Aftermath by Hobbit

The Cheetahs did as the Doctor ordered and took Rose to an infirmary tent. Tianna's body was taken away as well, though the Doctor didn't really care about that.
He watched them carefully as they tended to Rose's wound.
Carefully removing the blade before covering the cut with a dressing. It was quite deep but luckily it hadn't hit an artery.

Mickey too was concerned but he hung back a bit thinking that perhaps Rose needed the Doctor more than him.

Once they had cleaned and dressed the wound the Cheetahs moved her to another bed to rest, where the Doctor took up a seat beside it, clutching her hand. Mickey pulled up another chair and sat with his head resting on his hands.
The Cheetahs cleaned up and then left them be.
A medic or two would pop by every hour or so to take Rose's temperature and pulse, checking the she wasn't getting septicaemia.

"She'll be alright won't she?" Mickey said after a long time.
The Doctor glanced at him, still rubbing Rose's hand gently.
"I should think so," the Doctor nodded.
He was pretty sure Rose would be fine. But those gloves had been splashing poison everywhere, if just the tiniest drop had managed to get onto Rose's clothes, or fleck onto her wound then she'd be in serious trouble.

Towards nightfall Rose began to stir. She started muttering something but it was all gibberish.
When the medic came to check on her the Doctor and Mickey were informed that Rose was burning up and was probably delirious.
No one else could hear it, but in between random bits of nonsense the Doctor could hear his own name.
He clutched Rose's hand tighter, but he wasn't sure whether she could feel him or not.

When the medic came to change her dressings it looked bad. Rose moaned as they peeled it away to replace it with a fresh one. The Doctor remained on edge throughout the night, even when Mickey fell asleep his head propped up on his arm which was resting on the bed.

When the morning came Rose was still taking long shuddering breaths, mumbling random nonsense. She began shivering, turning very pale, despite the fact that her temperature was soaring.

"Rose," the Doctor stroked her hair gently. "C'mon, you can do it."
"Doctor," she whispered weakly, opening her eyes a bit to look at him. He smiled.
"Hello," he said. She tried to shift into a more comfortable position and groaned as her shoulder twinged.
"Did I beat her?" She asked quietly her eyes glancing at Mickey. The Doctor nodded.
"Yeah," he said quietly, the pride evident in his voice. "Quite a spectacular victory for a human."
"Thanks," she said, rubbing her face with the hand the Doctor wasn't clutching. She had dark rings round her eyes, made all the more obvious by her pale complexion. "I feel terrible."

"You will do," the Doctor said gently. "You've got a fever from the infection in your shoulder wound. I should think it'll get worse before it gets better. Still, at least none of that poison touched you."

"Gee tah," Rose mumbled, smiling weakly. A nurse came over to check how she was, handing her a cup of water to drink.
"Can we go then?" Rose asked after a minute. "They said if I won they'd let us go."
"When you're well enough to stand we'll go," the Doctor replied. Rose decided she probably wouldn't manage to sit up, let alone stand up at the moment.
"Is she…" Rose paused swallowing. "Did I kill Tianna?"

The Doctor looked at her for a moment trying to decide how best to answer Rose. Somehow whatever answer he gave it was going to make Rose feel like a killer.
"Yes, Tianna is dead," he said quietly. "But she bought it on herself. She knew that she was either going to be killer or killed."
Rose nodded slowly, her golden hair spread out over the pillow like a halo around her head. It made her look like an angel. Mickey stirred then and Rose smiled when he lifted his head.

"Hello," he said.
"Hi," Rose smiled, sounding weaker than ever.
"You look awful," Mickey said earning himself a whack from the Doctor and a frown from Rose.
"I feel awful!" She replied groaning again. "I don't need you to tell me!"
"Sorry," Mickey said sheepishly. "Still you beat the Cheetah."
"Again, not really making me feel any better knowing I'm a murderer," Rose said closing her eyes for a second.
"You're not a murderer, Rose," the Doctor said firmly. "You did what you had to, to protect yourself."
Rose looked at him gratefully. Whatever happened she knew she could live with it as long as her Doctor was there.

Several hours later she woke with a start, not even realising she'd fallen asleep again. Mickey was once more fast asleep but the Doctor was sat, staring intently at her through the dark.
She put a hand up to his face, stroking it gently with her thumb. He smiled at her and she grinned back.

"You could get some sleep you know," she whispered.
"Time Lords don't need sleep," the Doctor reminded her gently.
"You don't want half the bed then?" Rose asked shuffling over. The Doctor sighed in mock exasperation.
"Well when you put it like that," he slipped off his shoes and got in next to her, pulling her close to him. "Your shoulder still hurt?"
"A bit," she replied, snuggling in close to him. "Not as much as it did."
"Good," he said quietly, wrapping his arms round her. "It shouldn't take too long to heal."

"Did they hurt you badly?" Rose asked suddenly after a moment, looking up at him. The black eye the Time Lord had received was still visible.
"Not really," the Doctor mumbled. "Tough as old boots me."
"Mm," Rose smiled. "Aren't you just?"

She turned slightly in the bed, wincing slightly as she moved her shoulder, but not stopping all the same. She gently kissed the Doctor.

When Mickey woke the next morning he felt a pang f jealousy shoot through his stomach. Rose and the Doctor were in the bed together, both asleep. She was lying in front of him, his arm wrapped round her waist as she curled into him.
Mickey knew from the moment Rose stepped in the TARDIS she was gone, but somehow he still felt jealous that she was so happy with the Doctor. She was much happier with him than she'd ever been with him.