Summary: This is a co fiction written by Hobbit and myself. We dont own Doctor Who, Rose or even Mickey the Idiot (we wouldnt want to own Mickey lets face it...)
The Doctor and Rose come back to visit Rose's mum, but find something else lurking in the shadows of familiar ground. What do the Cheetah People want with Earth? Where has Mickey and the Doctor disappeared to? And will Rose fight for her man in a fight which is to the death and win? We begin...

Normal Is Overrated by PsiGen

It was an ordinary summers day on the Powell Estate, with people going about their normal everyday business in their everyday normal lives. All very normal.

A sudden wheezing, groaning noise heralded the arrival of something extraordinary and an unearthly wind stirred itself in a secluded corner of the estate. Gradually a flashing light materialised out of nowhere, followed by a blue outline of a rectangular blue Police Box.

Mickey Smith was working out of the local nearby garage, when his ears picked up the sound over the drone of the radio. A grin lit up his face and he droppped the spanner he had been using and sped out of the door and into the street.
He was met by Jackie Tyler, returning from her weekly shopping trip, almost knocking each other over as they tried to locate the source of the now familar disturbance.
Finally Mickey had it, and waved an arm at Jackie.
"Cmon this way!" He shouted and the two of them ran.
They skidded to a halt outside the TARDIS, who stood still and silent.

Inside, the Doctor was less than impressed at the welcoming committee waving and pointing at his TARDIS, like it was the latest shop display window.
A mental image of him landing the TARDIS on top of Mickey the Idiot flashed into his head, but he dismissed it wuickly. Rose'd never forgive him.
Just then Rose skipped into the TARDIS console room.
"We here already then?" She asked.
The Doctor gave her a look.
"Don;t sound so surprised will ya. You wanted to come back here to Boringsville for a domestic reunion. We're here. He pointed out gently.
"Year?" She couldnt resist asking, even though it really hadnt been his fault the last four attempts. The TARDIS's time derentiators were on the blink, and the Doctor had decided this would be the perfect excuse to actually get on and fix them whilst she visited her mom and family.
She smiled to show she was just teasing and was rewarded with a bigger grin from him.
"You comin' then? Just to say hello? I'm sure Mom has some choccie biscuits.." She tempted him, but the look on his face told her that just wasn't gonna happen this trip.
"Nah thanks. Work to do." He said blithely.
She squeezed his shoulder by way of an apology for the stopoff, and then headed for the door.
At the exit though she paused and looked back significantly at him.
"No disappearin acts." She warned waggling her finger at him.
He mock sighed and gave her a patented 'as if I would' stare, which didnt wash with his companion in the slightest.
She knew her Time Lord all too well, it seemed.
"I mean it!" She added.
He shrugged but finally caved in when he saw she wasnt going to move till she got an verbal answer. "Alrght, Alright. Go already!" He said, thrusting his hands into his jacket pockets.
She flashed him a brilliant smile, and he grinned back again.

Rose went outside and promptly into the bearhug from her mother.
After a while, Jackie released her and looked her up and down, checking to make sure she was all in one piece.
"I'm fine mom!" Rose said in experastion.
Then she spotted Mickey.
"Cmere you!" She shugged him close to her.
"God its good to see you"
"You look great!" Said Mickey, unsure of what else to say. Usually it was Doctor this, Doctor that.
"So where is he then?" He asked.
"He didnt wanna intrude." Lied Rose.
"Oh. Never mind,probably for the best. Come inside Rose, I'll stick the kettle on." Said Jackie linking arms with her daughter. She was obviously pleased to get her to herself for a change.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor watched the three humans retreat into the apartment block and sighed to himself. He wondered why it rankled him so whenever he saw Rose with Mickey the idiot. Rankled and worried him, that one day she might decide not to come back to him at all and stay in her normal human life.
Shaking the thought, he headed to the tool room for some tools he;d need to set about repairing the TARDIS as he had planned to do.
Why have an ordinary life as opposed to an exciting one?
Normal was definately overrated, decided the Doctor.
And one day, Rose would want it.