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Here's the last part:


" Spike, SPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKE, WAKE UP!" Buffy yelled, shaking him franticly.
" Hey, what's wrong?" he grumbled, rubbing his eyes.
" What's wrong! We were supposed to wake up at 2 pm; instead this damn thing didn't work and now it's already 5 pm!" she replied, smashing to the floor the alarm clock that 'had betrayed' her.

" Giles will be here in less than a hour, we gotta hurry up!" she informed, running to the bathroom.
When he also finally realized the gravity of the situation, he jumped off the bed, running to the living room to tidy up their mess and to recover his remaining clothes (he was wearing only a pair of boxer) scattered around the house, as Buffy's ones.

Once he tided up everything, he came back to her room.
" Are you ok?" he asked, while she combed her hair at her mirror.
" Yes, I'm ready! Take the chair to the living room and wait for me there, o.k.?" she ordered, getting up.

He was about to go, but he stopped staring at her.
" Wassup?" she asked, getting nervous.
" Nothing. it's just… won't those two nice little punctures on your neck make your Watcher a little … suspicious?"
Watching herself better, she noticed that the shirt she had decided to wear discovered her neck too much, half revealing his bite marks.

" Shit! I was sure they were already healed!" she complained.
" It will take at least a whole day, sorry luv! Anyway, what's the matter?" he said approaching, " It's not that you need a turtle neck to hide them, just button up your shirt a little bit more.." he suggested, buttoning a couple of buttons of her shirt.

" Perfect! Now no one will see them, don't worry. Sure, I loved seeing them, anyway I'll make new ones soon.." he informed her, caressing her face.
" In your dreams!" she stroke back, trying not to show him how much that thought turned her on; but she failed.
" And in yours, too!" he whispered in her hear, then he departed chuckling.

She reached him in the living room, taking the ropes and starting to tie him up on the chair.
" Uh uh! Wanna play at ' The Mistress and her Sex-Slave?' " he teased her.
" Spike, don't tempt me!" she replied, tighten and tugging the rope purposely; while she was finishing to tie him.
" Ouch!" he complained.

" Well, before Giles comes, let me say bye the right way!" she said, bending to kiss him; the kiss deepened more and more, until Buffy felt his cool hands on her: she broke instantly.
" Damn! Spike, you broke the ropes!" she exclaimed with a serious expression that turned in an uproarious laughter for both of them.
She kissed him one last time, then she opened a drawer, taking another rope.
" It's the last one I've got, so ...watch it!" she summoned him.

That time she managed only to tie his hands behind his back, because someone rang the bell.
" Ok William, let's come on the scene!" she said, putting him on the sofa, before opening the door.

" Giles! Welcome back!" Buffy smiled, hugging him.
" Hi Buffy, thank you!" he said, letting in.
" Spike, here you go.. I had to say: I wasn't sure to find both of you… whole!" he commented.

He looked at Spike better.
" But.. you are not chained to the chair!" he observed, and then he looked at Buffy, waiting for her answer.
" Sure, he's not tied to a chair because you are going to take him away with you! You know… he has been very, very tied 'till few hours ago. I just thought it was nice not to make you waste time now..," she explained, wondering how she had managed to stay so clam and unaffected and to find a so brilliant explanation.

" See? I can't wait to rid me of him!" she added.
" Mutual, Slayer!" Spike struck back, pretending a note of hardness in his tone.
" I'm sorry, Buffy. I guess it must be hard to you.." Giles commented.
" Hard! You don't know what I've been through ..sure, it won't be easy to forget those days.." she acted like she was complaining, but taking advantage of her Watcher's distraction, she winked at Spike.
" I'm also afraid so", he replied the same way.

"Well, I'm sure she had stood you enough. I'd better take you away right now!" Giles exclaimed, pulling Spike towards the door.
She let slip from her lips a word: " Wait!"
Giles turned at her.

" So soon?" she said and the Watcher narrowed his eyes behind his glasses.
" I mean.. You've just arrived. Would you like a cup of tea with some biscuits?" she suggested.
" Anyway.. don't get the wrong idea: I can't stand him a minute more, but it's just that the kindness I have towards you is stronger than the contempt for him!" she clarified.

" Well Buffy, thank you; but I think I 'd better go now. C'mon Spike!" he shoved him again.
" Hey watcher, if you wanna stay, just stay! Then, you know… an English man should never refuse a cup of tea.." Spike suggested, but he noticed that he was looking at him puzzled.
" Although I can't really wait to go out.. I'm so sick of seeing her face!" he added, meeting her gaze, both of them pretending scorn.

" Well, now I really must go, Buffy. So, say goodbye each other, even if I doubt you want to say something!"
" Bye Giles, and you, don't piss my Watcher off, Spike!" she exclaimed, opening the door.
" Or what? You come to spank me, Slayer?" he sneered, before being dragged away by Giles.
" It could be an idea.." she muttered, closing the door.

Suddenly the house seemed so empty to her, but she wasn't sad: if they had played their cards right, they would have met again soon, that wasn't a goodbye.
She decided to come back to her room, and as soon as she entered, looking on her bed she saw… herself: it was the portrait that Spike had done to her, perfectly finished. It was a work of art.
She smiled when she noticed that he had decided to make her wear that famous deep red tank top of their last night together.
Then she saw a note behind the drawing and she read it.

' Hi pet, I'm already missing you! Remember what you said at the beginning? Well, if that was your concept of an UNPLEASANT WEEK … I just wonder how the PLEASANT ones are!
Can't wait to let the Watcher know about the chip, get a new crypt and hold you in my arms again.
You could pose for me for all the portraits you want.. Mm.. a sans clothing one crosses my mind (if you could only see the grin on my face right now!)..
Bye, but just for now!
Yours Big Bad. '

" Spike.. as I said.. you're a pig!" she commented in a loud voice, but noticing how the only thought of making his expectations come true got her aroused, she added smiling: " But you were right: I really seem to like that in you!"


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