants pocket and put them on. He turned back on his light, and everything was pink all around him. It was surreal and gave him a feeling of floating in mid air, blocking out all the happy sounds coming from next door. He liked that feeling.

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